Post 21 The lies of Satan

God is God and no one else can be.  He is the creator of everything and what He says goes. He does not have to answer to anyone for anything. His ways are perfect.

Lucifer, on the other hand, had a great place in heaven once.  But something happened to him and he thought he could take over God’s domain.  He could not!   A fight ensued and lucifer the devil was cast out of heaven for all eternity along with many co-hort angels.  Now, he seeks vengeance. He wants to hurt us, who are God’s kids anyway he can get to us to destroy our relationship with God.  He cannot hurt God, but he can harm us (if we allow him to) who God dearly loves. So, he lies to us, seeking to destroy us and separate us from our loving Father. And he is particularly sneaky … He is a liar and the father of lies.  There is no truth in him.  Also know this: the devil knows the word of God! He knows how to twist it.

The devil is also called the Prince of Darkness.  He is pure evil.  He will do anything to get us to take our eyes off of God.  He desires for each of us to live greedy, self-centered, miserable, lonely lives. He mutters his temptations in the most attractive, desirable, appealing, alluring, pleasant, and convincing ways. Why? He wanted to rule heaven and led a revolt of the angels – but was no match for the Almighty. Instead, he was thrown out and doomed to eternal punishment. Now, he stalks the earth, awaiting his doom. And he wants to take you with him …so beware!

The devil wants revenge.  How?  There is only one way that he can get any kind of revenge and essentially hurt the Almighty is to get to you – the one whom God so greatly loves. Yes, God loves us and until God brings that final justice the devil is here and because he wants revenge he will do whatever he can to get us to take our eyes off of God.

Satan cannot touch God. He cannot affect the Creator any kind of harm, so as an alternative, he converges on you, damaging your trust in your Heavenly Father and separating you from the One who created you in His own image. Satan will tell any lie in order to get you to do the wrong thing. However, you don’t have to fall for it …

Do not give the devil more power than God in your life in any area of your life. That’s a horrible mistake. You already know that the Devil will do whatever it takes to get your attention. Did you stop to think that he is lying to you every day? These lies can become so persistent, that they almost do not seem like lies anymore.  We must be on daily guard against the enemy.  He is out to destroy our walk with God and out to destroy us, so we will not make it to heaven.

One of the ways in which the devil works to get people to believe that the Bible is not the word of God and if it is not the word of God then why do what it says to do. Actually, the devil won’t even mind if you think part of the Bible is true.  He does not mind you calling Jesus a prophet or a good man who did good things.  He does not even mind if you use your Bible as a guidebook because he will tell you that it is filled with errors so you couldn’t possibly believe it is all true.

The devil wants you to doubt God and His Word.  He wants to plant doubts in your mind so that even when things are tough in this world you will not put all your prayers and trust in Him.  He told Eve a lie in the garden to plant doubt that God was good.  The devil plants negative thoughts in our minds to get us to doubt God instead of seeing God as who He is.  God is full of love, mercy, grace, and everything good.  You must stand on God’s word, embrace God exactly like God says He is, and trust Him in the good, the bad, and even the worst of times.

The devil does not want you to believe in truth.  He wants you to doubt there is any truth out there.  If you don’t believe in the truth, then you will fall for the lies.  The devil wants you to believe that no matter what you think is truth for you and you do not have to go along with what God says. 

The truth of God’s Word is flawless and unmovable. It does not change to make you feel better or keep you from being offended because you do not like something in it.  It is truth.  It will not change because “culture” changes.  It will not change because evil stuff creeps in.  God’s word stands period.  Truth is truth and will always be truth regardless of our attitude towards it or ignorance of it. Truth does not change because you want it to change. 

What about the devil letting you think you do not need to worry about him?  How many people say they are a Christian and then say something dumb like I do not believe in hell or the devil?  How many people think no matter what you do here on earth God will just want you in heaven with Him?  If you do not believe the Bible, don’t believe in God, don’t believe that the devil exists, don’t believe in hell…you are not a Christian because you are not believing God’s word.

