Post 14…May 2023…Parent correctly

If you already are a parent…do you believe that in God’s eyes, you are a good parent?  If you are not yet a parent, do you believe you will be a good parent in God’s eyes?  Being a parent is a great responsibility…yet it is a blessing so amazing that you should want to do things God’s way in raising them.

If you are a parent already, did and did you do the things regarding your children that did and will honor God?  This is something we, as parents, need to know.  If we are not being a parent that honors God then we need to get on God’s page and begin to do things His way. God is good all the time and He is our example of what a good and perfect parent looks like.

But………………we have all, as parents, messed up many times over…especially if we were not walking with God at some point in our life with raising our children.

Being a parent is a serious business.  It is a responsibility to the life/lives of those God has blessed us with and He expects us to be a good parent to those kids.  If we are being honest with ourselves, we know we didn’t always choose the right path in our parenting even when we felt, at the time, we were.  We made mistakes and we just out and out made the wrong choices many times over. (If you are really being honest with yourself. But some will still think they did everything right and made no mistakes) However, we are not the yardstick…God is!

Being a parent is a great opportunity for fathers and mothers to raise, instruct, correct, and show their children right and wrong.  Even if you or I had a lousy childhood…we can still become great parents.  That choice is up to each of us.  Maybe your parenthood didn’t begin so great…but you can change that and get on God’s road to being a much better parent.  You can’t change the past…but you can take even baby steps to improve. 

To say that you are a Christian parent means something.  It means that you want to please God in how you raise your children.  If you believe you are smarter or know more than God in how to raise children it is you that is mistaken…not God!  You will/should always want your children to love God and do as God says, and that really does being with you. 

What are some of the qualities of being a good parent?  You most likely have many of these, but the ones you don’t…maybe we should begin to work towards doing some of them that we are lacking in.  All parents make mistakes, but what really matters is the effort that they put into being a good parent. Do you want the best for your child/ren?  Most will say yes, but whose yardstick are you going by?  I can’t even tell you how many times people have told me and said, we want to give our kids what we didn’t have.  Why?  Many believe they have to keep up with the Jones’ or somehow, they must lack being a good parent.  Really?  Giving your child everything you didn’t get to have is not the criteria for being a good parent.  But maybe by the time you study and read all of this, you will understand that.  (Sorry Jones’…it is just an expression people say)

        Just a quick note here.  Schools should all have classes in life for their kids.  How to take care of money, budget, shop correctly, do bills, save money, how to clean a home, do the laundry, cook, and how to be a godly parent even if times might get difficult. Oh, what pain in life could be avoided if our children just learned responsibility and how to take care of a home, a family, and so on.

        We all need parenting skills, but most have none when the times comes and that precious baby arrives.  Babies eat, cry, poop, and need cared for 24/7.  They depend on their parent to care for them.  Just think a moment…there is this precious bundle of joy and they can be quite annoying when they cry…but it is your job to love them, care for them, feed them, change them, and teach them as they grow.  Books are a good thing but these really are things you need to know how to do.  Some people had lousy parents growing up so they didn’t get the example there.  Some people read books, took classes to be good parent, but look to God on how to also raise their child/ren.  He is the greatest parent of all.  Kids can be quite challenging at times…actually quite nerve-racking if we are honest.  They don’t know when you need downtime to get calm inside yourself.  They have needs and wants and they want them yesterday.  You could have a dozen kids and all are different.  They all see and feel differently.  They all have their own personalities.  People will tell you that you can’t and shouldn’t have favorites and that is true, but as each child is different…some are just easier to deal with than another might be.  Kids don’t all like the same thing, don’t like the same toys, don’t like the same colors…they are just different.  Some are just easier to raise than another might be….however, that doesn’t mean you love them any less.  You just might relate better with the child that is there that doesn’t constantly rock your boat. We need to learn to adapt, learn, and even conquer our skills of being a parent. 

        I have seen really good kids out and about with their parents and they are a delight…but what about the ones that are pretty bad, yell a lot, whine, throw fits and so on?  What about the parents that yell and yell and accomplish nothing?  What about the parent who has absolutely no control over their child?  What about the parent who is screaming obscenities at their child, smacking them, and so on?  They wonder why their children are bad in public?  Is the parent bad in public also?  So how are they all together at home?

