Post 18 Don’t Compromise

Compromise brings what to your mind?  Is compromising a good or a bad thing?  When do you think of that word what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  To me, I see it two ways.  There is the world’s view of compromise and God’s view of what to compromise to Him means. 

When I think about the world’s view of compromising what first comes to mind are politicians.  All their back-door meetings for them to gain power and wealth at any cost.  I don’t see them as caring about the people they are supposed to represent.  I see a bunch of greedy, evil, corrupt people. My opinion is that they care more about themselves than they care about us. From what I see in the world they toss us under the bus every day.

If I think of the church my opinion of compromise has two components a good side and a very bad side as well.  There is a healthy side to compromising within the church and there is a disastrous side (in God’s eyes).  A healthy side to compromise is the meeting of two different sides/views that come together and each gives a little until they can agree on something.  This is not changing God’s word, but ordinary everyday things that come up.   They design a workable agreement.  It is working together and agreeing to cooperate or concede and find some common ground so that each side comes together.

Agree or appease? Cooperate or give up? Find common ground or give up the ground?  To bargain, barter, or bury the hatchet?  How do you see things when it comes to compromising?  What are you willing to do to fix the situation? 

I, as a Christian, want things to be done in a godly manner and keep God in the situation so whatever it is that needs discussed comes to a godly conclusion.  I know that Christians can come to good or bad compromises on many things, but I also know there are some things Christians should never compromise about.  We can have wise compromise or unwise compromise.  I want to be on the side of the right even if that is not popular.  If something goes against God’s word, then it is not a good compromise.

Within a family though we can have good and wise compromises because it is people coming together and not all people agree about things.  Within a marriage you, many times over, need to compromise.  Compromise (good and godly) can bring peace to situations.  Sometimes a wise compromise will give up personal preferences and even selfish desires to keep peace within a family.  But again if something is against what God says is wrong then don’t compromise that. It does not mean that we are going to throw in the towel on fundamental doctrines or morality.  To do that you are using worldly bad decisions and that compromise would not be of God.

Before we compromise on a situation, we need to look at all sides.  However, if what one wants to compromise goes against God’s word, morals, and godly principles… you don’t want to do that one. 

Worldly compromise is like someone coming in slowly and taking over.  These slow-moving ways sneak in little by little.  You don’t see it coming at first.  Pretty soon they make their move, but it comes so slowly that you don’t see it coming as something wrong.  Maybe you even have a deaf ear to the situation. Sometimes we trust people so much we don’t see the storms they are bringing upon us, our government, or the church.   You turn that deaf ear to the situation and the corruption….and what someone is really up to.  Didn’t they seem like a nice person?  Would they do this or that?  Yep!  Because things come in so slowly…pretty soon we can find we are coming around to their view and maybe even accepting their con jobs because it came in so slow we didn’t think too much about it. If we don’t do something about it what can happen is that we soon expect and accept whatever it is.  Then if we do it is not long before we embrace their beliefs and actions in our own life.  These things are what we can call a subtle stealth movement and not God movements.   

Biblical truth and morality cannot exist in a culture of worldly compromise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can not allow worldly and wicked ways to enter our church, our government,  and our life.  We must make a stand.  You are not ever to compromise God’s word if what someone wants to compromise does not line up with God’s word.  You can’t read God’s word to what they want it to say, and the fact they try to tell you that God is old-fashioned and God would approve of it.  If it doesn’t line up with God’s word…GOD WON’T BE IN IT.

Don’t fall into false doctrine.  Don’t follow the fake.  Don’t go along with culture if that culture goes against God’s word.  Don’t go along with questionable morality because others tell you it is okay…you go along with what God says on any given subject.  The compromising church when it comes to God’s word goes along with others because they don’t want to offend anyone…or their money just might dry up.  Let it dry up.  Don’t you think God is big enough to take care of you? 

Compromise in the church that doesn’t line up with God’s word is like cancer that spreads and takes down everyone.  Don’t allow the cultures of this world to dictate to you what you know God is against.  Jesus is our great Doctor and He can handle any situation when we give it to Him.  Don’t think that to make things seem easier for you to compromise God’s word will ever be okay…. judgment is coming and you need to get right with God right now while you can. 

God has a double-edged sword and He does know how to use it.  God will slay the wicked at the moment of God’s choosing.  Right now each of us has an opportunity to change what we are doing wrong and confess and get right with God.  The sword of God’s word will take place against the enemy and if you are on the wrong side…you are the enemy as well.

