Post 29 Do you have a Conscience?

What is a conscience?  It is an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior. We were all given a conscience but how many people ignore that conscience?  Many!

How many people totally jump to conclusions without even researching the truth of the matter?  Many! We live in a time where everyone’s culture and ideology are totally wack.  People are just jumping in without knowing or caring what is really going on and what is worse…they just don’t care or even want to know or believe the truth.  People have lost their conscience.  They have lost their compassion, and they have lost their empathy. They have lots apathetic feelings.  Compassion is the sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.  Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.  Apathetic is showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

As I look around I don’t see these qualities in many people.  I don’t see it much in society as a whole.  I see a lot of people out there that just jump to conclusions without knowing the facts, without researching the truth…they just jump in and go nuts out there in the world believing the lies they are fed through the lying fake media, the lying politicians on both sides and they want to jump out there and take to the streets causing harm to others who had absolutely nothing to do with the problem either way.  They have no conscience that burning down cities, rioting, looting, rape, murder, and with their mouths…they are the problem and they are not now nor ever will be the right solution to what they think or believe is the reason they are out there doing evil. Yes, what they are doing is evil and they have been manipulated into doing it. They don’t want to know the truth they just want to get out there and hurt others.  There is no true compassion in any of what they are doing.  They don’t feel right over wrong here.  They are just out to cause pain, suffering, and loss to people who did nothing to them.  Oh, they were told by the leaders of these so-called groups to do these things, and many left politicians tell them it is okay…but what does God say?  It is not okay with Him and one day they will stand before God and give an account…even if, at this time, they say they don’t believe in Him.  Believe in Him or not He exists and you will stand before Him and give an account. 

Stop thinking about politics. First think about this: Do you weep over things? What is the condition of your own heart? Do you understand what is happening right before your eyes. We, as a nation, have lost it. Don’t just see arguments. Ask God, what do you feel about this? In this situation Lord…how should I/we see this situation? Do we really see the truth in this?

The enemy’s agenda is to harden the hearts of our society for which he has done a bank up job for sure.   Do you even really question where and what you really believe and what you should do in a situation, or do you just go along with the crowd to cause pain and suffering to others? Is the ones you are declaring to go out and get justice for…really for that?  Really?  Do you think that hurting innocent people, shooting good cops, lying, stealing, looting, and murder helps your cause?  It doesn’t.

Do you weep for the hurting? The lost? Those store owners and employees you are taking jobs away from?  Has your heart been hardened so that you don’t value life any longer? Life has lost its meaning. Right is right you will declare…but right is not in going out and hurting others.  What you should be doing is asking God what to do and how to do it. 

Do you weep over people you have never met that had injustice in this world? Do you weep for a society of people who embrace an ideology to kill and exterminate others and you don’t call it what it is? People have been desensitized.  Every day it is getting worse and worse and no one addresses that.   The love of many have waxed cold. Who are you believing? Even if your so-called friends tell you it is right to go and hurt others…do you search your own heart?  If you did you would know it is wrong.

 Could it be we are losing and have lost our conscience? Our ability to feel and to love others. God loves us and we love our family…have you stopped for a moment and wept and considered the real value of human life? Going along with the gangs of people doing this stuff is not valuing life at all.  This is not the way to change things for the better. 

Also about our police.  99.9 percent of them are wonderful caring and loving people who put their life on the line to protect you.  So because of the .1 you will kill the good ones and declare they don’t have the right to live.  Wake up people. 

 I am concerned about America and what it is becoming at the hands of the fake and false media, and because of the crooked politicians that are brainwashing the people into believing their lies.  In people’s heart and being they need to repent and get right with God.  All this chaos is not fixing America. 

We must get rid of our hearts of stone for they are not good for us, our family, or our country. Weep over injustice in this world for it is going on and needs stopped.  However, it needs stopped in a proper way. Think on this a moment….when all is said and done, and when we take our last breath upon this earth we will face our maker.  There will be no politics, no fake news, no crooked and lying politicians, no George Soros, Bill gates, and all the rest…you will stand before Almighty God and you will declare Him Lord and give an account for you life.  Which side will you be on? 

 This life is about us…how are our hearts? When was the last time you prayed. When did what is going on in the world make you weep over the condition of man. Don’t point at others…first point to yourself. Look at your own heart. Look at what your ideology has become. Did it line up with God’s word? What is your life calculator which tells you personally whose life is worth something and whose life is not. We need our conscience back. All lives matter to God: Rich, poor, skinny, fat, tall, short, or any color that He put on you as your skin.  We all matter to God.  No race is better than another.  God gave us all red blood and if we can’t get along here on earth…why would God ever allow us in heaven with Him?  He won’t. 

So I encourage each of us to take a good hard look at ourself and see how we align with God and what He wants for us.  Learn of Him, Study His word, and really care about others.  If you want change then be the solution not the problem.  Go through right channels and do right to get there.  Stop listening to the liars of the media who spread gloom each and every day, who spread hatred every day, who lie every time they open their mouth.  Stop being brainwashed and get back to God’s truth.  The devil always lies to you but God never lies.  Why would you ever choose to follow evil or good?  Isn’t it about time we get back to God and doing things right?  Do what is right people even if what you do doesn’t seem popular, even if your friends walk away, or even if you don’t yet understand.  Follow Jesus and you will see the light and get out of the darkness.  So my question again is this: Do you have a conscience?  I pray so!