        What skills are being used by parents towards their kids?  Remember, we all mess up at times and no matter how hard we try we can make a mess of things all by ourselves.  Kids don’t need you to be their “friend”…they need you as they grow up to be their “godly parent”.  They need to know right from wrong, good vs evil, how to act, and they need to know God.  Not the world’s view of God…but who God really is, what He did for them, and that they can 100% trust Him.  They need to learn to pray and they need to learn how to treat people.  You can love people even if you don’t approve of them or the way they live.  It never means you have to accept someone’s lifestyle if that lifestyle goes against what God says is right. 

The world is teaching our kids to hate, be racist, and to do and be things that are totally against God.  Schools are teaching our children everything that God hates and telling them that they are okay.  They are destroying the minds of our precisous kids and the kids get fed it so much now…that they believe their parents are morons and the school knows best.  The school, the government, and the sinners do not know best.  God does. 

        It is tough now to raise a godly child, but we can all do it. 

        I as a parent have the responsibility to love my child…that is a given, but I also must set boundaries, teach godly values, morals, and live the life that I am trying to show them is right.  Kids are smart.  They don’t want to hear do what I say…not what I do.  You are the main example to them…and they need and will learn godly things from you like right and wrong.  We all have opinions, but our opinions always need to line up with what God says and wants for us  He is the ultimate example.  Even many churches now days have had the wolfs sneak into them and they are bombarding our kids with lies about it is now okay to sin and somehow God is now okay with it.  What God called sin…will always be sin and sugarcoating sin so people think it is okay and so they are not offended…is wrong.  God doesn’t change.  It is you that must change.

        As I said…not everyone has had a good experience growing up with a good family…but you…you can change that.  You do not have to repeat a bad childhood for your child/ren.  You can be that parent that absolutely loves their child/ren…but teaches them what is right and teaches them about God.  Without God…you will fail at the most important part of being a parent.  I dearly loved my parents but they, as I also, made many mistakes in my life.  I didn’t know Jesus and I was not taught about Him from my parents.  They didn’t know better and I know they loved me and tried to be good parents.  It wasn’t them that told me of the love of Jesus it was someone else.  I won’t get into all the garbage of my life at home, nor with all the mistakes I made with my own kids.  I can say no one loves their kids more than I love mine…but most of us who love our kids feel like that.  How I wish I would have been a better parent and how I wish my parents would have known Jesus back then and shared that with me.  How would my life have been different?  How would I have treated others if I would have known how by what Jesus taught?  Yet, God never gave up on me and it might have taken me quite a while to come around…but God never left me and He actually brought me around to His way of thinking (but I sure would like to daily do better).  I am a work in progress and you can be as well. 

        Family is important.  Life is important.  What we do, say, think, and how we act is important.  Just as we are to provide love and support to our own family…God is always there trying to show us the same moral qualities so we can do better.  I have had some horrendous times in my life.  One was when my son was killed.  It devastated my soul.  Yet, God did comfort me through it.  It was a difficult time in my life and one I would never, ever, want another parent to go through…yet we live in a fallen world and people die and get killed each and everyday…and parents grieve each and every day for the loss of a loved one.  It is not easy, but I can’t even imagine going through it if I had not had Jesus in my  life to help me through it.  You, if you are not a Christian and reading this, my think Jesus is a crutch.  I’ll take that…Jesus is my crutch, my rock, my heartbeat, and my strength that helped me finally get through the pain.  No one knows why something happens and this side of heaven maybe never will…but I trust my Jesus even when I hurt and when I can’t understand the pain.  When I think about this subject…I also think about the example God put in the bible concerning Job.  God even got Job through the pain and He got me through the pain.  Oh, you know it is there and all those times you hurt when things come up, holidays, birthdays, events etc…you still feel it, but I really can’t imagine a moment of my life now without Jesus walking my life with me. 

