Post 53 My Rants for These Times


The devil is real.  The evil on this earth is real.  You can choose not to believe it if you want, but it will never make it true.  At some point, you will discover that you were wrong, and I pray you will find out before your last breath so that you will ask Jesus into your life.  But again, that decision is up to you.

Satan works through people.  He uses people to accomplish his evil all around us.  He uses people in positions of power. The devil uses people for his destructive ends. 

Evil uses flattery (at first).  He sabotages good and right and does all he can to turn them into evil. These people who are doing evil in high places do all they can to undermine the people in whatever ways they can.

They bypass the laws and declare it okay to do so because, after all, they know best. Yeah…right!!!!  Many people believe the lies they are fed because these people of power know exactly how to pull their chains. 

Our constitution made us something the rest of the world was not. How?  God had greatly blessed America.  Now, the workings behind all of this are doing all they can to destroy us.

The devil does not like the church.  He has infiltrated the church and does all he can to destroy the church.  (many churches now say it is okay to have same-sex marriage, transgenders, abortions, and don’t believe the church because God changed and accepts now whatever the Bible said was wrong). Messages are given that tickle the ears instead of the truth that changes someone to know Jesus and do right.  Satan is always working to cast down the truth and he doesn’t care whom he hurts to do it.

If you don’t know it Satan is the god of this world.  He is a liar, a thief, a murderer.  He hates the truth for when we know the truth it sets us free.  He relishes lawlessness and disorder and inspires hate and tyranny.  He wants people to break the law, lie, steal, cheat, and will undermine anything good and godly,  After all, in the church, if he can get the pastor to go along with the lies then how many people fall away?  Oh, they might not know they are, but they want to believe the lies because they are doing the lies or someone they love is.  It is easy for them to accept the lies because it makes them think they are no longer wrong. 

The same is true in government:  the devil uses leaders and those that can influence others to wage an assault from within.  To do away with truth and get the people through any means necessary to do wrong.  After all, they are the “government”, and we can trust them.  No, we can’t trust our government because they are doing wrong and many will not believe it because they are living in sin, or they don’t believe it because they choose to go along with it.

People’s minds have been played with and conditioned now to accept the lies.  After all, a lie told enough and long enough…must be true!  NO!!!!  A lie is still a lie.  Our government is moving people to think tyranny is okay, lies are okay to justify their means.  They work for us not us for them.  They were put in place to protect us but they are destroying us.  They are no longer doing right and they are not “our friend in any way” at this time.

They want us to believe that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is evil, a racist and that they are above the law.  But no one is above God’s law!!! 

There was an article in the Washington Times that Obama had argued he could kill Americans whose deaths he believed will keep us safer, without due process.  Our laws don’t authorize that!!!!!!!!!   He somehow thought it was okay to authorize deadly force to accomplish whatever he wanted to do.  We, however, should always be deeply troubled at our government who goes against our constitution, lies, deceives, and thinks they are above the law that millions upon millions fought and died for to give us freedom. We must…and I say must…open our eyes to the truth of God’s words, God’s morals, and do what is right in His eyes, not what are the lies of those in power in this country and elsewhere.  They are not on the side of God or what is right even if they claim to be.  Don’t settle for the lies you are hearing.  It is like we are in a lion’s pit ready to be devoured. 

Reality:  will you face it or will you go along with the lies?  Will you stand up or do you think that is someone else’s job to stand up but not yours?  The deceptions are so bad now in America that it masks us so we don’t see what is going on.  Most have been duped while some know the truth but just don’t care. 

Do you know that the Supreme Court in America is the supreme law of the land?  The people who set up America wanted to keep us away from tyranny.  Yet, our government wants to control them so they get the lies into the laws and destroy us.  America’s founders imposed restrictions to prevent tyranny and here we are.  Our government is trying to control what comes out when something reaches the supreme court that they don’t like.

Our government is trashing our laws, compromising truth to get what they want, and they want us to believe their lies and just go along with it all because, again, they know what is best for us, for our families, and how we live, what we do, and so on.  They don’t know what is best but God does.

Gun control:  Funny isn’t it that every time there is a mass crime with guns they (our government) cries for gun control?  They hate our Second Amendment and want to destroy it.  They don’t even get the facts and there they go yelping about gun control.  They want good citizens to give up their guns.  But really what they want is “our guns” not theirs.  They have for themselves armed guards but we are not to protect ourselves.  They bring millions of people into our country and many are gang bangers, drug cartels, traffickers, terrorists, rapists, murderers, and so forth, but they want to take away our guns. 

