Post 23…March 2023…Why won’t people accept Jesus

When one is young and not raised in church then one might not fully understand who Jesus is and what He did for them.  But when you learn of the Lord and all He did for you, why in the world would you ever even consider rejecting Him?

I remember so clearly the person who told me about Jesus.  I was a child and she would tell me about Him, and then she took me to church with her and her husband.  I knew nothing about Jesus till then.  In church, I felt safe, and she always told me these great stories of the people in the bible.  Yet, for years…even though Jesus was there in my heart I didn’t know Him personally nor follow Him the way I should have.  I do, though, remember the person who told me that Jesus loved me, that she would be praying for me, and I loved to go to her house and to church with her.  She was really the most honest person I ever knew.  She lived the life she preached to me about and I will forever thank her for sharing Jesus with me. 

          ‘If a person really understood the gospel, I don’t see how he could reject it.’ I personally didn’t understand what I know today and we learn by studying and growing in the Lord.  My Lord is amazing and what He did for me alone…makes me eternally grateful to Him.  Although there were years before I understood and gave my life to the Lord I somehow knew He was there even in the most difficult times of my life.  I also knew that this wonderful lady was praying for me.  Prayer works miracles people. 

          There was so much about Jesus that I didn’t know or understand but my Jesus knew that and little by little I not only fell in love with Him, I learned more and more about Him and trusted Him even when I couldn’t see something.  It is like taking one sentence in the Bible and finding out what that really meant and then building on it the truth of it so one can apply it to their life.  One baby step at a time. 

          One baby step at a time became clear.  One baby step at a time…became two and then three and so on. Jesus began making His word more and more clear to me.  No, I do not know everything.  In fact, as long as I have studied the word of God I still consider myself a baby in the word of God.  I want to know it all, but God only unveils so much at a time to me.  I’m okay with that.  I know more than I did, and I have a lot more to learn. 

One thing for sure with me…is I don’t just believe what people tell me…even pastors in the church.  Why?  Because many of them are not truly following the word of God and many of them are deceived and compromise God’s word to suit the culture, and the people, and to tickle their ears. Don’t get me wrong…there are lots and lots of great pastors teaching the truth out there, but how will you know if you just listen to them and don’t find out for yourself.  Don’t be deceived…study!  Don’t take things out of context either.  Don’t compromise what God says in His word.  God doesn’t change and He doesn’t lie.  He is the one who defines who goes to heaven, what sin is, and what the consequences of something are, and we can trust Him…always!

A good pastor will do all they can to tell you the truth of God’s word, and they will never fall for the culture, the woke, the compromising to appease the people. 

I want God to say one day, “Welcome home my good and faithful servant.”  I don’t want to hear, “I never knew you.” 

Do you realize that no matter what many people are told about Jesus and eternal life…millions are going to reject Jesus.  That truly blows my mind for He is love and He offers that love to us.  I ask myself why in the world would anyone not want to be saved?  Why would they not want eternity with God in heaven?  Why would they ever choose the world over the creator of the world?  Why?

I am not a robot and neither are you.  God put a brain in our heads to be used.  I do, however, see that people who reject Jesus really do, for the most part, like sinning and they don’t want to give it up.  After all, sin can feel good for a season.  But the season ends and the consequences will come. 

I also see that the ones who reject Jesus really don’t know or understand that their very soul wants God, and needs Him.  They have no sense of spiritual wants I guess you could say.  Some people think, and actually believe, that they are the gifted ones who accomplished something in their life.  They think they are the ones who accomplished the good job, the money in the bank, the popularity in their life…but what Godly thing did they accomplish?  Without God you are nothing.  What they truly don’t realize is that in a moment everything they think they accomplished can be taken away…including their life…and then what?  These people do not see the need, right now, for the Savior in their life.  Some might never understand.  The thing is we don’t know the day or hour of our death so our time here on earth is limited.  Since we don’t know it…what if it happens tomorrow and you were not ready to meet God?  All the things you have and possess and find important to you are not going with you when you die…even if you bury them in the grave with you.  They will still be in that grave and where will you be then?  You make that choice while you are alive and best be doing it soon. 

