Post 18…August 2023   Days of our lives

God has ordained the life of His chosen by the sacred days of the Hebrew calendar.  If you are His child, then this applies to you. But few know or understand this.

  1. Feast of the Passover:  One’s life in God begins at our own Passover. Our release from bondage and sin.  The end of our old life and the beginning of our new life begins.
  2. Day of First Fruits. The first fruits of our salvation are repentance, love, holiness, godliness, and the power of the resurrection.  It applies to our New Life in Him.
  3. Feast of Shavuot…Pentecost.  Power and anointing of the Spirit will enable each of us to rise and do God’s will and fulfill our calling. 
  4. Summer harvest: The harvest of your salvation as you go forth unto His fields that need harvest, and you reap your new life as you bless others by showing them the life of Christ and I will add…and how Jesus changed you as well.
  5. Feast of Trumpets:  The autumn of our salvation, the finishing of our reaping.  The completion of our harvest, when we get to the time, were ready to finally meet our Lord.
  6. The Day of Atonement:  This comes when we stand before our God…beyond that veil.  We will see Him face to face.
  7. Feast of the Tabernacles: our precious days when we will dwell with our Lord forever.  We will always then feel His perfect love for us and that throughout our life He was always there and loved us no matter what was going on in our life.

Right now, as Christians, we are at one of these places (not 6-7 yet because we are still alive).  But right now, we need to be about our Father’s business trying to get others to know and love our Lord.  Every day of our life is an opportunity to do something for the kingdom.  Doesn’t have to be huge…but do something. 

          We all had a beginning date to live and God has declared in heaven the exact date we will leave this earth in some way. 

          What we do here matters.  We have a birth time, a death time, but we have a now time.  Some call it the dash of life.  It is the time, for us, that matters what we do in our life.  We must make our dash count for the kingdom of heaven.

          To us who are Christians, we want to be in heaven one day.  We can say we are ready to be heaven bound.  The instant our life here ends…we start our journey to our final home and that will be amazing. 

          We don’t know what heaven will be like.  We only get some glimpses of the Bible and what it will be like.  We get a new body, no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness, no rejection, and every other bad feeling you most likely had while upon this earth.  I’ll take God’s way for sure.  Who really doesn’t want His love to over flow in our soul and have peace once and for all in heaven?

We will all reach the end of our life one day.  We also will all end up in one place or the other.  Heaven or hell.  Doesn’t matter if you believe in them or not for they are real and it will be one of these places.  As for me, I choose to follow Jesus and want the heaven part.

          Our life will end one day and another will begin.  It is our choice where we will be.  That choice is you have Jesus and get heaven, or you reject Him and get hell. 

We as Christians are basically wondering in the wilderness of life right now, but one day we get to go to the promised land.  What a day that will be. It would be called crossing the Jordan.  Into the presences of the promised land…heaven.

When our book of life ends here is our name written in the Lamb’s book of life.  I pray so.  Not just for me and my loved ones, but for you as well and your loved one. 

The word Hebrew means to cross over. 

That which we so long for now will be our reality one day very soon.  Ever wonder just what you will do or say first when you cross into heaven?  I love the song, I can only imagine! 

God led me through this life and allowed me to even make many mistakes/sins.  Oh, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have consequences for my actions and it doesn’t mean you won’t face some as well.  God does however forgive us when we go to Him, confess and repent…and repent means to change.  You don’t really repent if you just keep on doing what you were doing.

I know I need Jesus every moment of every day.  Doesn’t matter if some call me weak…I’ll accept that because I know in Him…I am strong.  In Him, I am loved and one day I will see Him face to face and that will be utterly amazing.

I am only one person.  You are only one person.  Each of us has a part to play in the kingdom of God.  We can be victorious in our own part.  I don’t know all the people you know and you don’t know the people I know, but together we can do all things in Him, accomplish more and more through Him.  We can be about our Father’s business and share the love of the Lord with someone, someway, somehow.  God doesn’t want anyone left out of heaven, but He gave us free will to choose or reject Him.  Don’t reject Him, people.  He is the way, the truth, and the life.  No matter what you think you are searching for in life…the only good and right choice you have…is to follow Him.  Any other choice you decide to make won’t take you to heaven.  I pray that you will choose wisely for our choice on this is the most important choice you will ever make in life. 

Again, choose wisely!