Post 6….June 2023…The Two Stones

There is a story about two stones.  They are total opposites. 

    These stones are the weights of balance.  So what does that mean?  Take the weight of scales for instance.  You put something on one side of the scale against the weight of the other.  But what if one is corrupt to benefit someone over the other one? 

    Weights determine the value of something, its weight, and its quantity.  If the scale is off even a bit, then it is just plain off.  You can’t measure correctly with uneven weights. 

    So what am I saying here?  Altered scales, in any area of life, can corrupt nations.  When the scales of life are corrupt, let’s say, then things in our lives are altered and most likely not in a good and honest way either.

    Altered weights change the honesty of the true weights.  So let’s talk civilization for a moment.  When people use illegal, lying scales, deceptions, and try to convince you that evil is good and somehow good is evil…they their scales are corrupt and nothing good comes from those scales. 

    Let’s take morality and values for a moment.  God is the one who set earth up.  He designed it a certain way, with certain rules to keep us safe and headed the right direction.  His scales are absolutely perfect.  There is no deception in anything God does.  But, man is a different story.  He lies, he steals, he cheats, he can be very immoral, hateful, and a thief.  Wrong scales used are not to help you, but benefit the evil people of this world. 

    So take the two stones for a moment.  One is good and one is evil.  One is for truth and one is for lies.  One helps and one hurts.  One is life and one is death.  One is God Almighty and the way to heaven: the other is death and hell.  One is sacred while the other is corrupt and evil. 

    So what do we do.  We stand 100% on the word of God Almighty and trust Him in all we do.  We never try to fit change that is wrong into our life.  We change to fit the will of God.  We don’t bend the truth to fit a lifestyle that we know God hates or disapproves of.  If we say that we love God…then we are to live our life correctly and not use stones that corrupt our soul.  We are to bend to His will and His way, and we know in our soul that He is not going to bend to our way or will.  He is in charge and He made the rules.  He doesn’t change the rules to fit what you want.  You are to change what you do to line up with what He says.  You are to stop putting your faith in false people and false weights.  It is God’s standards that are right.  Why would you even want to follow the lies and deceptions out there in this world? 

    Let us each look at the stones of life.  If we follow the stone of God…we are on the right path.  If we don’t follow God’s stone…then your path will take you down an eternity you don’t want.  One second after death is one second too late to realize that you were wrong.  Now is the time to get right with God and go down the path of right!  Your choice, of course.  But isn’t it time to weigh your life by the word of God and what He says is right and stop choosing the wrong path?  Only you can change for God is God and He doesn’t change to make anyone feel better about their sins.  (any sin). So choose wisely.  We never know our last moment on this earth…but if we are breathing right now we can change our life, and our destiny for all eternity.  Again, choose wisely.