Post 7 Our Words Shift our Atmosphere

The very words we speak (good or bad) shift our atmosphere.  Words are powerful!  Words can bring encouragement or they can bring disaster on your and those around you…as well as in your situation.

Yes, the very words we speak create an atmosphere whether we want it to or not. If you are speaking good things over your life and over the lives of those you love there is light, but if you are always spewing out discouragement you will bring about negativity into your life. 

Remember this scripture, the tongue holds the power of life and death. Don’t you want to speak life into your life and into the lives of those you love?


How many people out there had bad childhoods (some which we can’t even comprehend) and some turned out good with no baggage, while others the baggage is climbing out of their suitcase. Some people are encouragers while the others are downers to say the least.  Some bear fruit and others have a rotten tree. 


So what does this have to do with shifting the atmosphere in this case.  The people who are encouragers without the baggage usually find it much easier to say words that lift people up and change their atmosphere in that way, while downers just seem (not all) to speak nothing good over their life.


How many people out there that were abused as children grow into adults yet feel inferior in this world?  Like the person who craves everyone to give them assurance that they are loved, important, beautiful etc…while growing up were probably told that they were nothing.  The people who were in their life should have loved and encouraged them yet they couldn’t do it for whatever reason…maybe they came from the same environment and just didn’t know how to be a light in the storm. There is power in our words and we need to learn to speak words of God and not speak words of darkness.


The best thing for us is that we create the words we speak to bring life into our situation and life. 

But….we need to believe the words we say (God’s words).  When we believe a negative narrative or thought, we will experience corresponding emotions like fear. (Fake news, lying politicians, corruption fraud, racism, treasonous people, covid 19 scare and so on.  If we believe all the garbage being fed to us…then at some point we can start to believe it.  We need to stop and start believing God’s word for His words are truth and life to our soul.


 The antidote to fear is speaking life-giving words that will shift the atmosphere. It is time people to believe the truth of God’s words before you prepare for way in the spirit. 


Good words in a bad situation

When you have physical evidence of the negative situation before you, it can be difficult to believe the opposite. The solution is to saturate your senses with the creative power of the word of God.   Study the word, pray the word, believe the word.   Do you permit soul-destroying words in your space? That which you repeatedly hear, you will eventually believe.


Now………………………………… intentional with your words. Make your words count.   Claim the promises of God.  Search the scripture for what you need because God has placed amazing things in His word.  Fight in the spirit for God has given us power to fight that way.


Sometimes we just need to let people and things go in our life that are not good for us.  It is not always easy but sometimes it is necessary.  Sometimes we have to take things out of our life like movies we should not watch, people who are just not good for us, conversations we should not get into (bad language), music we know we should not be into and the list is long.  If it doesn’t encourage and glorify God it should not be part of our life any longer.  We let the world’s things go and we look to God for the answers we need. We must be intentional about creating the right atmosphere- not just for ourselves but for the family. You know right from wrong.  You now need to know Jesus personally because He holds the very answers you need in life…this life and the life to come. 


We all want to be happy…but your soul is never happy without Jesus.  We have been given the Holy Spirit to help guide our way.  We can trust Him.  We are to fight the enemy spiritually and the Holy Spirit is there to help us.  We can trust Him.  So now it is time to get right with God.  It is time to stand up and do what is right and it is time to fight the battles and the best way is fighting in prayer for prayers are amazing things. 


Accept Jesus as your Lord…ask Him into your heart.  Confess your sins and repent of them (turn from them)…and surrender your life to God.  When we do that it is much easier to fight the battles that come our way.   Worship God and start shifting your atmosphere.