To many they just don’t see their own sins.  Oh, my goodness, do we have a lot of sin and if you say you don’t sin then you call God a liar for all have sinned and fallen short.  I wonder how many sins I have done in my life that possibly I didn’t even know, at the time, were sins?  (Thoughts, words, deeds, should have done, didn’t do’s and so on).  God knows each and every one of them even if I don’t.  I know in my own life I have made horrible judgments, and made way wrong choices.  I did them.  I can’t go around blaming anyone for my sins.  They are/were my own sins.  I do admit that I have sinned and that I was/and always will need my Savior who loves me and died for me.  Some out there think if we lean on Jesus then we must be weak.  Opposite happens….I am so much stronger when I lean on Him than when I try to go through things on my own.  I no longer need to add a “but Lord”…for I want my relationship with the Lord to be right.  Nothing I ever did wrong can I qualify, make excuses for, for if I sinned (and I did many times over) then it is always better to go to God and confess and ask God to help me change/repentance.  Who decides what sin is?  God!  It is Him who has given us His play book as to what is right and wrong.  We can accept it and begin to live it, or reject it and pay the consequences at some point.  Some will find consequences and change sooner than others, but one second after death there is no changing or asking God to forgive you.  Now is the time to do that while there is breath in your lungs and you are not dead.  I am no angel that is for sure.  Boy, have I messed up in my life, but then Jesus came along and said enough…try doing things my way.  He changed my destiny and He will change yours as well. I am so grateful to my Lord for His mercy and grace. 

When we sin we have a cloud of wrath over us.  I sure don’t want that hanging over me.  I want God’s peace running through my soul and one day taking me across that finish line right into heaven.  In meeting Jesus I found out that I could not save myself no matter what I did or wanted to do or believe.  Jesus is the only way and no matter what others tell you…this is the truth and it is in God’s word and since He is the creator then I choose to believe him.

Mankind who are not saved is like a person in a storm where they are sitting on their roof waiting to be saved.  Many boats went by and they wouldn’t get in them.  They get to the gates of heaven and God asks them why they didn’t get in the boat.  They make lame excuses because God says I sent those boats to save you and you rejected them.  Ummm!

So there will be many who will never feel the need for Jesus or accept Him.  How said.  Oh, we can pray and pray yet many will still reject Him.  They make up their reasons in doing this, but one day God will ask them why they wouldn’t accept Jesus.  No amount of excuses will get you into heaven if you reject the very one who would have loved to have saved you.  Some might even know that the cross gave a way for them to be forgiven for their sins, yet they rejected Jesus who is the very one who can and would forgive them.  These people don’t think they need a Savior, don’t think their sins are even “so” bad, and many will think that there is no way God would not let them in heaven for they have been a “good’ person.  Being a good person is a good thing, but without Jesus as your Lord and Savior there is no way you will get to heaven.  Your soul needs Jesus!  You need Jesus.  Now is the time to find that out and do something about it. 

Self-worth…is that your word for today?  No matter how much you think this is the most important thing you will find out that it is wrong.  You think your self-image is important…more important than God being in your life?  You would be wrong.  The whole point of the gospel is not for you to have a self-worth in yourself, but to have worth of you in Jesus.  You need Jesus and His strength…not do it on your own. 

My very soul needs a daily supply of Jesus.  Without Him I will be lost for all eternity in a place I surely don’t want to be.  I wonder just how many set terms as to what they will and won’t do for Jesus.  You might even be a person who knows they need Jesus, but on your own terms and not on His.  What price are you willing to pay?  What limit will you set?  Mankind pretty much looks around to see/find a comportable church where no one changes and they can go right on sinning.  That is not church people….that church belongs to the devil and his co-horts.  God’s church teaches the truth, doesn’t compromise, doesn’t think they are better than others.  If someone or something is wrong within the church…yes, in that case we tell them the truth, in love, but certain things must change and stop.  All are welcome in church but all must change if they are still going around living in sin and God is the one who tells us what sin is and isn’t…not man.  The terms of what is right and wrong is set by God…not man thinking somehow God is now okay with sin.  God is never okay with sin.  It is not God who changes to suit us, our culture, our hatred, our racism, our disrespect and so on.  God’s word is His word and we are the ones who must bend to His ways.  Oh, we can go on making excuse after excuse why we won’t follow Jesus…but at some point in our life or the next one we will stand before God and give an account as to why we rejected Him.  At that point in time it will be too late to change your mind.  Now is the time to search God’s word, meet Jesus, fall in love with Him, and begin doing things His way.  If you still want to reject Him you can, but meet Him first.  Really meet Him first.  He doesn’t want even one person lost, but if someone doesn’t want Him in their life and their eternity…God will honor that.  But before you make a decision to reject Him…learn of Him and what He has done for you.  There will never be an excuse good enough for rejecting the creator of the Universe.