Post 30 How the enemy works


We are in a battle for the survival of America, for our life, our family, our culture, and our beliefs.  The enemy is out there causing havoc at every turn.  The devil knows his time is almost up and he wants to destroy as many people as he can before that time.  We must expose the enemy at every turn so that we, and others, can see the truth of what is going on.


In America (and elsewhere) you can get up and turn the news on and all you will get are lies, deception, manipulation, take over, and the chaos going on everywhere. Never before in America has it gotten this bad.  There is a battle for our life.  Everyday the enemy is out there and we nothing, say nothing, and don’t fight in the Spirit…we are allowing this to continue.  It is up to all of us to fight in the Spirit.  Everyday the enemy is coming against our very way of life and wants to destroy all we stand for. 


Just as we are breathing air to survive we need to stand against all that is against God and fight with all of our might.  It’s easy to throw your hands up and just give up because the enemy seems so big right now….but….we serve a God in heaven who is so much more powerful and we need to stand on His word and fight through.


The enemy is active in America.  You can’t look in any direction you are not able to see that.  But our battle is not against flesh and blood but in the Spirit.  Yes, we see what is going on and yes it must stop, but we need to be actively praying to take him down. We can’t lose focus on who the enemy really is.


We are the army of the living God and He has called us to battle.  This battle takes in of us, His kids, to fight with all our might.  We cannot wishy-washy pray now.  We must battle in the spirit.

We must follow the battle plan of God, our Father in heaven.  He didn’t say the battle would be easy but we will be victorious if we stay aligned with our Father in heaven.


It is time to lock and load church of God.  We are on assignment of God to stand up and fight.  Our weapons are the word of God and they are powerful beyond anything we can even begin to understand.  God’s word really is powerful.  We are God’s spokesperson and we have been given an assignment to go forth and do His will.  We must trust God’s word over anything we are seeing in the world.  Every time we go on assignment the devil comes after us in some way or another.  If the devil derails you for a moment…you get back up and get back in line with the word of God.  The devil doesn’t want you to make it to the other side. 


Let us come out of the graveyard, out of the graves….and stand up resurrected in Jesus Christ and fight the battle before us.  God has given us the authority to fight against the enemy.  Let us use that power and fight back.  Ask God for discernment, strength, power, and to know what to do and say.  Stir that pot…Speak to the demon behind the mask.  Expose the demons for who and what they really are. 


Those out there destroying our country, our family, our marriage, our neighbors, our schools, our government, our way of life, our freedom…we need to expose them.  We must ask God to bring swift judgment on all of them. 


There are many great people out there of every race trying to bring good changes to America and they are very sincere…but there are also many behind them with bad motives, bad hearts, and are corrupt and evil.  It is those that we need to come against not those who are good and want to bring good changes.  We must unmask and fight the evil ones and we do that in battle as God gives us.  The media, for one, is evil.  They want to bring false narratives to turn people against other people.   That is also what many of the politicians are doing even more so….many of the politicians are pure evil and follow the devil and his ways instead of God and His ways.  They lie, cheat, are corrupt, are frauds, cause division, and want to bring America down so they are in control.  We must stop them no matter what side of the party line they are on.  They need to be on God’s side and if they are fighting against God and His word….they are the enemy.


We must stop giving the devil place in our life.  We must lock those doors that he has found a crack to get in.  We do that by standing on God’s word and following God in everything.


Listen up:  Call, the enemy, for what it is not caring how bad, or how messy.  You fight with the truth of God’s word. Exposing the enemy/demons can get ugly, and even violent…but you stand on God’s word at every turn. In these so-called groups are people behind the scenes who are no more than sleeper cells that wait to turn everything in chaos and destruction.  They destroy whatever they can and have no regard to those who really are trying to bring good change. They have hacked the very movements they claim to help and are destroying people, property, and taking lives.


We need to come together as one church.  Jesus is over the church.  There is only one church of His.  We need to stand united and fight united against the enemy. We need to be one voice. 


Lord, release your warring angels to fight in the heavenlies against this evil that has come upon us.  Bring us justice in our homes, our family, our schools, our jobs and in our government.  Expose the enemy no matter which side they claim to be on.  Hold them accountable and bring swift judgment. 


