Post 59 Life Isn’t Always Easy

How many times have we gone through “stuff” and wondered how in the heck are we going to get through it?  Do we give up hope?  Do we not have faith that God will, in due time, carry us through the struggle?

God never sleeps.  He always listens to His children.  Now, He may not always, in our timing, bring about the result that we think we should get, but God is never late and He knows exactly what He is doing and why.  This is not easy for us humans to get.

When we are in a situation do we just toss our hands in the air, whine, complain, and give up?  We shouldn’t.  Instead, let us dig deeper for the answers we need to get through the situation, and always ask God what it is He wants, and how He wants to get us through it to the place we should be. None of us likes to hear that we need to persevere and have patience in these times.  We are a people, who want what we want yesterday and we don’t want any bumps in the road.  I don’t know about you but the bumps in my road helped me grow in the Lord.  The failures (many over a lifetime) helped shape whom God wanted me to be.  It wasn’t until I said, “ok Lord, let’s do it your way for all I do is make a mess out of what I do on my own”)  I think He must have said, “It’s about time my daughter”.  Isn’t it time to trust the creator of the universe?  I kinda think He is a lot smarter than we are.  It is time to take what He gives to each of us and take care of it.  It is time to spend time in His presence and as we go through each day stop and take time to hear from Him instead of just yapping yours wants to Him.  God is trying to build us up not tear us down, but He sure can tear us down so that He can build us up.

If you remember the things you went through or are now going through…consider your difficulties and when you make it out on the other side, many nearly always look back and recognize that they learned a great deal and usually are much better for it.

I know many who read this are going through hard times.  We live in a fallen, evil, mean, hateful world right now and people are struggling.  People can’t find good enough jobs to take care of their families, many can’t afford medicine or doctors, and many don’t have enough to eat.  I won’t go into all of it for the list is endless here.  People are hurting.  Can we, if our life is a bit better than some, help someone in need?  I’m not talking here about helping all those who don’t want to even try to help themselves.  I’m talking about the people in real need.  There are millions in real need.  Ask God to show you what to do.  There will always be people who won’t do a thing to help themselves and think we ought to pay for all their needs while we work for ours.  So many want handouts but handouts are not free.  They cost someone. 

Today, I pray that you find peace in the Lord and that your life takes a great turn for the better for you and your family.  Stand on the word of God and never give up.  We know the end of the book.  Get ready…be ready.  Look up for the time is closer than ever now when our Lord will return for His bride/the church.  God bless you greatly.