Post 7…July 2023…The Broken Soul

We all face times when we might just feel a bit broken.  Those around us do as well.  Sometimes it might feel there is nothing we can do so we feel better, and if it is a loved one who is feeling this way that we also don’t know what to do to help them.

Well, we have a God who has the answer if we would but listen and do what God says  God doesn’t desert His children (Those that are truly His).  Sometimes, however, He does allow things but those things happening have a reason even, if at the time, we don’t understand it.

Sometimes we are not living as we should be and at those times God wants to get us back to living right.  Sometimes that can even hurt, but if only we would learn sooner we wouldn’t face so much…at least to get us back to where we should be.

This however is about something else here.  God wants us restored and not destroyed.  The word of God is always true no matter what you think or what others might tell you.  God doesn’t lie.  God wants to rebuild your life if you are feeling broken.  He wants you put back together piece by piece.  Why?  Because if you love someone you want the godly best for them.  When something you love is broken, when someone you love is broken…don’t you want to help them and do what you can to put them back together again?  You don’t abandon those you love and want to help…but sometimes they are a point in their life where their life is far from God and they are doing things they should not be doing. 

God went to the cross so that you would have the choice to accept or reject Him.  He went to the cross and took your sins and put them on that cross that day.  He didn’t have to do that.  He did it out of love.  Many will accept Jesus and all He did for them, while others will reject Him.  They have the choice…not you or me.  We can’t make anyone love Jesus, and we can’t make them love us or want to do what is right.  We can love them, offer them help, pray for them, and care…but at some point in their life they make the choice.

God has offered us eternity, redemption, salvation, and love beyond words…but we don’t have to accept it.  God wants to and will take the pieces of a broken life and help us put our life back together…one piece at a time. He takes the mistakes, the sins, the loneliness, the hurts, the sorrows, the regrets and so on and so forth…and deals with them so we can get right and not feel broken any longer. 

When others around us are feeling broken we want to help them.  We want to fix things for them.  We want to take their pain away and make them feel whole. 

We are living in an evil world where pain and suffering are getting worse and worse, and where people care less and less about others while stating they care.  Yet, one…Jesus always cares and loves us and He doesn’t want us to suffer.  If only we learned this way before we do…we can take every pain and hurt to Him and lay them at His feet and ask Him to help us.  He will.  He can’t be manipulated to do things our way…the way we think He should, but His ways are perfect and His timing is perfect.  Just because we think something should be a certain way we have no clue what Jesus sees. 

So many times in my life I thought something should be done a certain way but eventually, I found out God’s ways were the right ones.

I don’t want my loved ones to ever suffer or hurt…but we live in a fallen world until Jesus returns for us or it is our time to go to Him.  He sees the entire picture we only see what we want or think we see.  Our observation is not always right.  I don’t want to give up on anyone or anything that I care about.  I don’t want them to ever feel abandoned.

I love the Lord and I have learned that I can trust Him no matter what I feel or see in this world.  Life’s hard and a lot of people are evil and getting worse.  I might have to face things I don’t want to face in this life, but I know that no matter what comes my way…Jesus is walking with me.  He wants to walk with you as well.  Will you allow Him to?  He won’t push Himself on you and yes, you have a choice.  But why would you not want Jesus?  Why would you not want salvation?  Why would you not want eternity with Him in heaven?  Really, what does this world offer you?  What if your opinion of God is wrong? 

God doesn’t change.  Sin is sin and no matter what the world or the manmade laws they change won’t change the truth, won’t change the consequences of one’s actions.  The world is telling people God is bad and sin is good.  That God somehow approves now of the sins in their life and the world tells them that there are many ways to get to heaven.  No, there is not.  There is one way to heaven and that is if Jesus is your Lord and Savior.  The rest are lies. 

Sin might feel good for the moment, but the moment will end and then judgment will come.  There are consequences for all unconfessed sins.  Repentance was provided for a reason.  It means that you change direction. 

People nowadays thinks we all have to bow to their woke agenda, their lies, and do what they say.  No, I don’t…No, you don’t.  We answer to God Almighty and if what I say offends someone because it is the truth of God’s word…then you go to God and take it up with Him.  I can love people without attacking them. We all can have an opinion, but I don’t have to accept anyone’s opinion but God’s.  That doesn’t make me an enemy!  We all have an opinion.  What I see nowadays is a lot of hate and get even from people who don’t want to hear the truth of God’s word. 

I won’t call sin okay no matter who hates me.  I won’t say men can have babies because they can’t.  I won’t use a bunch of stupid pronouns so you can feel like something you aren’t.  You are male or female.  I wont say abortion is okay.  I won’t say crime is somehow okay and violence to get what you want is okay…for it is not okay.  I won’t provide you things like drugs etc…just because the law somehow now is okay with it.  I won’t say I have white privledge.  You don’t know me.  I am not prejudice.  I don’t hate people for the color of their skin.  I don’t have to believe the lies that our government, or any government is trying to tell me/us.  God gave me a brain and a Bible and I will stand on His word. Why?  Because He loves me and has never left me alone no matter what I faced. 

Just as we have children we love them and want the best for them.  We don’t want them to go down the wrong path.  We want to keep them safe from “all” harm.  That is not what is going on in the world today.  This world has gone mad and said that our precious kids can change sexes.  No………………..there are two sexes and God gave them.  They can add to their bodies and remove parts of their body, take hormones etc…but their DNA is still male or female.  God knows better than the evil ones on this planet we call earth.  I don’t have to accept or play the world’s games.  You can…that is up to you but don’t think that others have to accept your lifestyle, your so-called genders, or your way of life.  You have no problem rejecting mine and me following God.  I am a child of God Almighty.  He gave His life for me and has been with me always.  If I die…I die.  I know who holds my soul in His hands.  I choose Jesus.  The Holy Spirit was given to me and I thank Him for being with me, guiding me on this path.  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…thank you for loving me.  I pray for all my family and extended family and pray you draw them all to you and all are saved.  I pray for those that will read this as well.  We are all  yours Lord which makes us all family. I wish none would be lost but we all know many, many, many people will walk away from God.  If only they would know the truth then that truth would set them free.  May the truth give you peace…take away any brokenness you might be feeling today.  I am not ashamed to say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior.  He is!  Is He yours as well?  Only you can decide and that decision means you truly will make a choice of going to heaven or going to hell.  God doesn’t sent us to hell…we do by the decisions we make.  Now is the time to make a choice on who you will serve and love.  Five minutes from now is not promised to any of us.  Don’t put this decision off for a non decision is a decision.  God wants us in heaven with Him, but He sure will honor you choice to reject Him and miss heaven.  Please learn of Jesus for real and ask Him to come into your heart/life.  Heaven rejoices every time someone asks Jesus into their life.  You be one of those that causes heaven to rejoice.