Post 5….July 2023.  The Flock of God, The Wolf, and the Shepherd

    Oh those precious lambs, so mild, so gentle, so innocent, yet the wolf comes to destroy and kill them. The wolf waits for just the right moment to overtake and to destroy them… Sometimes he goes after the entire group of the lambs. He is always looking for the chance to attack.

    Well, in the Bible wolfs symbolized evil and especially those who seek to destroy God’s people  But so much more they also symbolize.  The one who seeks to destroy…we call him satan aka the devil.

    Satan…the ultimate evil wolf and he’s the predator of God’s people.  But so much more than symbolize the one who seeks to destroy “all” God’s children and that includes us as well.  We are God’s children if He is our Lord and Savior, and the devil is the enemy…the wolf of the Bible.

    In the Bible, the Jewish people are a flock that would wander on earth and be attacked by predators, and we all know they were and are still being attacked.

    Oh, how the Jewish people have been attacked throughout history.  One evil wolf that came along was Adolph Hitler…a Nazi and the very word and description of pure evil and hate. He was one of the worst or the worst wolfs to go after the Jewish people. 

    Hitler and his people/military etc… hunted down Jews.  They herded them like cattle and put millions into train cars so packed they couldn’t move…and then they would execute them and torture many of them.  They were taken to slaughter like lambs.  Hitler was driven by evil, by the spirit of the wolf and its ways.  He was being led by the devil himself.

    Most don’t know that Hitler named his military headquarters things like:  Wolfschanze…the wolf’s lair, or Wolfsschluct…the wolf’s gorge, and werewolf.  Hitler, was called by his friends ‘The wolf’. 

Wolf’s lair aka Wolfschantze served as Hitler’s 1st eastern front military headquarters in WW11.  It was located in the Masurium woods and it was camouflaged bunkers.  It was in the woods and it was a top secret headquarters.  Its in ruins today but it was a massive Nazi headquarters during the war. 

    Wolfsschlucht (wolf’s canyon) was” code name for Adolf Hitler’s ww11 western military headquarters located in Margival.

    Nazi Werewolves of Hitler terrorized allied soldiers at the end of ww11.  They didn’t stop them but they spread fear and slowed them down.

    Hitler’s friends called him the “wolf” A fitting name for Hitler for sure.  Hitler’s name was Adolf and that means The Wolf.  He was the greatest enemy of the Jewish people at that time.  He killed and tortured over 6 million Jews alone besides other people he had killed. Think on that.  Can you imagine in your brain 6 million people  being slaughtered.  He was a great wolf to God’s people. 

Note this: If there is a flock and a wold then there has to be a shepherd.  And if the flock, for a time is without a shepherd, then the wolf comes in for the attack.  Also if there is no shepherd to watch over the sheep then the shepherd somehow was separated from the flock. 

    Jesus, our Messiah, said: “I am the Good Shepherd who lays down my life for the sheep.  For 2000 years now the flock of Israel has been without their Shepherd.  The wolf has been attacking over and over God’s people. In all this time the wolfs of this world (not just Hitler) have been planning the destruction of God’s chosen ones.  People have been devouring Jews and Christians all around the world.  This is includes the Christians and Jews around the world today as well.  

    Jesus is coming soon and will deal with all these evil people and all the wolf’s of the world.  But until that time we need to stay glued to the Lord in thought, word, and deed.  We need to stand on His word no matter what the world tosses at us.  If we die: we die, but in death is when we, as Christians, come alive for all eternity.  We must stay in the word of God and never compromise it to appease or not offend the world.  We can’t go along with the World and its ways and expect God to do for us.  We have to hold on to God no matter what.  People will do all they can to destroy us and make us look like the enemy when they, in fact, are the enemy.  Jesus is about to return for His church and Shepherd us like never before.  He is our mighty Shepherd and we are His flock. We know that this world is on its last days and God told us things would get worse and worse in this world, but when we hang onto Jesus and do things His way then no matter what evil comes around…we can still be victorious in Him.  We can always trust the Lord no matter what we see in the natural.  The wolf’s of this world want to destroy us for all eternity, but God says stay focused on Him and He will get us across the finish line victoriously.  Hang in there church for Jesus is about to return. No, we don’t know the day or hour but we see the signs and we must be ready.  Get right with God right now and get ready for His glorious return for His bride/us/the Church. 

God bless all of you!  Stay strong! Stay committee! Do not compromise or bow down to the things of this world.