Post 13…June 2023…Are you Connected to God…are you sure

I was thinking about this today.  So many people think that they are okay with God, but are not close at all.  Maybe you even have an appearance of being a Christian, and people think you are a very godly person…but are you really?

Let us think of a tree for a few moments here.  A tree grows in the ground, has roots, has branches, and leaves for the most part.  The roots if healthy grow deep and are fed water so they stay healthy and don’t die.  The branches and leaves grown when the tree is healthy.  If the tree is dying for whatever reason, then the leaves turn brown, and the branches start looking really bad. For a time they still might look really good, but there comes a point when a tree is dying that you begin to notice it…and so do others as well.

Many people seek God.  They start out good and some even really on fire for the Lord.  Some really want to do what is right in the sight of God, and for a time they are separated unto the Lord.  But………..then….along comes the devil and he brings the evil into the person’s life and zap……………………..the person is no longer living for God and the relationship between God and the person is not there like it was.

Sin begins…yes, it does.  Compromise comes, wanting to fit in comes, immorality rises up, and sexual beliefs that God said are abominations soon become what the person thinks now is okay.  Pretty soon these people make the Christians and Jew look like the enemy and they think that they are the good guys.  They have fallen for the lies of satan and the path they went on, if not fixed with God…will end them up in the place they won’t want to go when they take their last breath on earth.  Yet, they believe the lies so much that their leaves and branches withered and died. 

Oh, they can return to God and God will water them with the word and feed them the nourishment they need to get back to health, but many never will. They like the sins they live with and they have believed the lies that they were told.   The people who fall for the lies of the devil and all his co-horts are no longer separated and can (at this time) be used by God.  They fell for the lies and until they change they will be on the wrong side.

The world, the cultures out there want everyone to fall for the lies they are spreading and if you don’t go along they call you the evil one and they want to destroy you.  Why?  Because the devil hates you so the devil programs these people to hate you for the truth and for doing right.

The governments of this world want to control everything you do, what you watch, what you learn in school, what you  buy, what you listen to, and they are brainwashing our children that these precious kids who know no better fall for the lies they are being fed. 

When we remove God from our life then we are one step closer to the consequences and if we don’t change back to God…we will never get to heaven no matter what the world tries to tell people.  Jesus is the only way there and that is God’s rule.  Man can’t change it.  Heaven belongs to God, the rules are His, and it is up to Him who He allows to take up space up there. How many people in the world go around telling you there are many ways to get to heaven?  There is one!!!!  The way to heaven is if Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.  There is no other way no matter how you try to convince others that there is.  Some say that so and so is a good person so they will get to heaven.  No, it is great someone is a nice person, but if Jesus is not your Lord and Savior you won’t cross into heaven.  That is what gets you there. 

Some are even proud, in this day and age, of the sins and beliefs they have.  They try to force evil upon you to believe it because they are okay with sinning.  They condemn you if you don’t go along with the lies and they will do whatever they can to even destroy people’s lives, jobs, and so on.  The government wants to control our kids and are programing them daily with evil and even telling them their parents are wrong and they are right.

Man’s laws are not God’s laws.  God has been removed from our country which was a Christian nation.  When you remove God…you take away not only what was great about America…you will face the consequences of that action.  God is only giving people some time here to put Him back into our society…or He is going to bring on the consequences of removing Him from our country, our life, our homes, our schools, our government, our jobs, and so on.  At some point, God must judge America and it won’t be pretty.

On the outside maybe you still think you are okay…maybe you only compromised and did a little sinning.  Sin is sin. No matter what sin we do it is sin.  Sin has consequences.

Who decides what sin is?  Government, schools, jobs, groups of people like abortionists, woke people, so-called gender crap, and so on?   Who gets to decide what is truth or lies, and who is in charge?  People were born with a name….gender….parents which are father and mother.  They were not a he, him, she, her, or dog or cat or whatever.  God created male and female and for over 6000 years people have had names.  Dna says male or female.  Oh a woman can take hormones and grow a beard and be pregnant…but this person is still a female with a beard.  A guy can have an operation and have his male parts removed, but his dna is still male.  People will try to change their identity, but God made you like He chose you to be.  I believe God.  Male/female, right and wrong, good and evil…they exist.  Anything that goes against what God said is in the wrong and I do no, will not, go along or compromise God’s word to make anyone feel better or less offended.  If you are offended with the truth…so be it. 

Advice:  Search God’s word. Really study it.  Don’t pick and choose a verse to try to make it what you want it to say.  Read every place regarding the same subject and apply God’s word to you life.  Don’t fall for the culture and the world’s ways for they will keep you out of heaven.  Come to Jesus each day and spend time in His presence, Give Him all of you, and give Him your day…every day.  Be fed by the word of God. 

The world is offering you hell. The devil knows his time is almost up and he wants to keep as many out of heaven as he can.  The devil is not your friend.  His was are evil.  He is a liar, a cheat, and a murderer.  Beware of the schemes of the devil or you will fall for them. 

As for me…I publicly declare that Jesus is my Lord and Savior and maybe I will do a sin now and then…but I know to go to God and confess it and ask Him to forgive me.  I am not making it a practice to sin.  I don’t want to sin.  I want to one day when I take my last breath here on earth hear my Lord say, “Welcome home, come on it…you are home!”  Do you? My desire on this earth is to do His will, His way, and have the greatest relationship with the Lord I possibly can have.  The world doesn’t impress me, but God does.