Then they let people out of jail to go right back and commit crimes all over again.  They don’t care about the real victims here and play that down many times blaming the victims.   They defund the police and get crooked DAs to just let people go.  Why?   It isn’t to help us it is to destroy us.  These so-called blue states like New York, California, and (Chicago) Illinois are insane with crime and homelessness.  Yet, their so-called leaders do nothing to improve the situation but allow this crap to happen day in and day out. 

People are being hurt and dying, and they do nothing!  Nothing!  Yet, they go out with armed guards and protection while you are told to give up your guns.  They know crooks won’t give up theirs.  Evil will always find a way.  Look at everywhere in history where people gave up guns and the means to protect themselves and you will find millions slaughtered. Do the research people.  Give up your protection and you give up your very freedom….but oh yeah, they lie about that as well.  They lie!  Our government is lying to its people and people are sitting around believing the lies they are fed by the government and the media. 

The media: Oh my gosh….the media.  It is like all the liberal stations get together each morning and discuss the words for the day.  The exact wording on every station.  Doesn’t matter which you put on they will say the same phrases using the same words.  Doesn’t matter if what they are saying are lies…they just say them anyway.  Hitler said once that if you tell a lie long enough, often enough people will believe it.  Well, they are.  That is how Hitler got people to do what he wanted and isn’t that what is happening right here in America and elsewhere as well?  They just keep on keeping on with all their lies and the people believe their lies.  What they don’t understand is that they are being controlled by the lies and one day will wish they hadn’t listened but by then it will be too late.  Media/journalists was once an honest job with people who wanted to tell the truth but now it is a bunch of people who don’t care about the truth.  They don’t even care if what they say is true and right just get it out whatever it is they are told to say no matter the cost.

Defund the police garbage:  They put our police down who every day go out and put up with the garbage of society.  They tell them the police are wrong and that we need to control them and defund them so that they can’t do their job.  99.99 percent of police are wonderful, caring, hardworking men and women whom each day get ready for work not knowing if they will return to their loved ones that day.  Yet, the nuts of society want to defund them.  Yes, that .01 percent of police are bad but they are trying to destroy the 99.99 percent who aren’t.  Look around everyone….the places they have defunded the police are in blue cities and states and crime is up so high people can’t even go outside without wondering if they will make it home to their loved ones. You take away the authority of the police and call them bad long enough that even though it is not true…again look at what Hitler said, you lie long enough that people believe whatever you tell them. The DAs are nothing but a joke who gets paid for doing wrong.  Shame on them.  They slap people on the wrist (if even that much) and let them out and many before the day are over they have done crime again.  What a sad America we are in right now.

Bloody good movies and games.  We wonder why our kids are so angry, mean, corrupt, and evil at such an early age (any age).  They watch garbage movies with hate, crime, murders, bloody, programs, and games that all they do is blow up things and people and think somehow this is normal.  It is not.  Why are you allowing your kids to watch such garbage, and play games of such garbage and evil?  Why?  Because they somehow fit it and you don’t think it is “so bad”. After all young minds are being formed to think it is okay.  It is not okay.

The thing is we all need to protect our families from the evil of the corrupt government yet few will stand against them and do what is right and if they try they have horrible labels put on them.

Government insanity:  Can’t you see what the government is really up to?  Don’t you use your mind and do research into what is true, what is fake, and do you choose to do right even if you are the only one doing right?  When our forefathers came to America and started to set it up they had lived under tyranny and didn’t want that for them or us down the line.  They set up the laws of the land for our freedom and now we are allowing these scum-bags to destroy it for us, for our kids and grandkids?  Why?  Stop believing the lies of satan who is using them to destroy us and stand up. 

Our government has armed itself while taking away our ability to protect.  They are spying on its citizens at alarming rates and justify it, yet do nothing against cartels, traffickers, criminals, and “illegals).  These people they allow into our country who the heck are they?  What crimes did they do in their own country?  What drugs are they bringing into our country that kill our precious kids and loved ones?  Our government lies to us every day.  They raise our taxes, take away our rights, and give all the handouts to everyone and we, the people, pay for their insanity.  Look at the debt now of America. 

Our government says that all is good and the economy is good.  I live here and I can tell you it is not good.  For us on fixed incomes, with families we are suffering at an alarming rate yet our so-called lawmakers raise their salaries thousands of dollars, they get money for life, healthcare we can only dream about, and have fortunes they could not get on the salary they make (and 90% of them do nothing to earn even that salary).  They cheat on elections to get people they know will go along with their insanity and again, the media lies and tells them they are honest and no fraud is out there.  Yes, the fraud is out there.

