Post 86 Compromising

We are living in a culture of compromise.  No matter what direction we look in this world there is compromise going on.  While some compromises, in certain areas, can be good, others are a disaster and against what God says.

In fact, compromise doesn’t come quickly.  It begins slowly while seeping into everything and all of a sudden, we are being fitted to sin.  As I said compromise can also be a good thing and I will get to that, but for now I am talking about ungodly compromise.  Compromise in the church and society as a whole need to be dealt with.  It is rebellion against God.  Worldly compromise is wrong. 

In the ocean, even a cruise ship, can get off course.  It isn’t that all of a sudden, the captain had the crew pull the ship wrong, but many things can get the ship off course…such as the storms, waves, currents, and wind.  Either the captain gets it going right again, or the ship is totally off course. Ancient sailors used to go by the stars to set their course so when  they got off course they could get back on it again.   

In life, however, compromise can start slowly and soon we are off course and sometimes we don’t even know what happened to cause it.  Compromising in ungodly ways lowers are integrity and morals to suit what others want for us.  We might know right from wrong, but there are many people out there that know exactly how to manipulate people. 

Now when you come to compromising within a church it is the same….little things here and there are compromised to suit others and so you won’t offend someone.  However, if you are compromising God’s word in any way………………….stop!  It is wrong to do this.  God doesn’t change for anyone or any culture.  God gave us His word in exactly how He wants us to present it.  He doesn’t accept anything different to appease the congregation.  We have been told in God’s word never to add or subtract from His word.  We are not to compromise and teach anything else.  Our church should always aim us to Jesus and truth.  Whatever God calls sin will always be sin and tickling ones ears to say what they want to hear can actually keep a person out of heaven.

Do you realize that compromise is not usually offensive (at least at first), especially to the one/s who want the word to say a lie to make them feel better.  If a pastor teaches something that is not true to make people feel it is okay to now sin…that pastor will be more severely judged one day.  Why?  Because lying to the congregation and their belief that what the pastor says is okay…that pastor will stand before God.  What if that lie someone went along with kept that person out of heaven.  Sin is sin no matter what a pastor calls it to appease anyone. Always commit your self to not adding to or subtracting from the word of God.

In our society there are people who just can’t seem to be able to not compromise: Politicians always come to mind.  They stretch the truth to say lies and claim them to be true.  They are so-called people pleasers but only with their own people.  This kind of compromise will offend God.

I had a regular tv program on last night and the lies that were told in the commercials from both sides of the political party made me want to smack both sides.  I don’t need to be lied to decide. I look to God to see what He would want.  I don’t trust either side for all of them are politicians and promise one thing and then do whatever.  I hate whatever!!! I don’t think that politicians should be given one penny to run for any office.  Put them all in sound proof rooms with nothing they can see, write, or listen to, and ask every politician the exact same questions so the world can hear their answers.  No putting each other down, no cheating, no lying etc.  It would be even better if everyone of them were given a truth meds prior to the questions.  As I said, I don’t want or need to be lied to convince me who to vote for.  Who do they stand for, what do they believe in, what have they done to better this country? What will they do?  Are they on God’s side or the devils side? (This paragraph is my opinion and you do not have to agree with it, but it will remain my opinion)

How many people, in this culture, are walking on egg-shells so as not to offend others?  You say anything now days and half the people hate you, and want you to suffer in some way for not going along with their opinion.  This so-called woke society is not godly in any way.  To go along with it you are compromising God’s word.  Some things are just plain wrong and no amount of lies change it to being right.  Things like gender garbage, abortion, gay marriage, transgender, what they are teaching our children, the asinine gender crap all around us… and a mirid of other things.  What God calls sin no matter what the woke-generation calls it…it is sin.  God made two genders male and female so those are the only two I will state.  You don’t like my opinion then take it up with God.

Jesus said that they will hate us for being His as they hated Him.  I’d rather they hate me than Jesus be upset with me for going along with evil compromises.  Ungodly compromise is disobedience to God.  Many will tell you that some of these things they are compromising on even within church are not hurting anyone and you can get more people into church.  Maybe you can bring more to church but a lying to them will cause God to be very angry with that church and with the pastors of it.  God has never said that gay marriage was okay, that transgenders are okay, that abortion is okay, that living together is okay, that telling our kids lies is okay.  Tell the truth! Stop adding and subtracting to God’s word.