May there be a mass revival within the church that reaches to the farthest parts of this earth. May there be a mass movement of your people Lord to stand up and know they need to fight now no matter the earthly cost to do it.  Church…………………………..don’t take the bait of the enemy any longer.  Get into the word of God so you know what it says and how to apply it.  Cast out demons and all that is not of God.  Expose all manipulation in our government, in our schools, in our jobs, and everywhere else.  Lord bring peace into our life and restore us to you in every area of our life.  We must put on our armor and not take it off for we are on the battle field and we need to fight.


Let us expand God’s kingdom and not compromise His word.  Also pray that all those cheating on this election that is coming up….be exposed and justice brought.  All this dirty lashing out what good does that do?  There is evil out there and it comes from many people on all sides.  Stand against that.  Pray against that.  Expose the enemy and you be a light to this world.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and like a mighty wind….flood you with His Holy Fire.  Disconnect from all those that are against God in any way.  Be consumed by the light of Jesus.  I ask the Lord to release His healing waters on our life and on our country.  Baptize us Lord in your strength and power. Let us pray so diligently that there will be a mighty wave of people runn

-ing to the altar of God and asking God into their life.  What a revival that would be.  Let us repent as a nation and ask God to heal our land again.  Let us stand with Jesus.   


Do you know who the enemy is?  Really?  If you don’t really know the ways of the enemy how do you know what to fight for?  We must know who he is and how he fights or there is no way we will win this battle. The devil schemes so we must know and understand his tactics, his weaknesses, and also know his strengths.  It is like going into war on earth without knowing who we are fighting, their battle plans, and what they might hit us with.  What war tools does the enemy possess?  Where do you think he will hit and what are you going to do to protect that spot?  The enemy is very deceiving and can look totally different that what he truly is.  For if you know exactly what he looks like you would know exactly where to go to battle.  We need to live aware of many things in our life.  Look around and see what is really going on around you.  Who is in charge and who is behind the scenes?  Who is paying for the battle?  How much capital does the army of the devil have to fight us with?


Often, we fall into life routines, and we lose sight of who the enemy really is. Sometimes even we start fighting one another, even turning against our own family or squad.  Divided families, separated friendships, split churches – we lose power and effectiveness when we fight against ourselves. And nothing could make the Satan happier than to see us at war with each other. How many families have broken up over something not true that they felt was real?  How many were misunderstood?  How many families have been destroyed because no one wanted to make amends?  Even if something is true are you never going to forgive and have your relationship fixed?


Other instances, we presume we’re fighting the right battles, against opposing forces, but our focus gets hazy. We struggle with those that disagree with our beliefs, values, or what we stand for. We turn our wheels, draining ourselves with critical words and judgmental tones. And in it all, with energy destroyed, and more anger than love, we miss it. We all are in this war together and by that I mean we are on one side or the other.  Which side do you want to be on?  Which side is the right side?  Which side will get you across the finish line into heaven? 


 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 6:12).


The devil and his co-horts are out there.  They are always ready to pounce and deceive us in whatever way they can.  We must put up godly roadblocks to stop them.  The devil lurks around us today and every day waiting for us to make a mistake, open a door, or do anything we should not be doing.  He is real. He is alive. He is deceptive. He is crafty. And his main goal is to strike you down, along with as many others he can drag down with you. He pauses. He hunts. He observes. He is surely looking for the best time to attack, at your weakest, most vulnerable moment…then wham!


What do you picture the devil to look like?  Well he doesn’t go around in a  red suit, pitchfork in hand. Don’t be fooled. He’s far more deceptive. He can disguise himself as an angel of light. The devil wants you to fall and fail.  He want you to doubt and lose faith in God.  He wants you to give up….Why?  because he is a liar, a cheat, he steals, kills and destroys wherever he is allowed to.  He is watching you to find open cubby doors to enter into your life.  But know this…you can close the doors and not allow him passage. 