Tyranny from within:  Our government has ulterior motives.  They want to control the people and they don’t go by the laws they want us to go by.  Our forefathers set up our country so we would be free to live and protect our families.  Now, these insane morons, want to destroy our freedom at any cost.  Freedom is not free people.  Millions of people died and bled to give it to us.  They went out and fought to keep our freedom and all that now is being stomped on. 

Guns:  Once you allow them to take away your means of protection what will they truly do with that?  Hitler disarmed the Jews to control them, then took them out and killed over 6 million of them.  Think about that long and hard.

Our government has grown brazen more and more each day.  They stomp on our constitution, distort the truth and law, and they don’t even truly know they are serving the devil and what he wants.  They tell us they are transparent…oh yeah, right!  They make decisions behind closed doors, lie about what was said and done, and tell us they know what is best.  No, they don’t know what is best for me and my family, or you and yours.  

Even when the government gets caught in their lies…they don’t apologize or change their ways, they just find another way to deceive you.  They go around the order of things like congress to do their things.  They don’t follow the truth or the law.  Our government is a society of liars and lawlessness.

Our military:  Are you proud of your military this day?  Our military is under attack and it is our government doing it.  Do you know that in the first five years of Obama’s presidency he forced out over 200 generals and many high-ranking officials? Why?  They did their job and he wanted to control who was in these spots to do what he wanted even if evil and wrong.  He replaced the leadership in many areas so he could control the outcome. Many knew what he was doing but were purged anyway. Then when Biden came into office he continued to destroy from within. 

Think about it.  Biden took it the step further… racism within the military.  Keep that hate going.  He got the so-called new leaders to focus on right-wing extremism, he wanted the military to allow open gays in it and transgender re-assignments.  He started indoctrinating the military to believe his and the left’s side and their agenda as being okay.  Marxism has infiltrated our military and is a slap in the face for every honorable person who ever served.  This garbage has and will have astronomical consequences.  He said that whites need to apologize for being white.  NO!  God made us all and we are all equal.  Yes, there was slavery in America and Slavery around the world and in some places still is.  But I, nor my family owned slaves, hurt slaves, and thousands upon thousands of these “white” people who knew it was wrong fought to free them.  I have all races in my family and I will not let anyone call me a racist or tell me I am white and don’t understand what “they went through”.  You were not a slave.  Yes, people of color and even white, brown people, and so on have had it rough here and elsewhere in this world, but I didn’t do it, my kids didn’t do it to anyone.  I see more hatred from other races than I ever have white hatred for other races.  I don’t hate anyone for the color of their skin, where they live, or what they have or don’t have.  I dislike people who try to tell me what to believe and that I, for any reason being white, am the enemy.  This is a lie from the pit of hell and I will not go along.

Now, these are my rants for today.  You don’t have to go along with my opinion.  This is my opinion and I will state it.  You can state yours on whatever site you have.  I love the Lord Jesus, and I love my family and America.  I will do whatever it takes to protect my family and country even if you or this insane government doesn’t like it.  However, I fight fair and I don’t break the law to do it (like burn down cities, rob, steal, and cause chaos out there).  I don’t want to hurt anyone and I don’t want what you have or find ways to rob you of your things.      I worked for anything I ever got and never expected others to foot the bill for me or my family.  I went to college and took one class at a time as I could afford them.  I never expected someone to bail me out.  It took me years to get my degree.  I do resent paying for other people’s college.  Why should I?  To make their life easier.  They chose to go to classes and they can jolly well pay for their education.  I have my own beliefs and I 100% believe in the Lord and what He has offered me: Eternal life.  I choose to accept that gift which is a gift for me but cost Him his own life on earth. 

This world is evil and getting more so.  The Bible said it would.  I choose to follow the Lord no matter the earthly cost to me.  I know the end of the book.  We all have an opinion, I just choose to follow the truth of God’s word over the insanity of man.  The devil has a hold on millions of people right now, but people can choose to ask Jesus into their life, follow His ways, and stop doing the devil’s bidding.  I choose to follow the Lord Jesus.  You don’t have to like me that is your problem, not mine. 

I know we are in the end times and what is about to take place. Whether it happens in my lifetime on earth I don’t know, but if it does and Jesus comes before I would have died here…praise the Lord, and if I die and He has not yet come: praise the Lord…either way I win.   I am just thankful that God put a brain in my body and shows me how to use it.  I have made thousands of mistakes in my life, but I am so thankful that my Lord forgave me when I asked Him into my life, confessed my sins, and repented of them (change course).  Thank you, Jesus.

As for the person who took the time to read this may they know Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.  I could add thousands and thousands of things in this rant, but no more today is necessary.  May they find His peace in their life no matter what is going on around them in this crazy world we are living in.  May each of them see the truth of God’s word and may each of them stand up and be counted for truth.