How many people go around thinking and believing that somehow God is boring.  They think that they can’t do anything if they believe in Him?  God is never boring, never lonely, and has so much love that we cannot even comprehend it.  God is pure love and what He gives us is freedom! Being free in the Lord is so awesome. You are more free than you have ever been when Christ is your Lord and Savior.

The devil doesn’t want you to even believe he is real and he sure doesn’t want you to think he is a threat.  He wants to persuade many that he does not exist.  There is no “new truth”.  God is truth and the devil is a liar and the father of all lies.  God wants you to have freedom and joy in Him and have a relationship with Him that will last throughout eternity, while the devil wants to lie, steal, deceive, manipulate, and kill you and those you love and destroy any kind of relationship you have with God.

Another big lie of the devil is to get you to believe that God wants you happy in this world. He says you have a right to be happy and have all you want in this life even if you do things you should not do to get that thing. Yes, God wants us happy for the joy of the Lord is our strength.  When we follow God our soul is happy no matter what we see on the outside.  God’s goals for our life and they way to get to that goal (s) doesn’t have to line up with what the world says or thinks it should.  We can be happy in the midst of the storm because we can give our God our situation and let Him help us work it out. It is real joy!

Is church and meeting together important to you?  Why or why not?  The devil knows when we meet together we have unified power.  He doesn’t like that.  We wants us to stay away from church and think we don’t even need it. He wants us to believe that church is not important.  Just as the devil told Eve she would know good and evil if she ate the fruit God had told them not to eat….the devil didn’t tell her that to eat that fruit would hurt her very soul and cause more pain and consequences that she could even imagine…right down to this day and age. The lie that you don’t need to meet together and learn more about Jesus can slowly creep in and when it does and you stay home…funny how you fill that God time with junk in your life. The stuff comes to mean more than spending time in God’s presence with others and praying for them and being there for them. Or what about those that go every now and then to church…like Christmas and Easter and think that is okay.  It is not okay with God. What about if you try to convince yourself or others you just need this day of rest and will go another time? The devil knows if he can keep you out of church, have no real relationship with God…then you won’t get into heaven.  He doesn’t want you to function with God the forefront of your life.  The devil wants to weaken your walk with God in any way he can.

How many times have you felt that God is being to harsh on you or someone you care about?  Is God really being harsh, or does God want you to get right with Him.  God is not a tyrant.  God is not unfair.  God is not a hater of people having a good time…but somethings we think we need to be doing are not good for us.  Those things God does not approve of. God also is not one who doesn’t want you to have good things in your life…but how are you trying to get those good things?  Godly ways or ungodly ways?  Having fun in God is not illegal…having fun in ways that hurt your walk with God (drugs, sex outside marriage, and so many more) are the things that hurt your walk with God.  Why do you feel you need the things that God says no to?  Why don’t you find out what God says is right and go down that path? 

What about the devil telling you that you are no good and how could God possibly love you.  Don’t you remember when you did…………………?  You will not ever live up to God’s expectations.  That God wants you miserable.  These are lies of the devil.  God found you so valuable that He died on the cross in your place so you could be set free, get a life with Him, and have eternity in heaven.  That is love.  If we live the life that satan wants us to and we do the things satan wants us to…we are not walking with God.  The devil will tell you that God likes watching you struggle and be sick.  That God wants you sad, depressed, feeling rejected, and wants you miserable.   That is a lie!  For the Bible says: 1 Peter 5:8 ‘Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.’”

Oh, how that dirty devil wants you to believe that no matter what you do on this earth, no matter how bad you are…that God will make an exception for you and your family.  No!  God tells us what we have to do to obtain heaven.  There is only one way to heaven and that is if Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you have a relationship with Him.  Relationship:  is spending time with someone.  Do you spend time with Jesus….or do you fit him in on occasion? Matthew 7:21-23 warns “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’  You must…must…must have a relationship with Jesus.

