Post 1…January 2023…Suicide

Sunday, January 1, 2023  

What do you think about people who actually kill themselves?  Have you really ever sat and thought about it or even what went through their head and their life to get them to that point?

    Some people think that one must be downright nuts to do this, but that isn’t usually the case.  (in my opinion)

     A lot of people consider suicide and never go through with it.  I’m sure a lot of them think about what would happen to those they love to do that to them and cause them that pain.  Yet, everyday many people do go through with suicide and there are many people devastated by the loss of that person.

    But what is suicide anyway?  Why do people do this?  Suicide is pretty much the final solution for the person committing it…but in reality, it is only the beginning.  They might have thought they had a hard time here on earth, but suicide won’t bring peace to their soul. 

    People don’t usually go killing themselves if their life is going good, so we pretty much must understand that for someone to go through with this they are feeling something that they don’t know how, or can’t deal with to get things better in their life. 

    What is suicide anyway?  What does it really do for someone?  Maybe the person is in the worst time of their life, and they are feeling overwhelmed with life.  Maybe they are sick and don’t want to go through the pain.  Maybe they have lost someone dear to them and just don’t know how to cope.  The list is pretty endless in reasons why someone would consider doing this. 

    Yes, suicide will solve their problem because on this earth…that life of theirs has ended (for them, but not for those dealing with the pain of their loss) And you can be sure that if they are successful in this that they won’t be hurt any longer.  Nothing on earth can hurt them anymore.  Also being dead there is absolutely no way for you to ever come back and be able to take someone else’s pain away, or fix whatever you felt was bad enough to do yourself in. Yes, your death will end your pain…you will no longer breathe.   Think about this for a moment…suicide does work but it is not the right thing to do for you or for those that love you.  It is also not right because you can’t change your mind nor can you fix your relationship with God once you do it. 





are in that place right now, maybe you can see how they felt. Most people will say you are crazy for thinking about suicide. Or, if you kill yourself, they will say you must have been crazy to have done it. But the truth is that most people who kill themselves are not mentally ill, at least not in the way we think of people who are “out of their minds.” Yes, people who are psychotic sometimes kill themselves, but most people who die by suicide are people just like you and me; people who, for reasons, I hope you will explore with me, have decided that life is just not worth living anymore. The great majority of people who attempt or complete suicide are so sad, hopeless, or angry that they simply can’t stand life anymore. Or they have been dealt such a terrible blow by life that they are overwhelmed and can see no other way to end the feelings of loss, stop the suffering, and regain control over their future. But they are not crazy. And, most likely, neither are you.

    Don’t even imagine what it will be like to die and be dead.  Death is the end and then eternity somewhere.  Even if you want to believe that your life just stops and nothing else happens…you would be wrong, and then think…what if you are wrong in your view of life ending with your last breath?

Now, if you think somehow that your problems just end wit that last act…maybe so here, but they just began elsewhere.  God says though shall not kill…and that includes yourself.  How can you confess your sin or repent?  You can’t.   Where you are when you die is where you will find yourself after this. 

I also would venture to say that some people gave clues that people didn’t get or take seriously.  Others did and still did nothing…why?  Because for one thing we can’t stop someone who is determined to take their own life.  You might stop it for a time, but how serious were they?  Wil they try it again if it didn’t work or if someone stopped them?  Possibly!


Most people who attempt or actually kill themselves didn’t even have all the information they needed to make any type of informed decision.  Just think about life on a daily basis and how many decisions you actually make even in a day.  How many were really good decisions and how many were just plain wrong or dumb?

You are up today and just think really how many decisions you make even when you don’t give it a thought, like going to the bathroom, showering, eating, taking the trash out, making coffee etc.  We just do certain things and don’t think about them, but what about the ones that pop in our mind out of the ordinary thoughts…what decision did you make?  Was it good or bad?  Does it have the potential for consequences?  Some decisions are like on auto pilot, while others we need more information to decide if we are going to do it or not. 

Let’s take a storm.  We all have seen the storms across the country and just how bad they have been and how many people have died.  Some by the choices they made to go out in the storms, but others were doing right and some of those people even froze to death.  Some had no heat in their home but tried to stay warm and keep their family warm.  Others went out to do their jobs and tragedy happened for some of them.  We just never know, but when we see something that has the potential to harm us or a loved one…why do we still choose to do something that could endanger us or them? 

