Post 1…February 2023…Fake News and Misinformation

Wednesday February 1, 2023

Liberals always want to blame anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with them as being misinformation. They call truth misinformation and blame the republicans. The left weaponizes misinformation to silence anyone who doesn’t believe or go along with them.  In fact, anyone who doesn’t believe them and go along becomes the enemy of the liberals.  They don’t believe we have a right to our own opinion, to truth, but they can believe whatever they want to believe, and they will do whatever to destroy you if you don’t agree.

    I know a lot of people really don’t think things are as bad as they are because they turn on liberal news, go to schools where insanity is pushed, work in the woke, racist, and immoral world going on out there.  They call evil good and good evil, and there is no truth in them… and they just believe the lies without doing any investigation to find the truth. In fact, most of them want the lies so they can live in sin all they want to all the while believing nothing bad can happen to them after death…let alone here. 

Just when  you thought the 2020s couldn’t get any more dystopian, we are now witnessing the fervent embrace of corporate censorship by the Left in the name of combatting the nebulous scourge of “misinformation.”

If and when one finds themselves on the outside by the liberals view point one needs to get ready for war because they will do everything in their power to destroy your way of life.  You will always be considered spreading misinformation because it is not their information. 

Story:  They don’t want you to know just how evil the lanes behind covid really are. Where it happened and why it happened.  They want you to believe all their lies about you won’t get covid if you have the shots, that you need to wear masks until hell freezes over, that you are the evil one if you choose not to take their shots…and by the way…who is getting rich off the people doing these things?  Stay home…but they don’t.  Don’t spend time with family because you will spread the germs…but they don’t do what they ask of you to do.  They kept our precious kids out of school for way over a year, and then when they went back they get the woke crap, the gender crap, the trans crap, and so on.  Poor young people don’t yet know how to fight back against all this and they are told that in kindergarten even about sex, condoms, and being a tranny.  Heart wrenching.  So if you don’t go along with their insanity you are the enemy and you need destroyed. 

I have noticed all these young people dying of heart attacks.  I’d bet money they were all vaxed, but do not have an opinion on this for they take you down on FB and other places as spreading misinformation.  I know for me and my husband we had covid and we had the shots.  My husband had it way worse than I did.  In fact, since he had it he has had one thing after another, can hardly talk, is really weak, and I am sure he had a stroke to boot in all this.  It has affected us greatly and no one cares and doctors can’t even tell us anything because they could lose their license.  Their so-called science is garbage.  Their lies from all these so-called in government are lies.  Our government is so corrupt (in my opinion) that it totally disgusts me.  Even people who began good in government seem to all be down-right crooks now.

I don’t doubt that millions world wide died from this disease, but I blame our government and the Chinese government as being the leading cause of this…and yes, that is my opinion.  Our government can’t tell the truth and seems bent on destroying us, our country, our family, our livelihood, and our children.  They also under this administration have allowed millions of illegals into our country and don’t care.  They are not vetted and really bad and evil people have come across our border.  They don’t want us to have guns to protect ourself and our family all the while they get us to pay for their police protection.  I could write a book on the things they are doing…but you know.  They can deny that don’t cheat in elections but anyone with a brain knows that is a lie.  (Yes, that is my opinion…in fact this entire thing is my opinion so I don’t need to keep saying that).

I watch the left talk on the news, and their insanity and they call on their so-called experts to prove their insanity…but their garbage is total insanity. Anyone who actually tells the truth they flag as misinformation.  Anyone with an opinion they don’t like they flag as misinformation.

I see very little in most people as being moral people anymore.  I have always been amazed how evil people get people to believe their lies and do as they say. 

Just a year ago, it was considered treasonous and even “racist” to question the narrative pushed by the liberal establishment that the coronavirus has zoonotic origins. The “lab leak” theory was considered beyond the pale—though now, just one year later, it is the consensus view of COVID-19’s likely origins. But I wonder how many people’s lives were destroyed by the left for telling the truth of what was going on.

Last year, openly questioning the usefulness of cloth masks was shut down by the liberal mainstream—yet now the CDC has cast doubt on their utility. The list goes on: Corporate liberal media browbeat the population into accepting the notion that vaccination curbs transmission of the virus—but in the past year, we have seen this claim repeatedly proven false, with spiking cases even among those who received the booster, what is worse is the probability that thousands of young people alone are dying from heart attacks…but the liberals will do whatever they can to stop you from saying that.  They know it is an effect of getting the shots.  There are thousands and thousands of people with bad things going on with their health since they took the shots or since they had covid.  And those people out there who were going to watch the results of the shots and those who had covid…don’t help the people. 

I want to encourage every person out there to watch the documentary called ANECODTALS.  You can still, at this time, watch it on youtube…but they will probably take that down as well.  After all, it doesn’t go along with their naritive. 

It is utterly hypocritical for establishment liberals to accuse skeptics and dissenters of willfully spreading malicious “misinformation” and call for unconstitutional censorship of their perspectives when their own “facts” have been shown time and again to be fungible. The left hates the truth and wants to censor all who tell the truth if the truth does not go along with their narrative.

There is a story out there re the murder of several people.  The mainstream media, and many politicians, went out and jumped to conclusions as to who was responsible (white supremacy) when it was not.  Yet, they spread that over and over without even knowing the truth.  This goes on day after day.  You can turn 10 liberal stations and it is like they all get together each morning as to what to say and specific exact words and they go for it…and we all know they know they are out and out lying. 

This hostility towards independent media’s influence is not proof of misinformation but of a deep insecurity. The very existence and success of independent actors unattached to the mainstream media poses a severe threat to the hegemony of corporate media. Accusing dissidents of “misinformation” acts as a moral cover against the misinformation that the liberal establishment is itself guilty of proliferating.

So what did I say here?  The left demands we go along with them or else they will try to destroy our life and livelihood.  Well, I was given a brain and I choose to use it.  I choose to ask God and go to His word for answers.  We, who are Christian know that all this stuff that is happening will get worse and worse and the evil out there isn’t going away.  Why do people act surprised at the hate out there when the bible said all this would happen.  So best advice…is do right even if you are the only one doing it.  Stay moral…stay kind, and stay in truth no matter what people say or do to you. 

Now, may God bless you, guide you, teach you, provide for you, and give you His peace.

God bless you!