        So, what is a good a parent?  What are the qualities of one?  We all have parents or a parent person in our life no matter the circumstance we are in.  We can look at the world and how they parent and I really am not going there because life today and what some are teaching their kids is abomination.  So I am going to try to stick to what a good parent is.  One that loves their child is a given, one who is involved in their life, teaches, is supportive, wants them to learn values, morals, good behavior, and have a great relationship with God every day of their life.  To most now days that is not what is happening in homes.  Children are being taught awful things and it wrong.  Yet many parents who still want to do right are afraid to go against the government, the schools, and the wackos out there that are telling you that you “must” do things their way or you are evil.  Doing right and teaching your children right from wrong to them is evil…they want to control every aspect of your children’s life and brain and they are destroying our children.  We, as God’s children need to always train up our children in the Lord no matter who is against us in this.  It is God we ultimately answer to.  We are to provide a strong foundation and Jesus is that foundation. Our kids really don’t know best.  They go to school and are bombarded with lies day after day and told to hate people because of the color of their skin.  They are told that men can have babies, abortion is good, that they can be any gender or whatever…the woke crap…and because they are told this by so many in government and in schools…they believe it and they then go home and blame their parents and tell their parents that they are wrong and can do whatever they want and like to do.  They are begin programed to sin, lie, cheat, and hate…and without a godly family behind them…they will give in.  They will believe the lies they are told.  There is no perfect parent out there no matter how much you try.  We all fail, but we, as Christian parents need to be about our Father in heavens business and raise our children to lobe Jesus and do right.  That is our job in the sight of God. 

Here are some qualities for parents: Okay…let’s get to this:  We need some patience.  Oh, we don’t always have this one, nor do we act like it.  How many parents fly off the handle and that is what their kids see…and not even any part of patience. 

What about being kind?  Are you kind to your family, friends, co-workers, people in stores etc.  We all need to be kind to people but kindness should always be at home.  Yes, times can be tough, but we need to work on this one if it is an issue.

Do you have compassion?  You see the world around you and what is going on, and that comes home and do you still try to show compassion even in the mist of the storms of life?  What about when your child/ren act up and do wrong?  Do you try to be compassionate?  We don’t always know what is going on with family anymore.  Kids don’t tell us everything.  We don’t feel their emotions like they do…and we sure don’t like what is going on in the world so when they bring the “world” home let’s say…do we try to understand their issues and be their for them?  This doesn’t mean we agree with everything nor will…but we can still love and be compassionate in how we deal with whatever “it” is. 

Kids need discipline.  They do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You are not their friend.  God gave you the role of being a parent and a parent needs to act like a parent.  Kids need boundaries and they need to be enforced.  No, I am not saying ever…………………………………to hurt your child.  There needs to be consequences for bad behavior no matter what the world thinks about it.  What does God say?  You are the parent!  You are not their buddy!  Kids need their parents to do what is right even if for a time…they hate the punishment for doing wrong.  Train your child to do right, be good, be kind, and to love God no matter what is going on in their life. 

I don’t know about you or what you actually see, but I see a lot of disrespectful kids (and parents as well).  We need to respect each other but do it in a godly way.  Can we trust our kids?  Not always!  Kids are kids and kids go along with the crowd a lot of the time.  You need respect yes, but you need to always know what your kids are up to in this day and age.  Kids do a lot of things especially now days with society like it is…and they do drugs that will kill them even after one time.  What are your kids up to?  Who are they hanging out with?  Where do they go?  How do they act?  It is not nosey (in my opinion) to know what is going on with ones kids.  They might not like it and their friends might have a free reign…but these kids are entrusted to us to raise up to be godly and we need to be about the business of being a good parent and making sure our kids are safe.

What do you tell your kids about being honest?  Well, it beings with you.  Are you honest?  Are you aboveboard?  Do you tell your kids to do and act a certain way…but you are far from doing it?  We al like people who are honest and we can trust what they say.  Again, our example is Jesus.  He never lied and we should not be lying either.  We need to be honest and especially with our family. 

Are we fair?  Not always I think.  Do we treat our kids differently?  We shouldn’t…but many have, do, and will.  Not always out of favoritism or emotions…but because each child is different, and as I already said…some kids are just easier to deal with.  However, we must still be fair in our dealings with all of our kids.  We need all the facts and not go on emotions and feelings. 

What about being generous?  How generous is generous?  Life is not about money so I am not talking about that here.  Kids need quality time with their parents.  They don’t need to eat in front of the TV, in their room, be on the phone etc.  Spend some quality time with your kids each day for one day you get up in the morning and your kids are grown and gone.  What just happened?  Be generous with your time.  Stuff in life comes and goes…but you never get back quality time.  Be generous in this area every day of your life. 

What about having a sense of humor?  Do you have one?  Sometimes you just need to clown around and have fun with your family (more is better). 

