Post # 8 Do you Trust God’s word? Why or Why Not?

The word of God is true and trustworthy.  The Bible tells us what we need to know about Him and what He expects from us.    God did not stumble in putting the Bible together for us but used many people to write what He wanted His children to know. 

What God spoke through his word was spoken flawlessly.  He didn’t stutter or make things up.  He has always kept His word and the Bible truly reflects His divine character and nature and leads us toward lives that are for our good for us and that bring Him glory. The question is not whether or not God's Word is clear and trustworthy and dependable, but whether or not we will trust God's Word and His goodness, walking in submission to Him.

We, as God’s children, need to trust God at all times and in every subject of our life.  So, any time we fail to trust God and obey His Word, we are establishing ourselves as superior to Him, claiming that we know more and that our way is better than His. No matter what we think or feel God’s way is always superior to our way.  Do you think that when Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the garden that they were told not to that it was their first sin?  I do not think so.  Why?  Because before Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the garden, they had already sinned against God in their hearts. How?  They failed to trust God, His Word, and His goodness, causing them to act on their so-called wisdom and desires, this then led to disobedience and death. Don’t we do the same when we fail to trust the God who speaks and fail to obey that which He has spoken? We act as though we are big and God is small.

God’s word – is perfect.

The Whole Shebang in the Word of God is true and trustworthy, as is God Himself. Nothing in the Word of God needs to be removed, and nothing needs to be added to it. God says not to add or take away anything from it.  If we try to do this or allow someone else to do this then what we are doing and saying is that God’s word is not sufficient because we think we are smarter than God and we somehow think we can add or take away from His word.  Altering any part of God’s word is saying we don’t trust God or believe in His word because somehow we think we are smarter than He is. How does your willingness to alter the Word of God show that you believe what God says and that you trust Him?  IT DOESN’T.

When we fail to trust God’s word and “think” we can change it in any way….what we are doing in our mind is we are usurping God’s authority and believe we can say and do whatever we want in our life because somehow we know better than God knows. The question to ask yourself in every situation is, "What has God said about this?" Obedience will flow out of trust and surrender. Disobedience comes from a heart of doubt and rebellion.

When faced with some temptation to doubt and disobey, don't be deceived by asking if the thing you want seems to be helpful.  Ask yourself, "What has God said?" Then trust God's goodness and faithfulness and walk ahead in obedience to Him. In this world and day and age it is so easy to get distracted and fall for the garbage of the world…but don’t do it.  God didn’t write the Bible to keep us from good things…He wrote it to give us the best of things.  Don’t fall for the things God has told you that will hurt you now or in eternity…but do things God’s way so that you can have an eternity with Him.  If you are sinning go to God, confess and repent (turn from those things), and get your life right with God. 

The only hope we have to get right with God is to confess our sins and repent.  If this is you then don’t put this off.  Get right with God right now.