Post 2…January 2023…Why Me God

Monday, January 2 2023  

Why me God?  Haven’t you asked that of God maybe many times over in your life? I would think this is a common question we ask God from time to time.  We ask for a myriad of reasons because something has happened in life that caused us to feel somehow, we have been singled out in some way.  Perhaps you feel that God must be punishing you for some reason. After all, why would this be happening to you?  Well, you are not alone when you have thoughts like this.  But know this God has not abandoned you and He has not singled you out, no matter how you feel right now.  Whatever you are going through, God’s promise is that He will see you through even the worst of times in your life.  He will give you His strength to lean on. 

God wants you to know that He understands how you feel that He knows more about your situation than you do, and that he saw it coming before you did.  Above all, He began to work on His resolution for you before you even knew to ask!  The reality here is that God is for you, and He is not against you.

Jesus came into this world and knew/knows how we feel.  He is our everything and wants to comfort us in our most difficult times.  From God in heaven to baby on earth: from the cross to the grave to heaven again…He is for us.  He stands in the gap for us and will never leave us or forsake us.  May God show each of us that no matter what we go through He is there and will walk us through it. 

Rabbit trail:  Can you even imagine how and what it was like for Mary, the mother of Jesus?  What was it also like to be the sibling of Jesus growing up?  What was it like for Joseph, his earthly father as well?  How did they personally all interact every day?  How did they all treat each other?  Did Jesus, as a child, act like his siblings or did his siblings treat Him differently?  Did his parents treat him differently than the rest of the family? 

Jesus was a carpenter so can you imagine the work he did?  Can you even imagine owning something the Lord created by being a carpenter?  Did Jesus’ mother really know whom she was raising and what He would really become to the world?  Did she worry every time He went out that maybe she would not see Him again?  She held Jesus in her arms as a baby and dearly loved Him.  But I ask you this question: Do any of us truly know what God did for each of us?  Oh, we know what He did and why, but do we really know the cost to Him and the benefit to us for all eternity?  Do we thank Him for this?  Should we not thank Him more often than we do? Let us never forget.

Prayer requests: 

Pray for our government and that somehow, they would begin to make godly decisions that truly benefit the people and not themselves.  Those morals would be restored (actually begin because we know there has not been much in the way of morals going on in government) . 

Pray that people would be safe in whatever weather is in their area.  That driving in it God would keep them safe.

Pray for our police and all first responders’ safety

Pray for our borders to be safe, that our border patrols are safe, and that this government will stop this insanity.  That those that came here illegally would be sent back to all the places they came from. We need our border secure.

Pray for our military and ask God to keep them safe.

Pray for the morals of people in this nation

Pray for the sick, and the injured, and bless them and their families

Pray for the salvation of all our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even our enemies

Think before you speak because your words can encourage or discourage others.  Be an encourager. 

Blessing:  Now, may God, the creator, bless you, keep you, provide for you and your needs, may He heal your bodies, protect your finances, feed you in all this insanity going on, and may He greatly bless you. 

God bless  you!