Post 16…April 2023…God the Soul of a Nation

What is the soul of America?  What binds us together?  Have we lost our way? Please read this and share it with everyone you know and those you don’t know.  If not us: who?

I saw this statement and want to share it with you. The war between the ideal and the real, between what’s right and what’s convenient, and between the larger good and personal interest is the contest that unfolds in the soul of every American.

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but since this administration came into office our country is 100% at an all-time low.  I don’t even see the America that I grew up in any longer.  I see a bunch of insane people running this country into the ground and doing all they can to destroy America and blame Trump and any other person who doesn’t believe them and what they want to do to destroy America.  They want power and they will lie, steal, cheat, commit horrendous crimes to get anything they want and to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Politics have always been a challenge and they all lie.  Some are way better than others, but some are so evil in their ways and their thinking…you probably wonder what the heck happened to my country. 

America, many times over, have come together to overcome the evil out there, but not in the last few years.  We are at critical mass right now and until and unless we all stand up against the tyranny going on our country will fall.  I am not now nor ever telling anyone to do anything that is violent or against what God says.  We, as Christians, need to stand up an fight legally and we all need to be on our knees in prayer.  We as a nation used to come together and fight the battles for our country together.  Millions have died to preserve our freedom, but now all this administration and the radicals do is destroy our country and call everyone a bunch of lying names.

America has fought many battles to keep our freedom.  We came together in force and it cost people their lives, and their families great loss…but wasn’t freedom worth what we did?  It was to me.  I grew up in a free country and my soul is pained over what I feel and think now.  Even the many times of war when people were hurting and forces came against them…we stood united and fought to save our family and freedom for our children and grandchildren.  Many gave the ultimate cost to do so.  This administration does not care about these wonderful freedom loving people or their families who gave their all.  (my opinion and I do have an opinion).  You don’t have to believe like I do for I have no control over how you feel or how you see things.  I have seen a lot in my long life.  I have seen my great nation go down the tubes and for what?  Evil people who want to destroy us, have power over us, make us dependent upon them for everything. Even in the worst of times in America, the horrific wars we had to fight…we were united to keep freedom here in America.  Every other person out there in the world wanted the freedom we had.  We prevailed at many horrible costs. 

We lived and breathed right over wrong knowing that if we did nothing we would lose it all.  America had a soul and I know there are still good and great people who love this country still…but many just don’t know what or how to fix it when all this woke insanity, all these power hungry idiots are in charge doing evil beyond anything we can even imagine.  Oh, there are good people on both sides of the isle as they say, but so few will stand now for right because if they do…they not only are called bad things, but the left makes them into the bad people and many are not up to the task to stand up.  However, it is now time to stand up and fight (godly…not violently) and take back our country.  If not now: when?  If not us: who?  It is our time to show our God we have a back bone and do what is right no matter what laws they think they are inventing to take us down.  All this hatred, racism crap, woke crap, identity crap and all the rest must stop.  These people who are living these things have been programed and they believe the lies they are fed day after day. 

Our forefathers left England to have freedom and no tyranny. They had conviction that cost them everything to give you and I the freedom that many of us have known in our life.  We should have devotion to God, to family, to country, and conviction in our soul to do right.  Liberty…oh that sweet liberty we had.  I want it back.  I want it for my children, my grandchildren, and for you and your family.  I want the equal opportunities no matter who you are or the color of your skin.  I never once hated someone because of the color of their skin and these morons are not going to get me to now.  God made us all equal.  I don’t owe anyone money because they are of a certain race and their ancestors had it hard.  I didn’t cause that and neither did my parents or grandparents and neither did yours no matter what color you are.  I hold no hatred because of your color.  I hold hatred, I guess, because people have lied to you that (all) white people are responsible for their pain.  There are good and bad of every color on this earth.  I refuse to hate someone because the color of their skin.  If we can’t get along on earth….why would you ever think God would want or allow you in heaven?  Think!

People who actually had an education of the truth of America and not the fed lies of the crazies…knows the truth, but those that are being fed the garbage of today’s society are falling for the garbage they are being fed by this government, and the insane fake and lying news…and the educational system who is warping our children’s minds. 

Just because something is convenient and aligns with the sins of the world…doesn’t make it good or right to do.  You can change laws to suit you (abortion, woke crap, racism, hate, homosexuality, transgender, and all this identity crap trying to tell us we must call them by whatever they want to be known, and them trying to tell us that men can now have a baby.  No they can’t.  You can change by adding to and subtracting from your body but you will always and forever be male or female as God designed you to be. 


There are times, because we live in a fallen evil world where, at times, evil prevails…but in the end God will always prevail.  God knows what is going on and when God says enough is enough…the wrath will come.

The message of Martin Luther King, Jr. — that we should be judged on the content of our character, not on the color of our skin—dwells in the American soul. But know this also that the evil from people who ran things like the KU KLUX KLAN….their very souls were pure evil from the pit of hell itself. 

America had a soul.  Right now the soul of America is having a hard time.