Something important here:  Do you realize it is extremely easy to go along with compromise and the world’s ways?  In many instances, it can soften and save us from worldly suffering, ridicule, pain, etc.  But if you do go along with ungodly compromise you make yourself out of line with God, and that softens spot you might have felt so you would not suffer was nothing more than a cover-up because there are consequences for compromising God’s word and going along with things you know are not godly to do.  You can’t play the blame game either.  We all have a choice to accept right or wrong. 

We are to stand up, declare what God says, do what God says even if unpopular, even if it cost us.  Dig into the word so you know it and stand right there on His word.  If you refuse and deny the word of God then at some point it will harm/tarnish your walk with God.   His word is truth. 

The world did not love Jesus and the world does not love us either.  Don’t tarnish the church, the government, or your life with ungodly compromise. There have always been people who come into the church, to the government, and even into our homes that are not godly and people who want to spread evil. 

Many out there want to bring the lies of satan right into the church, the government, and our life.  Many people fall for those lies.  They bring idolatry and sexual immorality, greed, selfishness, and lust.  The thing is people will try to come in and bring division within the church and call it to compromise…but God gets upset when the church doesn’t stand up and take action against it.

It doesn’t take long for the practice of compromise to become a pattern within the church and people just simply go along with wrong because they don’t want to rock the boat even if they don’t agree.  We can love the sinner and reject the sins…but we are not to love the sinner and accept the sins. We are not to compromise doctrine and morality for the sake of peace and unity within the church.  The church belongs to Jesus and Jesus will never approve of what is going on in many churches.  Enough!  Stop!  

God is offering the church and all of us to get back right with Him.  What He has done is call us all to repentance.  We are to change…do a total turnaround….and change our behavior.  We are to take all the steps necessary to remove all that is not godly from within the church, within the government, and within us.  If you don’t change you have not repented.  A compromise must end.  You can’t have things both ways.  Again, if it is not godly and God doesn’t approve then remove it. 

Warning:  To those who refuse to repent and keep lies, deceptions, corruption, bribes immorality, and so forth in the church…you will face God’s judgment at some point.  This is His church!  If the faithful refuse to change their policies and if the wicked continue their practices…Christ will discipline them. 

If you remain faithful and take a stand for truth and morality, the result will be a great reward from Christ upon His return.

Look around at what you see in this crazy world we are living in.  Culture, races, etc all seem to be demanding equal rights while living “alternative lifestyles”.  They want to redefine and then reject God’s word and God’s ways to bring evil into every area of our life.  They reject God, traditional values, the wink at sin, and glorify rebellion.  Well…you who call yourself a Christian must not go along with them. 

Compromise never comes quickly.  It is usually slow and even stealthy in coming.  It is like a ship that slowly gets off course when the wind comes up.  Well in real life, it is just as stealth with us….a little compromise here and there, and who cares?  You are off course.  You are headed in the wrong direction.  You need to look at your compass.  In the boat, there is a compass, and in our real-life Jesus is our compass.  We need to look at it.  If you are not on course in a boat where will you end up?  If you are not on course in your own life…where will you end up? Don’t drift people….stay on course. 

 Anything you compromise within the church changes the original and it tries to replace God’s word with lies.  Compromise tries to replace God’s perfect standard with man-made lies.  We must commit ourselves to never adding to or taking away from the word of God. 

Do you realize that compromise is seldom offensive?  Just look at politicians for a moment.  They want you to believe they are people pleasers but what they are is self-pleasers at any cost to you.  Worldly compromise when it comes to God’s word….OFFENDS GOD! Don’t bend backward for what is not of God.  So you offend someone.  Who would you rather offend….God or the world? 

When we don’t go along with wrong and won’t compromise people will say horrible things about us.  They will accuse us of many things which are not true.  Compromise is a step into rebellion and disobedience.  People take small steps into disobedience and don’t even realize it, but at some point, it is no longer small. Pretty soon there will be a total collapse of integrity.  Small steps lead to a place you should never be.  Turn from what is wrong to what is right.  

What is keeping you from heeding God’s warning?  What is keeping you from turning away from compromises that you should not do?  Today is the day to get right with God in your personal life and to stand for what is right within the church and our government.  If not us: Who?  If not now: When?  You are the solution, not the problem.  There is a day of reckoning coming.