Post 17…April 2023…Homosexuality: God gave them up

Gave whom up to what? 

If one is living an immoral life and rejects Jesus and His help for salvation and forgiveness, at some point God will allow the sin to take hold in their minds, working its own form of destruction in their life. 

There are some people who allow shameful desires and sin in their lives while even trying to justify their actions as common human weakness.  Some even by doing so, convince themselves that they are still following the Holy Spirit’s direction and that they are still spiritually saved (in a right relationship with God).

They blind themselves to the warning of God’s word that everyone who is sexually immoral or impure, or who is covetous…has no inheritance in the kingdom Christ. 

Some people will never see that the sin of immorality goes against God no matter who wishes it otherwise.  Man can change laws even to make an immoral person feel that somehow now what they do is right, but it is not man’s yardstick that matters…it is God’s that matters. 

God gave them up and it is a sure sign that God is strongly displeased and has abandoned a society is their increased focus on sexual immorality and perversion.  God will allow these people to completely go their own way, experiencing the full effects of their sinful desires and dishonorable passions.  Yet, the people still won’t believe that what they are doing is evil and wrong…in the sight of God.

Their desire refers to a very strong desire for ungodly sexual activity and pleasure in their eyes.  They are having fun doing what they are doing…and in their mind, they just don’t get it and think that it must be okay.  They make a lot of excuses for their behavior and just don’t want to believe that what they are doing is sin and that their sin…and all sin…will have consequences. Yet…their sinful behavior will at some point either in this life or the next…its own form of judgment.

When we abandon God’s way to suit us so we can believe the lies we were told God will abandon these immoral people to their own lusts and ways.  God will give them over to sinful sexual pleasures that are a shameful use of their body; giving them over to homosexual or lesbian passions.  God will allow them to live with their corrupted mind (a twisted way of thinking).  These people justify what they do.  They might claim to be a Christian, yet they won’t listen to God and change their life to please God.  They lash out at anyone who doesn’t accept their lifestyle.  These people living these lifestyles continue to reject the truth of God’s word and look for pleasure through ungodly sensual desires and behaviors. 

When God abandons these people to their own sinful desires and to the consequences of their own choices/actions, and remember there are consequences for sinning (all sins). 

God wants to bring these people to the point they realize that what they have been doing is wrong and immoral.  Some will come to that realization while many others will not ever accept that what they are choosing to do is immoral in God’s sight.  God wants to show grace and mercy to all sinners but to get it people have to confess and repent/change direction.  You can’t go on living in sin and expect God to wipe your slate clean and Him to accept what He has called wrong, sin, and evil.

Know this: Satan is a liar, a thief, and a murderer.  Satan does not love you.  He wants to destroy you and this is one of the things he uses in your life to get you away from God.  To believe the lies of satan is to reject the truth of God Almighty. 

I know that a few people might read this and study it and find out what they are doing is wrong and if they continue in this lifestyle…will not go to heaven, but I’d venture to say that the majority will call me a bunch of names and go right on living a sinful lifestyle.  God’s truth has to be the priority.  People are guilty ad will remain guilty and living on the wrong side of God when they allow their affections to go against what God calls as wrong to satisfy somehow in their mind that what they are doing feels good and the so-called laws now calls it okay so God must be wrong and society must be right.  If you stay living a lie believe this garbage then I guess you won’t be surprised when judgment comes your way.  When we put anything above God in our life…we are going down the wrong road. 

Men with men…women with women…is wrong in the eyes of God.  It is one of the greatest evidence of human rebellion, corruption, and a drive for your own self-satisfaction.   You are actually rejection God’s patter for behavior.  Since He is creator He does have the total say in what is right and what is wrong.  What will give you eternal life, and what will keep you from eternal life in heaven.  It is His way…not yours.  You can believe the lies going around that says all will go to heaven, and that there are many ways to get there…but you would be 100% wrong.  God made the rules for heaven…not you or any man.

God will allow you to go your own way and live like this, but it is wrong and not His desire you live like this. 

Any nation that justifies homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender, woke garbage, and identity garbage…is so out there on the wrong side.  Any nation that justifies this behavior is in the final stages of moral corruption and this is proved throughout history when it comes to this kind of lifestyle in their midst.

God, in my opinion, must grieve over ones actions when they live like this and reject Him and the truth.  If, we as a nation, go along with the lies and the sins and call them now okay and good…we are up for destruction of our nation and even more so…destruction of our own soul. 

We are never to compromise God’s truth to make someone feel better or less offended.  Sin is sin and wrong is wrong and we are not to go along with it.  We are not to agree and consent to the behavior.  We answer to God and God says it is wrong so it is wrong.  Don’t encourage bad behavior to keep the peace.  You will answer to God.  Don’t allow the world to saturate your soul with this garbage.  Isn’t your very soul worth more than this?

When you go around and declare that it is now okay and that God is okay with this stuff…what you are doing is thinking you can justify it, take away your guilt in approving of it, so there is no urgency to stop doing it.  God will, at some point, punish the ones who have not accepted Him as Lord, and who want to remain living in their sins (all sins).  God will punish the wicked and reward the righteous.  However, God is, right now, giving you a chance to change your destiny.  God doesn’t desire any to perish.  We all have sinned and fallen short so God sent His son to give you a way to change and a way to heaven.  You can accept or reject that wonderful gift.  Jesus died in your place so you could choose wisely.  Don’t choose wrong for a way of life that you know God disapproves of.  Our life on this earth is but a vapor and we are here for a reason before we either choose God or reject Him.  You only have one life here on earth and then we go on to one of two places: heaven with God, or to hell.  Hell won’t be this big party people somehow think it will be.  God called it hell for a reason.  It is also eternal separation from God who loves you.  He doesn’t want anyone to go to hell and is giving you another chance right here, right now…to change your destiny.  Don’t blow that choice off.  We don’t know how long we have on this earth.  It might be one minute or numerous years…we just don’t know.  Now is the time to consider your destiny, what is right or wrong, and which road you will go down.  I can’t do it for you and God won’t choose for you.  He gave you a free will in this.  If I could make the choice for you then you would be on the road to heaven…but life doesn’t work like that…you have a choice in whether you will follow Jesus or reject Him.  The best choice ever I made was asking Jesus into my life.  I chose to accept Him and give Him my life.  I hope that is you as well.  Don’t be fooled by the lies of satan and his co-horts, don’t go along with the “laws” this evil generation is making up for if any of it goes against what God said…it is wrong no matter who says it or what laws they think they can change.  Don’t be fooled any longer.  Search the scriptures for the truth.  Any church compromising this stuff is not doing God’s work.  Any church accepting and promoting this garbage will be held accountable for the lies they are telling.

Search the scriptures…find the truth…make the choice, and live like God wants you to.  If not…then the wrath of God will, at some point, come your way.