What about being open-minded?  Whoa!  Really?  Yes, but only to a godly point here.  We can always listen to our family, let them explain what they want and why.  Let them tell you all about whatever “it” is and consider what they say of course…but if it is something that would be wrong to do, cost money you don’t have, or hang out with people that are bad for them…then you have to explain why to them.  Don’t just let them think you are a jerk and don’t listen or care.  Not everything our kids want in life is good for them.  We all have different opinions in life, but we should not let our kids go and do things we know are bad for them…in the sight of what God says.  Explain to them why you come up to your decision.  We don’t always make the right choice…but we can explain why we are going to say no to something.  They might not agree and they might go away mad but do your best to make godly choices that will protect your kids.  (a party at someone’s home that parents are not going to be there and you don’t know the parents and how they are is one thing)

Being firm in your actions with your children.  This isn’t a all time thing, but when it is necessary then you need to take a firm stance and not let them con you by whining and going on and on about something.  Don’t give in if what they want to do is wrong, if you can’t afford it, if the timing is wrong, if the people they want to do something with just don’t feel right.  Kids say a lot of things like everyone is going and doing it.  Does that make it right?  There are a lot of things we can let our kids do, but there are times to say no and be firm and no means no!

Be consistent and not flippy floppy. Parents need to stay the same in what they say.  Also when you say something you are going to do…then do it.  Even if it is not convenient to do so…if you said it then do it. 

Parents also need to be flexible.  Everything is not the same nor black and white.  Sometimes we just need to adjust not only how we see something, but what we actually are going to do about it. 

There are times you just have to get creative.  Sometimes we just need to think of different ways in doing things, and in different ways so we can solve a problem. 

We can’t always be so set in our ways with our kids that we don’t give them some independence.  They, at times, need to learn to grow, make mistakes, and have consequences for their own actions.  This does not mean we are not there, and would not help to a point, but sometimes they just need a bit of space to be able to learn many of the lessons of life. 

Parents are responsible for their kids.  Parents need to teach their children about right and wrong, good and evil, and especially about the Lord Jesus.  They need to learn responsibility for all they do or don’t do in life.  Yes, we keep them safe as best we can, but we also teach them so that they will see danger and do what they can do to avoid it.

Protect your family because you love them.  Let them always feel safe in your presence and that you are there for them.  Listen to them for in this day and age kids are being so programmed to evil and not going to their parents that the very ones they should trust they are programed to not trust.  They are being brainwashed in schools.

It is not always easy to guide your children correctly because of all the garbage going on in the world now.  It will only get worse because God said it would in these last day, but let them know you are there for them, and that you will listen.  You don’t have to agree or go along with whatever “it” is they want, but you can weigh it against right and wrong, good and evil, and what God says about it. 

We are to support our children and not just with the normal food, clothes, home, etc, but emotionally as well. We want to see our kids grow up strong in the Lord so that at some point they will be able to not only stand on their own…but also raise a family correctly in the sight of God.   

Love them.  That should be a given, but in this world now we live there are many people who have kids who really don’t like even their own kids.  They are so wrapped up in themselves and what they want that they just don’t know how to really love their children.  When we love our kids and show them we love them it is a great gift. 

Be trustworthy with you kids.  Don’t tell them you will do something and then because something better comes along in your eyes that you blow them off and make excuses.  That is not a lesson you ever want to teach your children. 

We all need to learn more of patience.  Life is tough, raising kids can be tough, and sometimes our nerves can be shattered, but we still need to be patient for everyone’s sake. 

Take the time to really listen to what your family says.  Weight it, decipher it, and pray about it always.  We all have opinions and ours is not always right. 

        Cheer your kids on.  What do they want to be Iife?  They don’t always want to become what we think they should be, but if it is honest and good help them fulfill their dream.  Be there for them.  We all only get one shot at life.  Let us use ours wisely, and help them use theirs as well.

We need to teach them that life is hard but they can succeed and overcome whatever to get where they want and need to be.  So they fail at something…so what?  We all fail at things many times over, but we learn to get up and go again and do whatever we need to do until we succeed.  Hard work is good and we need to be about learning, and doing….and not just sitting there expecting others to give and do for us.  Free is not free for it cost someone something to give people all the so-called freebees out there. 

Stop expecting life to baby your kids.  Teach them right and wrong.  Teach them how to be responsible, honest, trustworthy, and kind.  Be involved in their life, but let them also learn, at times, they have to learn lessons from what is going on around them.