Compromise lowers the true standard.  Think on that for a moment!  People pleasing to get what you want by lying and compromising hurts a lot of people.  Stop bending over backwards to keep from offending someone doing wrong and stand up for right. 

When you stand up for right and God…others will pretty much hate you.  Liars, cheats, compromisers want you to just follow them with blinders on.  Don’t do it!  God put a brain in your head so use it for good.  Compromise is the step that leads to a fallen society…do you really want that?  Little steps to get you to compromise will lead to an all out hurricane!  All of those little compromises will lead to collapse.  It might not happen overnight (as we can see in our society right now) but it has gotten worse and worse and people just go along with it.

As I look around at today’s society and what is on tv, in the news, being taught in all level of schools, in the work place, and in all political offices I am extremely concerned for my country, my church, my family, and all of the next generations.  I love all my family, friends, country etc., but more than I love all of them and want the best for them always….I love my God and Savior.  Pleasing people, even all those I love might make me feel good for now, but pleasing God is my priority.  You see, He holds my soul in His hands.  I could compromise many things to make life easier for a season…but even that season ends and another comes.  I’d rather have all those I love hate me, disown me, and try to destroy me, than have God mad at me for compromising His word, His ways, and the truth. 

Finally, the compromises that can be good.  If you are married, let’s say, you compromise all the time.  You are two different people and each has their own likes and dislikes.  Even going out to eat can be a compromise for many.  This kind of compromise is okay.  Even having kids can be a compromise.  You want one right now, while your spouse wants to wait a couple years…you compromise.  What to buy or not buy can be a compromise as well.  It is like buying a home….you look at homes, you weigh them in your mind, decide if you can afford them…and so on, but you decide together and even that can take compromise. 

Compromise can be good or bad depending on what you are compromising on.  Before making a compromise it would be best if you stop and think about what that compromise entails, who it hurts or helps, and is it something God would approve of?  If God wouldn’t approve then stop right there and don’t go along with it no matter who tries to convince you otherwise.  Also any compromise, within a church, must be godly, must not go against God’s word.  God does not compromise His word for anyone!  That church might be rich, that pastor loved and adored…but when is that pastor to be higher than God?  He isn’t.  God must be first, His word must be first…and don’t allow garbage in the church that would offend God, and don’t claim God is old fashioned and that He would want all this crap going on within the church.  We can compromise many small things in life, but never feel it is okay to compromise God’s word.  Tell the truth.  Better to offend the people sitting in the pew now, than have them miss heaven because you chose not to offend them and you went along with lies to get them into church and keep them there. 

As for politicians in all sides…I don’t believe 95% of them, and even that other 5%…I have my doubts.  Politicians tell you what you want to hear…until…they get into office and then the lies all pop out.  Yes, I vote and I pray that they people I do vote for are in at least that 5%, but right now I don’t know if they are.  I always try to vote godly.  God allows a lot in this world and God has a plan.  I don’t know His plans and He doesn’t ask my advice.  I know we are living in the end times and I know things will get worse and worse…but I don’t want to be on the wrong side of God.  Yes, I want my vote to count, and I don’t want to compromise God’s word for anyone or anything.  I truly don’t trust even one area of our government.  They have all had devil’s creep in to destroy us and many people just go along.  I am sure that this lesson has upset people and that is okay.  You are entitled to your very own opinion, but so am I.  I just choose to find out what God would want me to do, say, think, and stand up for.  What do you choose to do?  Who will you vote for and why?  Does love for God, country, family, and the future of America mean anything to you?  Do you accept the lies going around as okay for America? Church? Home? Your kids? And finally, all this crazy insane woke-crap going on, and the asinine of who they want to be called….just stop it.  You are either a male or female for that is all God created.  You can add to your body, or remove things from it…but you DNA is still that of a man or women…and men don’t have babies.  So this is it for today.  My opinion won’t sway those doing evil and I don’t expect it to, but to many who do want the truth and to do right and please God…you need to stand up and do it now or what we leave our children, our grandchildren etc., will be devastating.  They, the enemy, tells a lie long enough and enough times and people believe it.  They can see the truth, but they believe the liars such as the politicians and the media.  Look to God and ask Him for the truth.  He never disappoints and He never lies.