Post 12….August 2023  The Womb from Heaven

Psalm 139:13   for you formed my inward parts: You wove me in my mother’s womb.


To be born one grows in their mother’s womb.  You just float around in your mother until its time for you to come into the world.  You, without knowing it even, trust in your mother to care for you in the womb…to eat right and protect you from all harm.  You don’t yet know about life on the outside or what will happen next after you take that first breath into life.  You are growing and trusting without even realizing it.  This womb in you growing is preparing you for life upon this earth.  As of yet you have no clue what is about to come because if you did…you just might want to stay in the womb where you feel safe.

In this world, in this day especially many people don’t want to have a child.  Many don’t even want a child, to anyone, to exist.  Many just want women to abort their babies and never give the child what they had the right, themselves to have, LIFE! They would rather take the life of that child than be a life-giver and the chance for that child to become whatever God intended for them to become. In this country since an evil law was passed saying abortion is the mother’s right there have been in America alone over 60 million babies murdered by abortion and it is still going strong.  This is just the number for America. Sixty million…can you picture in your mind…looking out just how many sixty million are?  That is sixty million who never got the very chance you got.

Babies are precious to God.  When God places/allows a baby into the womb He wants that baby to have life, to grow, to develop, and finally when the time comes to be born…to one day become all God, our Creator, wanted them to become in their life. 

Even though this world is full of evil and hate…God loves and God wants us to love as well.  Babies are born so innocent and precious…and it is up to us, as parents, and human beings to care for our children.  A baby is not yet prepared for life.  They grown day by day, and eventually grown up…it is our responsibility to care for them, love, them, teach them about God, and to give them a fighting chance to help them get on the right road to Jesus until it is their time to leave this world. 

We enter this world not knowing much.  We must depend on others for our care.  As babies, we know we are hungry, thirsty, and need to be changed…but even more, we can feel our parent’s love when they hold us in their arms. 

We had a pre-life in our mother’s womb, and then life, as we know it begins.  For many of us and what we go through, or have gone through, or will go through while upon this earth…to some they just might wish they were back in their loving mother’s womb where they felt safe and secure.

The whole of creation labors with birth pains together until now the entire life we have is prenatal.  Think about that sentence…………….

Well, this is heaven’s womb!!!  This life is not our home and what we are destined for.  Life is the time we again prepare and grow…but this time we will come alive when we die…and that life will be for all eternity. 

In this life, if we are a Christians especially, we begin to grow in the knowledge of Christ, what He did for us, how to live, how not to live…and so on.  We are in the growing stage of life.  We who belong to the Lord are in the very womb of heaven.  We are getting ready to come alive and one day we will wake up in the very presence of our Lord and Savior. Right now we really don’t know what all awaits us in heaven because we have not been there, but by God’s word it will be amazing. 

Know this: God will take our life we surrender to Him and use our life to get us ready for heaven.  Some lessons in life will be good in our mind, but some lessons of life can be hard…yet good, bad, or whatever name we call our life issues…will be in preparation for coming out of the womb of God and into heaven.  We are preparing for heaven.  God can use any situation we ever face to get us ready for heaven.  God is growing us and when it is our time to leave this earth either by the rapture or the taking of our last breath here on earth…those that truly belong to the Lord will get to be birthed right out of this life/the womb and right into the glorious life in heaven.  No more pain, no more suffering, no tears, no disease, no struggles.  God is waiting for His kids to come home. 

Every second outside of our mother’s womb was to prepare us for our life with God.  In this world God never said that it would be easy and that we would not have problems or suffer.  He is always with us and we can trust Him no matter what goes on in our life or around us while we are here.  We might hate some of the things we have to endure, but there will be joy in heaven.

Many have not had a time on this earth that made them ever feel safe and loved…yet God has always loved us.  We can’t make others love us, want us around, or take care of us the way they should.  Life is not always easy.  But know this everything in our life we go through can prepare us for the victorious trip we will take right into the presence of God and our eternal home. 

Today, I want to encourage you that even if you had a rough life…you hang in there and trust God.  Do as He says and not as the world dictates.  God gave us a book of love called the Bible to help train us in the way we should go.  He has given us a path to follow and if we will stay on that path we will make it across the finish line victorious.  We are not to live like the world, like the cultures of this world, like the mean and hateful people we see and hear of each day.  We are to be the light of the world until Jesus calls us home.  Many will fall away before Jesus comes.  They will not make it to heaven and that is so sad for each of them have been given a chance to do right and make it to heaven…but those that rejected Jesus and walked away won’t be there no matter how much we wish they would.  Each of us has been given free will to ask God into our life and to live for Him or to reject Him. 

As for me, and I can’t speak for even one person other than me…I choose Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Life has not been easy but I trust God to get me across the finish line no matter what I face while still on this earth.  Maybe some of my time left will be good, but maybe some won’t be for we all know how evil the world has become.  Jesus is my hope, my rock, my teacher, and all that I need to get me to heaven.  Without Him I am nothing.  If someone wants to call that a crutch…oh well…I’ll take that because I know He holds the answers, and the only way, to get to heaven.  I know He died for me…for me…for me….and I thank Him for that.  I sure don’t have all the answers…none of us does.  But what I do have is a God who loves me, a Book/Bible that is there to prepare me, and even if I should die soon…I know that I will die in the Lord and be in His presence.  How could I not love Him?  How could I not trust Him?  He put me in my mothers’ womb, and He put me in the womb of heaven and one day I will get to be born again (yes, I am born again because of Him now, but I will be born again right into the arms of my loving Father in heaven.  That alone amazes me.  Thank you Lord Jesus!