Post 8…January 2023…Human Trafficking

Sunday, January 8, 2023


Definition of human trafficking: It is the practice of exploiting adults and children for use as a commodity, or object, in the condition of sexual and labor servitude. It is pretty much modern-day slavery.  It is illegal and it is trading in human beings through recruitment or abduction by means of force, fraud, or coercion, for the purpose of forced labor, debt bondage, or out-and-out sexual exploitation.

I want to say something right here: social media is not your child’s friend, and it is not a friend to a lot of grown college-age people either.    People gain access to our children and lie about who they are and then take advantage of people destroying their life.

Who is the victim of this heinous act?  It can be small children:  boys and girls and grown people who get in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In can be anyone regardless of race, color origin, disability, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, gender identity, social status, education level, or citizenship or not. 

Listen carefully…please.  It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor you can be taken and exploited.  However, there are a lot of kids on the street who run away and get in the wrong area and meet the wrong people who will prey on them and get them into this kind of thing.  Poor areas, train stations, bus stations, shelters and anywhere where they can make you think they are your friend and are willing to help you.  Don’t believe it. 

Many of these traffickers go after unaccompanied children; persons who do not have lawful immigration status in the United States; Black people and other people of color; American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and other indigenous peoples of North America; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) individuals; migrant laborers; persons with disabilities; gangs are into this as well, and also places like Facebook and other social media, and individuals with substance use disorder.

That doesn’t leave many people out does it?   If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you can fall victim of these people.  People are human and want to believe the best in people, but these are insane evil people who prey on our children.  Traffickers around the world repeatedly prey on individuals whose vulnerabilities, including poverty, limited English proficiency, or lack of lawful immigration status, are exacerbated by a lack of stable, safe housing, and limited economic and educational opportunities. Crooks are crooks and go after the most vulnerable of society…our precious children no matter what age those kids are.  Also, know this most of these kids are never seen again by their families and where they end up should make all of our skin crawl in disgust.

Traffickers are very good at lying, cheating, and making one feel they care.  After all, didn’t they give you a meal, a place to stay, etc?  They promise things they have no intention of delivering.  They are after you for what they can get from you and won’t mind selling you, sexing you out, and making money off of you.  When you realize what is happening it is to late most times to do anything.  They will have you work under deplorable conditions and all those that love you will wonder what happened to you, search for you, cry for you…but you won’t be found most time. 

Listen up:  Not everyone who is trafficked is put into a sex house or whatever you want to call it.  Some victims can be found in legal and illegal labor industries, including child care, elder care, the drug trade, massage parlors, nail and hair salons, restaurants, hotels, factories, and farms. In some cases, victims are hidden behind doors in domestic servitude in a home. Others are in plain view, interact with people on a daily basis, and are forced to work under extreme circumstances in exotic dance clubs, factories, or restaurants. Victims can be exploited for commercial sex in numerous contexts, including on the street, in illicit massage parlors, cantinas, brothels, or through escort services and online advertising.  I did not write this paragraph but found it and wanted to add it and share it with you.  Beware of who you go and meet, and where you meet people, and stop getting into people’s cars.  Some people never come home again.

Now, you may think all those that traffic look alike in that they do the same thing.  Wrong.  They can be from anywhere in the world, any color, any religion, and even those politicians who are supposed to be protecting our families.  There is evil all around us.  They are lurking to get to our children/teens/adult college-age kids as well.  They bring great money to them and they are not going to stop because they somehow have a conscience.  They might act alone…but doubt that one.  Crooks know whom to take children to so they can exploit them.  Beware!  Tell your kids to beware.  People are not nice because they buy you a meal.   Traffickers can be pimps, gang members, diplomats, business owners, labor brokers, and farm, factory, and company owners. This evil is all around us.  The best advice is to talk to your kids often.  Tell them you love them all the time.  Keep the communication going even in tough times.  Give them a way back to you.  Why:   Because human trafficking victims are often forced, through sexual, physical, and/or psychological violence, to perform work under slavery-like conditions.

Tactics used by recruiters, traffickers, and their associates are often the same tactics used by batterers and can mirror the dynamics of domestic violence. They love to lure their victims with false promises of economic opportunity.   They withhold identification, work authorization, or travel documents so you fear getting help (such as illegal people) They will demand repayment for a real or alleged debt they say you owe them for their help…and you never get it paid off and fear getting help. If you don’t comply, they threaten to use violence against you.  They monitor everything you do so you have no freedom to do anything.  If they pay you anything they pay very little or nothing at all so they can control, you. 

Victims may be forced to live in subpar conditions (living in the same place as they work; living in a space that does not have heat, running water, or electricity; living with many people sharing the same, small space) They may not be allowed to talk to anyone alone or without supervision.  If you try to get away there are worse consequences for you.   They coach you on how to respond to inquiries from others including police and other authority figures. 

No one has the right to hold or abuse anyone.  No one!!!

Human trafficking is a public health issue that impacts individuals, families, and communities. Traffickers disproportionately target at-risk populations including individuals who have experienced or been exposed to other forms of violence (child abuse and maltreatment, interpersonal violence and sexual assault, community and gang violence) and individuals disconnected from stable support networks (runaway and homeless youth, unaccompanied minors, persons displaced during natural disasters).

I can’t even imagine my child being trafficked.  I really can’t.  I would be devastated knowing they were, but most people just don’t ever get to know what really happened to their child.  That pain crushes their very soul.  We must do more and we must do whatever we can to protect our children.  These people are pure evil right from the pit of hell who do these things.  I lost a child and it was not from this and I can tell you I still have never got over it.  To lose my child to this I am not sure what I would really do.  So much evil out there and it comes from the top in many countries…including the US as well.  Don’t believe that your government, for the most part, is here for you because many of them are not.  Many of them are pure evil as well. (Epstein Island for instance…there are high-ups whom we won’t find out all their names who took advantage of children).  Evil people protect their own evil cohorts.  So please do whatever you can to keep your children safe, and protected, and tell them about God and show them God in your life and their life as well.  There is no longer much justice in our country for the evil ones pull the cords to even that.  Pray for each other and do whatever you can to keep your kids and other kids safe.  Don’t let evil rule your family and cause you untold pain and suffering. 

Now, may God protect your children, you, and all members of your house.  May you never have the pain of a child being missing and exploited. 

God bless you