God has a plan for our lives. The enemy has a plan for us too. We have to determine which voice we’re going to listen to, and who we will choose to follow. As for me I make my stand.  I choose to follow Jesus.  The road might be rough, the storm unbearable, the waters might rage, people might leave me, say bad things about me, and persecution might come.  I pray God gives me strength no matter what comes my way.  For in Him…I find eternal life.  I want to stand and fight the enemy at every turn.  If I falter I pray I see that and get up and run to the altar of God and get right with God.  Time is very short now for the devil and he knows it.  He wants to destroy as many lives as he can.  Don’t let him have yours.



So how does the enemy work?

  1. He is a liar. He is a twister of the Truth. From the beginning of time, he has whispered lies our way, twisting God’s word to bring doubt and disbelief. (John 8:44, Genesis 3:1)
  2. He is a deceiver. He will seek to bring confusion and lead many astray, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. (Revelation 12:9; Matthew 7:15)  
  3. He is a thief. He comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He will rob us of joy, peace, security and purpose. He will try to destroy our families, lives, and all that we hold dear. (John 10:10) 
  4. He is the accuser. His voice condemns and accuses bringing shame and fear. (Revelation 12:10) 
  5. He is our adversary. He prowls around like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. His attacks are ruthless. He searches for the weakest, most vulnerable victims to devour. (1 Peter 5:8)
  6. He disguises himself as an angel of light, he is deceptively cunning and can make himself appear beautiful and alluring. He attempts to make sin look good and evil enticing. (2 Corinthians 11:14) 
  7.  He is the tempter. He will do anything to try to lure you away from Truth, away from God. He knows your weaknesses, don’t be fooled. He lures, he tempts, with sex, money, power, greed, and lust. (Matthew 4:3) 
  8. He is Beelzebub. Known as the lord of the flies, the prince of demons. Like flies gravitate to decay and death, he lords over what brings death. (Matthew 12:23-24)
  9. He is crafty. He is a schemer. He is cunning and evil. He can never be trusted. He is a master manipulator, don’t fall for his schemes. (Genesis 3:1-5, Ephesians 6:11-12) 
  10. He is one who hinders. He is a stumbling block. He will do anything to prevent the Name of Jesus Christ from being proclaimed and Truth from being shared. He will try every trick possible to throw roadblocks in our path and to stop us from being fruitful (1 Thessalonians 2:18, Matthew 16:23) 

Times you can know he will attack:

  • When you’re already down. Satan never fights fair. He’s cruel. He will try to kick you while you’re down, and attack when you already struggling, and at your weakest, most vulnerable moments.
  • When you don’t expect it. Often when life is great and things seem happy, we let our guard down. We forget he’s still there, waiting for one unexpected moment when he can come in with a brutal blow. Even when days are good, and we are strong, live aware that dark forces fight against us, in the spiritual realm where we cannot see.
  • When you think you can handle it. We must live aware, understanding our weakness and find strength in God alone, never in our own flesh. Do not be fooled to think you can’t be tempted.
  • When you’re making a difference for God’s purposes. If you are a force for God’s kingdom, and living like salt and light in this world, know that you will be attacked. You will. No doubt. Stay aware, do not be surprised, opposing forces will try to stop your influence for Christ. But they do not have to win. And we need not be afraid, for the Lord our God fights for us. He is on our side.

Protecting yourself from his schemes:

  • Be aware. Stay alert. (1 Peter 5:8)
  • Submit to God’s authority. Be ruthless with sin, which is an open door for the enemy to work. Resist him and he has to flee. (James 4:7)
  • Know that in Christ, we are forgiven. You are set free. You have His mighty power working within you. You are more than a conqueror through Christ. (Romans 8:37)
  • Put on the armor. Daily. Pray. Take up the Word of God, the sword of the Spirit, which is our only offensive weapon. (Ephesians 6:11)
  • Know that God is for you. He is with you. And the enemy does not have the final say over your life. God fights for you, even in times you’re unaware. He’s always working on your behalf, often behind the scenes where you cannot see. And the enemy’s plans will be crushed. (Romans 16:20)
  • Keep living aware. Keep standing strong. You are never alone.

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might” (Ephesians 6:10).

“Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

It’s battle time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!