Post 8…June 2023…Ever have a prayer answered


Nothing just happens.  There is a reason for everything.  We pray and we hope that God will answer the very prayers that we ask Him to.  But……………do you know that He also knew you would ask, and even before you did…He was at work on your prayer.  Now that doesn’t mean that you always get your prayers answered the way you want, but God always has the right answer to your prayer.  But, this is not about that.

Let’s talk about Abraham in the Bible for a moment.  He sent his servant to the city of Nahor to find a wife for his son from his own people for his son Isaac. 

His servant does what he is told to do and he goes to Nahor.  He is by a well when he prays to God for help in doing what he was sent to do.  The servant who was at the well asked God to show him the right woman by having her draw water for his camels.  Interesting isn’t it?  He is the man here and he wants a woman to come and draw water for his camels.

Even before he finished his prayer Rebekah shows up at the well and watered his camels.  Think on that…even before he finished his prayer there she was in fulfillment of his prayers.  Now…don’t take this wrong…God doesn’t always answer the way we ask, but He always answers the prayers when our prayers are honest…just not always how we like.  Yes, I said that already!

Rebekah just didn’t pop up out of thin air.  Something was already happening.  She was already on her way to the well that day.  She got up that day and planned to go to the well.  (just as we get up each day and do whatever it is that we do)  She was already on her way to the well that day before the servant had prayed.  In fact, she could have gone earlier or later and missed being there for the answered prayer.  For this particular prayer to be answered as it would be…she couldn’t be early or late…she had to be right on time.

Now, think on this:  This event was not just go out your front door and the well was right there.  Many people used the well each day to get their water.  For her to arrive at the exact time she did for the prayer of the servant…her day had to go just right. Too early, or too late and the fulfillment of this servant’s prayer would not have been answered like it was.

You see when we pray God knows about it even before we ask…but He always expects us to pray and to ask.  Whatever our prayers might be there are things going on behind the scene that we just don’t see.  In this case, the prayer had to be asked, the right woman had to be at the well at the exact time and not only the right woman, but from the right people on the right day at the right time.

Behind the events that we do see are things going on that we don’t see happening to make them happen.  It is a chain of events.  Surrounding every event are countless other things going on as well.  Things that contribute to our prayers being answered.  In the normal anything in life could have caused a delay…a storm, a distraction from what she had planned to do. (we all get distracted don’t we?)  Stuff happens each day in our life that even for a few moments can change something else from happening.  Yet, here was a servant sent to find a wife for Isaac, and here was a woman that God provided because she was the one to become Isaac’s wife.  In this prayer (and all prayers) there is a chain of events we just don’t see going on in the background to bring about the very prayers we ask and that we want to happen. Now, again…God doesn’t always answer the way we wish He would nor at the time we think He should, but He answers yes, no, maybe, or wait.  Maybe the prayer we ask is not what God wants for us or is not good for us.  We need to trust His answers. 

Now think about this: God knew the servant was going there (God knows everything). He knew the servant was going to ask for help at exactly the time he did.  He knew that Rebekah would go to the well for water…and made sure that she would be there when this was happening…not early and not late.  (Our God is always on time)

God’s work in this (and every prayer) is exact and precise.  This was the woman that Isaac was to marry.  All things God does works together in ways we just don’t see.  God made sure that the timing was perfect for her to be there.  God, as they say, moved the mountains out of the way that day. (no, not literal mountains…but whatever could have gotten in the way)

Now let’s bring this around to our prayers for a moment.  God still answers prayers.  Think on this God knows what you are praying for and yes, He want to hear them from you.  However, for even the smallest of prayers to be answered God is already at work getting things ready.  He is moving our mountains, and putting the events of time, opportunity, and needs into action.  God will move our mountains to bring about what needs to happen to fulfill the prayers of His kids.  We are His kids if He is our God and we do as He says.  We can’t go around stay living in sin and expect Him to give us things that are not good for us, the timing is wrong, or that we need to do certain things first before a prayer is answered.  God loves us more than we will ever know and will do whatever is right to help us.  Somethings we want in life are not good for us.  Somethings we just need to wait for.  Somethings are not meant to be.  Guess it would be something like you wanting a certain person to marry and you ask for God to give that person to you.  What if that person would never be right for you?  What if that person was promised to someone else?  What if that person would abuse you?  You see, God knows each person and some people are not the choice we should have.  It is not God just saying no…it is Him moving wrong from us so that He can move right in.

We all want answered prayers.  We can ask and ask and we sure hope that God will bring it about whatever it is, but sometimes God just has to say no…not now.  Maybe not ever in certain things. 

Some prayers people ask are to heal someone we deeply love, but sometimes God says no.  We don’t always understand because, after all, we love them.  God sees everything and maybe the person we want God to heal…maybe they would suffer more, or many things we just don’t understand.  We prayed didn’t we so we think God should just wave His magic wand and do whatever we want.  God doesn’t work like that but whatever He does is for someone’s best and His timing and answer are right even when we don’t understand.  Maybe this answer isn’t what you want to hear here…but God is perfect, His timing is perfect, His answers are perfect, and He loves us.  If it is something God says yes to…then God will move time, space, mountains, people, and circumstances to bring it about and even before you ask…it is a done deal.  God has moved mountains many times over in your life that most likely you didn’t even know.  Example: God moved a car out of the way so it would not hit you, He put people in the right place or moved them out of your way so you would not get hurt.  There are so many things going on behind the scenes of our life that we just don’t know. 

I trust my Jesus.  In the good times, the bad times He is with me.  He didn’t tell me that all would always be peachy keen, but He did say He would be with me and walk through the thick of things with me and He does, did, and will until the time He calls me home.  I can trust Him.  He died to save me and you.  How could I ever deny who He is in my life?  I don’t know how to do a lot of things.  I write…but I am no writer and I know that.  To an English major they probably cringe at my words, but God still uses them to reach someone.  Maybe you are that someone today.  Maybe you need a prayer answered but know this whatever the answer might be God cares and has your back. He is at work behind the scene.  Just don’t ask for what you know He would not approve of…example: Don’t ask for someone elses spouse, but ask God to provide the right person for you.  We don’t need what someone else has for our God is so big that He will move the mountains of life to bring the right person to us.  And what about a job.  You don’t need to ask for the job someone else has…God is big enough to give you the right job at the right time.  Maybe you need to learn more to be able to take over a job you are asking for, or maybe God is making a position for you…you just don’t know what is going on behind the scene.  Don’t be asking for what someone else has.  Our God is so big and loving…and when the timing is right, or if God wants you to have something then He will provide that something…in His timing.  Just ask, believe, and make sure that your prayers are not asking for things God says are wrong.  Would you want to give your child things that are bad for them, wrong for them, things they didn’t earn, and so on?  Timing…is everything…God’s that is.  We can’t trust God always and know that if He says no to something then accept it.  Please don’t think God doesn’t care for He died for us to save us. 

So I will end this lesson here.  Prayers are great and answers are amazing, but please understand that somethings we ask for the answer might have to wait until which time God says is the right time to answer them, or they might be answered before you even finish your prayer.    Also, read the word of God daily to see if what you want to ask is what you should ask for.  Also, be specific in your prayers and yes God knows what you will ask, but again, He wants you to spend time with Him and you to ask.  He always wants time with His family and if you are His child…the you are His family.  Remember that!!!