One thing I have seen is how many people, and their kids are so disrespectful of others.  It is sad.  We don’t have to agree with people especially if what they are doing goes against God, but we don’t have to harm them either.  Love doesn’t mean we have to agree.  Pray for them.  You can tell them how you feel in love, but don’t go along with sin. 

Teach your child how to be and get organized in life.  Kids need this and it is pretty foreign to them (and maybe you as well).  Now is a good time for all of you to get organized with your life.  It will make your life easier in the long run.

If you don’t know everything ask God and ask others you can trust what they think you might do.  If it is godly then pray about it.  If it is not godly….don’t do it. 

Joy….some of the greatest experiences in life are what we do with and for our kids, and some of the worst of times (loss of a child) can be the hardest of times for you. 

We as parents can get quite frustrated especially in this world now where we see so much anger, hate, evil, crime, and people who want to destroy the family unit.  The government wants to tell you that you have no rights over your kids…but that is not what God says.  I believe God way more than any person or government.  There is so much conflicting information out there about what a “good” parent is and should be.  What we hear they should be now days…is definitely not what God says we should be. 

We are to bring up our children to love God most of all, and to learn what He wants for them.   Remember, the most precious gift and possession that God will ever entrust to us are our children. That’s why through His Word He’s provided us with the tools to help us make our children into learners and followers that honor Him.

Share Jesus with your family every day. We are in a spiritual battel and we need to stay prayed up and faithful to God and what and how He wants us to live.  Teach them to ask God for wisdom, strength, and kindness.  Yes, raising kids is difficult but it is such a blessing to be entrusted with our kids.  We don’t own them…they are ours for a short time and then they go out into the world and prayerfully have learned to love God and others.  If we teach them godly ways…maybe, just maybe they will be a person who then goes out and teaches their own kids right  one day as well.

Love your kids while you can.  Life is short.  Times are difficult.  Hate is all around us, but we can do right no matter what comes our way.  We won’t always make the right decisions, but maybe we will learn to do more and more right in raising our kids.

I want to mention something else here.  There is a book by Jonathan Chan called Return of the gods.  I am hoping many people will read this book.  (yes, read your Bible and I never would say not to read your Bible)  However we live in a horrid time called end times and it will get worse and worse…and yes, the Bible says it will.  This book has a lot of information about what is going on in these end times, why, and who and what is causing them to happen the way they are happening.  Of course, check every bit of it out for yourself.  We should always check to see if what we are told is true or not.  I, personally, found this book not just interesting, but right on point as to the things I am seeing all around me in my country and around the world.  I was told by someone…just read your Bible.  I do that everyday, but God also gave me a brain and I know how to read.  I have read, I am positive, over 10,000 books plus in my life.  I love to read.  There is no book I love more than the word of God…called my Bible.  However, we live in end times and sometimes, to many people they have no real clue…even reading their own Bible as to the danger America, the family, and the pure evil out there trying to destroy us all.  I found this book very informative to explain what is really going on right now and why…and what and who is behind it.  You don’t have to agree with me or the person that wrote the book…that is your choice/decision.  I, however, found the book very helpful in explaining many things.  I just mention this book because it explained several things to me and maybe it will to you as well.  If you don’t want to read it then don’t.  If you do…good.  The choice is always yours to make.

There is only one God: God Almighty and that is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Nothing is more important than God.  No book is of higher calling than the Bible.  Nothing is more important than having a personal relationship with God.  I love my Bible, and I love my God.  I don’t even come close to knowing everything, but what God allows me to know I will share that with whomever will listen.  What they do with that information, I hope, is to check it out, study it, test it to God’s word, and apply God’s word to their life.  God is always showing me more and as He does…I will share that with people.  I am but one person trying to be obedient to the calling of God in my life.  No one ever has to agree with me or accept anything I say.  Always check out what I say so you will know if it is true to the word of God.  I serve an amazing God…God Almighty and none is, or ever will be, anything compared to Him.  All the false little gods mentioned are not God.  They are of the devil and they do what they do to destroy us.  My God has never led me astray, and is always here for me.  He is there for you as well.  So, if you choose to read that book…..along with God’s word always…I pray that it somehow shows you what is going on in this world right now and why.  God bless you.  Thanks for reading!  Share if you like.