Post 104…Antisemitism is Wrong…Period


Antisemitism is down-right wrong and needs to stop! You really can’t call yourself a Christian and hate the Jews.  If you say, or think, you can you are not following what God has said.  Lies have been told over the years to put hatred into your heart and it really does need to stop right now.

One of the lies is that people are believing lies and the Jewish people are being demonized as a whole.  Even if you think you have good intentions your intentions are wrong, and you need to go back and listen to what God says in how to treat them.

I am not your judge, but I am a person who wants to see people know the truth, live the truth, and that anyone who has any antisemitism against the Jewish people are not doing right in the sight of God.

We all have opinions in this world.  Some are right while others are wrong, but when it comes to hating the Jewish people…you are in the wrong if that is you.  Many, will never believe the truth of God’s word regarding the Jewish people.  No matter how much evidence is given they will not listen.  How sad! First of all….you do realize that the Lord Jesus was Jewish??? You claim to love Him and hate other Jewish people? Anti-Semitism is wrong on every level.

Is your hatred for the Jewish people possibly because they are God’s chosen people?  God chose them for a reason/purpose, and God always knows what He is doing.  Why, if you call yourself a Christian, don’t you believe and trust Him?  Do you know that when God chooses someone for a reason/purpose if it is the Jewish people, or Christians…there will be a demonic hatred against them.  Jesus said that people hated Him and they would hate us also.  But, we don’t have to hate anyone.  God has our life in His hands and we can trust God always to know He knows what He is doing.

I stood once in one of the railroad cars that took people to their death in the Holocaust.  My life was never the same.  I literally felt the people’s fear and pain.  It overwhelmed me.  They were good people, and they were slaughtered out of hatred.  I remember standing there and feeling something I had never felt before…literal pain of a nation.  Most people alive today have no clue, no real clue, what really happened to these loving and kind people.  But you can bet your shoes God knew every pain they had and what they went through.  He knew their fear and how not only families were taken, separated, and murdered and had things done to them/tortured…and for what?  Because God had chosen them to be His people.  God saw the evil and what happened and those that caused it on judgment day will stand before God and give an account and justice will come.

God, in His word, prophesied about the Jewish people.  The rebirth of the of His nation.    The Six-Day War, Jerusalem came back into Jewish hands. But how did the world see Israel becoming a nation?  They wanted, and want, to destroy Israel and every Jewish person in it.  Israel is not an apartheid state, a genocidal state, or evil.  This is what people were told and are being told and it is a lie from the pit of hell.  Don’t listen to the lies anymore.  God chose the Jews and when you mess with them, and you hate them for being Jewish I would not put you on the side of God for even one moment. You can fool yourself into believing the lies, but God is watching what you do, and how you treat His chosen people.  Exactly what personally have they done to hurt you…ever??????? And another thing stop believing the replacement theology which tells you that God is finished with the Jewish people…it is a lie and you surely don’t know the word of God!!! And one more thing…there are good and bad people in every race, every country, every culture on this earth…but people want to hate and to kill the Jewish people.

As a Christian, are you not supposed to base your life on the truth of God’s word?  Are you doing that?  If you hate the Jews, then you are not doing that.  Besides that, you can’t have a smorgasbord Bible that picks and chooses what they want to accept/believe and discard what you don’t want. The Bible is an all-or-nothing book.

There are many religions in this world, but only one truth.  People attack Jews and Christians all the time.  They twist God’s word and proclaim we are misguided.  No, we are not misguided.  If we get to the end of our life and die and there is nothing else…we still won because we loved as God wanted us to on this side of glory.  However, if you didn’t believe and when you did there is a God in heaven who loved you, wanted you there, and you rejected Him…you are lost forever.  I will take my chances with God thank you very much.  I know who I serve, and I know what He has done for me in my life and I am beyond thankful. I hear a lot of people twist the gospel to suit whatever it is they want you to believe.  I hear the lies and that God has changed and now sin is okay.  Sin is never okay.  How do I know this?  Because God says sin is sin and that He never changes.  If He doesn’t change and sin is still sin, then it is those who claim otherwise that are wrong.  Don’t be one of them.

What happens, to our relationship with God if we incite hatred against the Jewish people based on lies, and statements of others and not by God’s word? Do you really believe God is okay with hatred of His children weather Jews or Christians?  Why do we hate?  Because people are different than we are?  It is not the color of ones skin, or even where they were born, it is their actions and heart we should look at.  Why?  Because God does this regarding us as well.  We might have many faults and mess up, but hatred should not be one of them for His kids.  I can hate the actions of others who try to hurt people, I can hate the evil they bring into this world, but I know I can trust God that when His time is right…His, and not ours…He will return and set this world right.  I want to get into heaven.  I don’t want to hate so it keeps me out.  There is so much evil going on around us on a daily basis…I must let God be God for I sure wouldn’t want His job.  He is just where we would not be.  He is love when we see the evil people have done and we wish them punished.  He is hope for the future even if what we see right now is chaos.  I know I can trust Him no matter what I see while walking on this earth.  This is not my home.  We are sojourners on this earth and one day…very soon…we will get to go home.  I don’t want to mess that up.  God wants you in heaven, but hate will keep you out.

I don’t know most of the people who will read this…but God knows you.  I pray that if anyone reads this and this is you doing this that your heart will be convicted, you will repent, and you will get right with God. 

So what exactly is antisemitism: It is hostility to, prejudice towards, or discrimination against Jews.  It is racism.     A last thought here for you:  Listen carefully….if you can’t get along with other Christians who have even little differences from what you believe, and you can’t get along with the Jewish people…why would God ever, and I mean ever, want you to be in heaven?  He doesn’t owe you heaven.  He already did His part and died for you and for me.  He has offered us eternity with Him…how awesome is that invitation?  However, the only way you get to heaven is if He is your Lord and Savior/acceptance of Him, and we do as He wants us to do.  Hate is opposite of what God wants us to do. If you are someone who hates Christians and Jews, you just might want to think what it will cost you for eternity…if you don’t change.  God wants you saved but will honor your choice not to be. 

Now, may the God of creation bless you, keep you, guide you, give you peace, heal your body, provide for your needs, and may He show you all truth for anything you have wrong.  God bless you.