What about the lie that God won’t judge you.  Or that God said that and look its been over 2000 years and no Jesus.  There will be a judgment day when God says it is time and not before. God knows exactly what He is doing and when He will do it.  James 5:7-8 advises us: “Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.” There will be a Judgment Day but it will come when God has decided. We are told to watch and be ready. 

What about the devil telling you that you have plenty of time to accept Jesus.  No, you do not.  Do not put it off.  You are not even promised five minutes from now. Jesus is Lord right now and needs to be worship and glorified as such.  Do not put it off.  The devil wants you to think that you have all the time in the world.  You do not.  2 Corinthians 6:2 says ‘Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”

The devil wants you to believe God does not really care about you.  That is a 100 false like just like fake news is a lie.  God created a perfect universe and placed Adam and Eve in a magnificent garden.  He gave them everything they needed yet they fell for the lies of the devil. God had to remove Adam and Eve from the garden for their own good and for the consequences of their sin.  However, He dearly loved them and still provided for them.  (Psalms 84:11). The Christian life is not a life of negativity, but a life of joy and glory. God loves you and wants what is best for you.”  Sometimes God has to step in when we disobey and allow us to go through the consequences of the choice we made to sin. 

The devil whispers his temptations in the most attractive and convincing manner. The devil has had your entire life to study you and see where your weaknesses are.  He most likely will not get you in the things you are strong, but he knows your buttons to push and he sure is not afraid to push those buttons.

One of Satan’s sneaky counterfeits: is that he claims truth is always changing like believing that Morality is by majority; if everyone says pornographic movies are good, then they simply become good. Another of the enemy’s sneaky alternatives suggests that something may be true for you but not for me.   No, truth is truth.

The devil also wants people to measure against their own ideas of what truth is.  To go around testing everything in what would be their own opinion, or to measure by what they personally experience as “their” truth.  Again, truth is truth and will always be truth no matter what your opinion might be.

If the Bible does not line up with what you believe the devil tells you it is okay just do things your own way.  He wants you skeptical of the word of God so that you will not believe it, or if you are in a touch time you will not want to believe it. We have a generation of people who have been told there are no moral absolutes, no fixed standards of right and wrong. And because they have no final authority, they have no compass upon which to make moral decisions. They are living off the world’s ways instead of God’s ways.

For example, if you ask a Christian, ‘Is it wrong to steal?’ she will say, ‘Of course it’s wrong. God said it’s wrong.’ It is wrong to commit adultery, to lie, to commit murder, rape, incest, abuse of any kind, to hurt people, to dishonor your parents, and treat people badly. It is wrong to take the Lord’s name in vain. However, to a person who has rejected the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, who lives without a baseline of truth, those decisions are much tougher. ‘Perhaps there are times when it’s right to steal,’ they will argue, ‘and there is no such thing as committing adultery.’ Satan loves that sort of confusion. He encourages skepticism, because it plays right into his hands.”

Another thing the devil likes is that we do not take God seriously.  After all, the devil told Eve “you won’t die”.  What he was really saying to Eve is do not worry about what God says.  The devil wants you to believe you can get away with sin, going against God, and not keeping God’s word.  However….when we go against God there are consequences even if we do it without thinking about it.  We need to think before we do things.  God will punish sin one day even if you don’t agree with it.  You not believing it will not change the facts. 

The devil wants you to believe in reincarnation and to believe you will have many life times even to get it right.  No!  You have one life on this earth!  Each and everyone of us will give an account one day to God Almighty and you won’t be able to like, pass the blame, or say you didn’t know.  Yes, you do know and by your own choices you will stand or fall.

Some people think God will not punish them.  Maybe they think they are really a good person.  But……………….being good is not the criteria for heaven.  Having a personal relationship with the Lord is.  You might have done many good deeds while alive, but did you have a personal relationship with Jesus?

