Post 23…May 2023…God is our Milk

When we are born we come into this world with nothing with us.  We begin our life by having to trust others to care for us.  We need them to feed us, clean us, change us, hold us and love us.  Yet, in this world, we don’t always get the best of parents or caregivers.  Some have had really bad parents or caregivers.

We come into this world needy.  What we first need to exist is milk/formula.  We never had milk before, and sure didn’t know what it was…yet our bodies needed that milk, and craved it.  Will someone please feed us?  We cried if we were hungry.  What was milk to us anyway?  It was a need, a desire…a want deep within that we really knew nothing about but to truly exist we needed it. We wanted our mother to care for us.  We trusted her to do so.  But we also know that not all mothers are loving and not all who have had a baby made a good parents. But that was all we had and we had to depend on them to care for us.

Being a mom is a wonderful gift from God, but we live in a fallen world and the world will get worse, and not all moms are good.  We also can’t make people love us…not even a mother.  Babies are innocent but you can’t make anyone love you and that includes your parents.

But I think you know where I am going with this lesson today.  God is the perfect parent.  Even if everyone on this earth hated us and that also includes your earthly parents…God loves us and wants us to know He loves us.  And even if you don’t understand your soul longs for a relationship with your Father in heaven..  It craves the Lord, and the comfort only He can truly bring to you.  Our life, our needs, and our soul needs God even when we don’t understand fully or even if too young to know it. Our earthly moms and others can help us along the way and fill our physical needs as a baby, but life is more than that and what our soul needs is Jesus.  We long to be loved, cared for, comforted, and have that peace that only God can give to us.  God doesn’t disappoint.  He created us in our mother’s womb and loves us beyond words that a human can even come up with.

God gave us life and it truly is a blessing and gift even in the toughest of times in our life.  God did not say that we would never face trials, tests, or tribulations.  He said that in this world we would.  Again, we live in a fallen world and until we take our last breath here on earth, or Jesus returns to take us home…we can have problems to deal with.  Yet, in it all God is right there with us.  He knows everything about us and He does not leave us.  If we let Him…He will carry us over the finish line into victory.

People in the world…those worldly people who choose to reject God can, and will never, understand who God is, nor how much He loves them.  They want to live a life that God is displeased with and they want to destroy everything that is holy in our life.  They don’t know God and they don’t want to, and at every turn, they reject Him for the things of this world.  They live in sin, and most who do love their sin…because they don’t want to give it up.  They just don’t realize that the only one who is perfect loves them and God’s way is so much better. 

We all long for love and some it takes a bit more time to come to the Lord.  We can see Him in everything around us yet miss Him because of the world’s ways, tests, trials, and temptations that bombard every area of our life in this day and age.  We long in our soul for heaven and all of God’s love, yet we are living on spoiled milk. God has perfect milk…His word and He wants us to know Him and live on His word so that we can spend eternity with Him when we leave this world.

We have not physically seen God but every moment of our life God is right there for us. We can see Him all around us in creation.   He is our Abba/Daddy.  He loves us, cares what happens to us.  Yet…know this sometimes even the greatest earthly parent on earth has to let their child learn lessons…even really tough ones.  A parent is not to allow their child to run wild and go on making mistakes…mistakes need dealt with and many times even earthly parents must make touch choices and bring the consequences for a child’s actions.  A good parent does not turn their back on bad behavior even in the world is trying to force us to accept it.   

My deepest longing of my soul is to know Jesus more and more deeply.  To do His will, walk in His ways, and to be fed the milk of the word of the Bible…and the more we know of God the Father…the closer we come to Him…that the milk we once began our journey with…now turns to solid food that sustains our body, our mind, and our soul.  I didn’t find God…God found me.  He gave me life, He has walked the journey with me even when I messed up.  Some things I did in life had grave consequences to me and yet this wonderful Father forgave me and cleansed me, fed me with His word, and walked with me every day of my life.  He transformed my brain and He works on my life every day.  I am nothing without Him and everything with Him. 

All parents mess up at times and some of us even messed up more than that…but I know, in my life, God didn’t leave me, and continued working on me.  Others might never forgive me for any pain I ever caused them and they would love to keep me in the guilt of my sins…but Jesus came along, washed me, cleansed me, and turned my life around and to this very moment, He has been with me and works on me on a daily bases.  I was a total mess and we can’t go back and fix the past.  What we do is stay focused on Jesus and do His will even in the times we just don’t understand something.  The world might never forgive us for our past and the world might do all they can to take us down and move us away from God…but you and I need to stay focused on God.  God is an amazing Father and even if He reprimands us for the wrongs we did…He will be there to help us make things right (even in consequences) so that we can go on.

So even if you ever had a lousy mom or dad on this earth, don’t let that keep you away from God.  Your very soul longs for a relationship with Him and it is an amazing relationship.  We can always trust God in every situation.  God doesn’t always give us what we “think” we want or should have, but what He does give us is what we need and that includes love that will carry us through life if we let it. 

Trust God in every area of your life.  We only have one life and no matter how or who was in our life, and no matter if they were good to us or not…God loves us.  He reaches out to us all the time in so many ways.  Now is the time to meet Him if you don’t know Him.  There is no one like God…not one. Let Him love you for He is the absolute perfect parent and even if there are consequences we must face at times…He will get us through it.  He is the light of the world, the bread of life, and a relationship with Him is the greatest relationship you can ever have.  When we are right with Him…then other relationships we have we will want to care for as well.  Thanks for reading this.  Share if you like. 

What an awesome Daddy in heaven we have.