It is like with Christmas…oh, how we want to be with loved ones, but millions were stuck in airports because they couldn’t get out.  Some of those had no money to stay in an airport for several days, some were never going to get to their destination either.  Yes, as much as we want to be with loved ones at Christmas at what cost?  Can we not wait a couple weeks/months or something and go then and spend time safely with those we care about.

It is said that the holidays are horribly stressful for people and many people can’t deal with them, want to deal with them, or the depression and anxiety of those days can even turn into someone that is then willing to end their life.  For what?  Because they didn’t get to go right then and do something. 

How many regrets have you had in your life because you did or did not do something?  I sure have had a lot of them over my long years.  We all make regrettable choices in life, but don’t let suicide be one for which you can’t go back and fix. 

You can’t fix suicide people.  People are getting younger and younger killing themselves.  Some from being bullied, feeling unloved, and getting abused and the list is great here…but they really don’t know what they are thinking about or doing.  They don’t come back.

Going to tell you a true story about me right here.  Not that anyone will care even, but suicide was a strong contender to end my life after my son got killed by a drunk driver.  I blamed God and just about everyone else.  I was so devastated I could hardly breath nor did I even want to.  I had other kids and I truly was not alive for them at the time.  I remember thinking how I wanted to kill myself, but I didn’t want my family to find me like that.  I went to a hotel room and was just about to end my life and I heard a voice…a very strong voice tell me, “I didn’t kill your son…don’t do this.”  I cried and cried….It was on a day that my kids were all home and out playing etc.  I went home and I turned the TV on.  There was this minister on TV who said…I have a message for someone today.  God says, I didn’t kill your son.  Wham!  If not God we know who did.  The devil of this world.  My God stopped me and I am forever grateful for that.  Because He stopped me I got to see my kids grow up, get married, have kids etc.  But there still was heartbreak and tears, and some days there still are.  However, I can give my day to God each day and ask Him to help me through the day and by golly…He does.  He didn’t say we would not have pain or suffering.  On this side of heaven, we can expect trouble and pain to come our way. 

So then why doesn’t He stop everyone?  I don’t know!  I could make something up here but I honestly don’t know why He stopped me and not the next person. My pain didn’t end that day, but I had hope in the Lord then and knew I’d see my son again.   

    The burden was gone but not the pain if that makes sense to anyone.  Suicide was a scary time for me and I am sure it is for many others as well.  You really don’t know what is going to happen and you just want the pain your are right now feeling to stop.  But the scary part is knowing that I would not see my son, and even more scary was to know if I did that thing I would not have an eternal relationship with my Lord and Savior.  Maybe some who have died by suicide had made a choice to reject God…we don’t know.  Only God knows for sure.  As I said, I don’t know why some are saved while others are not.  I do know my God is loving, kind, merciful, holy, and just.  I thank Him for that.  He saved me by salvation, and He saved me from going through that decision that day. 

    Sometimes I wonder why my son had to die so young.  He was an amazing son and I love him and forever will.  I will always miss him.  I know though that one day I will see him again.  Had I done that on that day, I don’t believe I would.  I know some people think God will forgive them, but they can’t confess and they can’t repent one second after death.  So, I do hold doubts on this topic. 

    Life is complicated.  Life has valleys, mountains, and oceans we have to go under, over, or through.  There is no easy way through life.  We are born, we have a dash in there which is our life, and we have a death date.  Whenever that death date comes whether it is God coming for His bride/the church, or us dying just because all mankind dies…I want to find myself on the right side of eternity. I know God wants that for you as well.  God doesn’t send people to hell, their own decisions choose where they will end up.  Suicide might be final here on earth…but that is not the end.  So, all I can say…is think about the other side in eternity, think about your family, and if you must go through things here while on earth…God will still walk with you.  Talk to God.  Never be afraid to tell Him what you feel and what is going on.  He knows, but He wants you to spend time with Him.  You can always trust God.  Don’t give up people.   

Now, may the God of all creation show you that you are important to Him, that He loves you and wants you to work things out in your life.  Suicide is never the answer.  May God bless you and give you His peace.

God bless you.