The devil also wants you to be suspicious of God.  The devil plants seeds of doubt in people’s minds so they doubt a lot of things.  He wants you to even believe that God is holding things out on you.  That God somehow doesn’t want you to reach your potential or get any where in life.  That is a lie.

The devil wants you to totally mistrust God.  Even when we know we hear from God the devil will come in and try to get us off track and question what we know like somehow, we misunderstood.  We have a generation of people experimenting with drugs, sex, and the occult because they were told to reject God and step out on their own because they might even believe there are no consequences…or even believe there is nothing after one dies so they can do whatever they want now. When you think suspiciously of God, you act independently of Him.” We must always stay focused on Jesus  and stop opening doors that let the devil into our life.

Our God is a wonderful and amazing God.  He loves us.  He made a way for us to be saved and spend eternity with Him. In fact, God has done great and mighty miracles all throughout history. The devil does not want you to believe that God still does miracles.  He does not want you to believe God will heal people.  The thing is that God never promised while on this earth we would have it easy and never get sick or have problems.  In fact, God said in this world we would have problems.  But……………God still performs miracles when it is right for God to perform them.  Many, many people have seen the miracles of God from even horrible and life changing events.  Our God is still in the miracle business and we should pray for miracles in our life and for those around us as well. 

The devil wants you to believe that there is no way you can approach God on your own, but that is a lie.  God went to the cross for us to give us the right to be able to go directly to our God.  Do not ever fall for the lie of satan in this.  God wants you to come to Him, love Him, share with Him, and He will never leave you. 

The world is not all there is.  When we die…at the point God says to we will find that there is eternity with God or eternity in hell.  There is no pardon for good behavior and no redo’s of life.  Now is the time to change your destiny.  The devil wants you caught up in the material side of life even if you go around stepping on people to get there.  Do not do that.

You are not alone in this world but the devil wants you to believe you are.  When we feel alone we get depressed, feel helpless, have panic attacks, and are really discouraged.  That is what the devil wants you to feel.  Even if everyone on earth deserted you….know this: God is there for you, with you, and still guiding you home to Him.  Do not ever believe this lie of the enemy.

None of us has our “act together”.  We have all messed up and fallen short.  However, when we ask Jesus into our life, we are changing and growing in Him.  No one, but Jesus, has ever been perfect and no one will this side of heaven.  Call on God, who will help you to overcome whatever you’re struggling with. Psalm 145:18 says, ‘The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.’”

What about will your life ever really matter to anyone?  Maybe/maybe not in your eyes.  But thank God we do not live by our own view of us.  God’s is way better.  You might not bring a million people to Christ or be rich and famous as the world’s view is…but what if that one person God wanted you to reach you did reach them in some way for the kingdom of God.  I am so thankful I am not judged by mans opinion but by God’s who is navigating me through life.  If one person meets Jesus because of something I said or did…that is a really big thing because that changes someone’s destiny.  I do not save anyone and neither do you.  We sow a seed, we water the plant, and God draws and brings the harvest.  I know I can’t write good and many will make fun of my writing and all…but my God understands and if God wants someone to be drawn to something I said…it will make sense to that person. What we do or don’t do that we should have done in life matters and can reach people for the Lord.  I am not an outgoing person, and I am not a speaker by any means…and I thank God for that.  But maybe you are that person.  Whatever God calls you to do…do it. 

We all can make a difference to someone.  Not everyone will like or love us.  Not everyone will listen to us. Some will be offended by us, some hate us, some trash us, and some cause us pain and suffering…but we serve an awesome God and we need to do whatever God gives us to do so we can cross that finish line victoriously.  So.. you my friend….look at the things going on in your life and around you.  Look to see how the devil wants to take you down and you stand on God’s word, walk in His way, believe God over everyone….and you will cross that line victoriously.  Praise our wonderful Lord.  Thank you for reading this.  I hope it helped you.  Hve a blessed day.