Post 9…February 2023…Stop Rewarding Your Kids for Bad Behavior


I don’t speak for anyone but me …and never can…but I am so disgusted with kids bad behavior and parents doing nothing. I see kids yelling at their parents, teachers, and demanding this and that as if they are entitled to have “whatever”. Kids throwing fits in the store, and kids being rude and mean to others in the store and everywhere else. 


Kids don’t listen to their parents, their teachers, and feel they can do whatever they want and no one can do anything. There is no respect for anyone nowadays. Families are out of control, and it is pretty disgusting.

I am so thankful that I got to raise my family in a time here in America where respect was still there.  Kids nowadays need to learn truth, Bible, respect for parents, siblings, teachers, and others.  The kids I see nowadays who act bad…need a whooping and yes, I said that.  Nowadays parents won’t spank their child and there are really no consequences for the child’s behavior.  Most families can’t even eat together and the kids grab their games, their phones, and go into another room.  NO……..stop doing that.  Family time when young is important. 


My kids are grown now but now I seen kids that behave and treat their parents and others with such disrespect.  Kids are out of control and parents don’t seem to know what to do to get control of their kids. Kids are told to report their parents if they get a swat for bad behavior.  The kids know there are no consequences for bad behavior and that someone now they control the parents and to be honest…the teachers as well.

Kids throw fits in the stores and yell obscenities at their parents and others, and no one does anything.  How sad that is.    I could take my kids anywhere and they always behaved. They also knew that if they misbehaved when we were out/or in…there would be consequences for their actions. They never went around demanding I buy them this or that.  In fact, what ever happened to a child earning money so they could buy something they wanted…and then most of them would take better care of whatever “it” was.  Oh no…now they demand whatever and expect you to just dish out the money even if you can’t afford it.


They also didn’t expect to get rewarded for bad behavior. Schools nowadays want to give all kids  a certificate for classes even if what they had would be an “F”.  Some kids will not do their work, but schools don’t want to offend them so they feel bad that so and so got all A’s and worked hard.  No………stop doing that.  Reward kids who do their work, help those who do bad in school, but those that won’t even try…stop.  Kids who work hard and do well deserve the rewards for such.  And this insanity now of not grading or doing tests because someone can’t do it.  No, they can’t do it because they sat in class messing around and not doing their work. 


I know that I would not want to raise kids nowadays.  Raising kids in this insanity is wrong. My kids would not get away with what I see kids doing now.  Respect for parents, grandparents, teachers, is important.  I would not want my kids rewarded for being bad, doing bad in school, treating others badly, and I don’t care if anyone approves now.  God gave me my kids as a gift from heaven. He said to train them up right.  Letting them act like I see kids out there now is not right.  I don’t answer to anyone but God ultimately.  He is the one I want to please.  Your opinion of wanting to raise my kids right is your problem if you don’t like that.  I would never tell my kids that sin is okay, and I sure would never tell them that everyone, no matter how they act and treat others is ok.  All of this woke crap, sex crap, is so out of control.  We are living in the end times and we are responsible for the children we bring into this world.  Teach you child about Jesus’ love, what He did for them, and what is right and what is not.  You have one short life here on earth and it is time to get ahold of your kids and teach them right. 

Now, may God guide you, teach you, help you train up your children in the way of God and truth, and give you His peace in raising your children.

God bless you