Post…New Years Eve 2022…Be Safe

New Year’s Eve   Saturday, December 31, 2022

Okay, this is sort of a morbid subject right now.  Today, all around the world people are getting ready to bring in the new year. Many are happy to end this crazy last year, and many are happy to get out and just celebrate with family and friends.  Yet, today is a day that many will lose their life when they go out.  They just want to have some downtime and enjoy themselves and many people will put their lives in danger, some will die, and some will be in horrific accidents that change their life forever.

No, I know no one wants to listen to this, but they should. People are going to get hurt and people are going to die tonight and tomorrow.  Their families will be devastated at the loss of their loved ones or injured ones.  Drunk driving will kill very many people today and tomorrow. 

We all want to get through this year because all over the world this last year horrible things have gone on and we just want it to stop.  Stop the lying, cheating, corruption, hatred, race garbage, violence, woke crap, identity garbage, lies about our health, finances, open and disgusting border, politicians who can’t tell the truth and really don’t care about the people they serve (my opinion and my opinion matters as much as the next person’s opinion does). This world is a mess.  Everyone hates everyone else and no one believes anything they are told in the news, by politicians, or anyone else for that matter. These last couple of years the hatred on this earth is so out of control (man’s control for sure).

But back to this subject of people dying today and tomorrow or being injured and families suffering because of the pain that will come.  Yes, it is New Years’ eve and people just want to party, party, party, and let go.  We watch the ball fall in America and the stuff of other countries.  We watch the fireworks and everyone jumping up and down, drinking, drinking, and whatever they do.  Yet, people are going to get into their vehicles impaired and some will die.  The thing is they just don’t usually kill themselves, they run into others and destroy other people’s lives as well.  Lives that can never come back. Then you have all the people who are in fights, violence, rapes, people dying from drug overdoses, trafficking, and murders that will also happen tonight and tomorrow.

So…I want to encourage you all to be safe, stay safe, and please do things that don’t take you out into an environment that could destroy your life, those you love, and people you don’t even know.

Yes, as morbid as this is to even think about…we all need to consider the cost of doing things.  It is bad enough that people, on any day, go out and some never come back.  Life can end in an instant that is the truth of the matter.  No one says when they get up that they are going to place themselves in danger and might not come home.  Yet all day long all over the country and all over the world…many will die today who thought that they would go home to their loved ones. 

I hope you don’t hate the messenger here, but if this changes or saves one person out there then this message is well worth it.  God loves us.  We do a lot of dumb things in life we don’t think about the consequences of those actions.  We just want to have fun and bring in the new year and hope this next one will be better than the last one. Yet, God said that things on this earth will get worse and worse because we are in the end times.  So saying that…some might think that then why not party on.  Why?  Because people care about us.  They don’t want to lose us. 

So finally…just be safe.  Think about what you are doing, what can you do differently, and still have that fun you want to have, and whom you can spend safely that time with.  Don’t put yourself in danger or anyone else just for a few hours of partying. I know what it feels like to lose someone (not on New Year, but another day when a drunk driver killed him.  That person who did it didn’t get up that day and say, “Gee, I think I’ll go kill someone tonight.”  Yet, my son died, my family shattered, and the pain although you learn eventually to live with it…is still there especially when you hear others have died a similar death, and for what? People do die each and every day…but don’t you be the cause or a victim of someone else.  Just remember people care about you and people care about the other person as well.  So choose wisely what you do, and whom you do it with, and just stay safe.

Now, may the God of all creation bless you, keep you, provide for your needs, and draw you to Him. May you stay safe and healthy, and every time you go out of your home you stay safe.  I pray God gives you His peace even in the midst of the storms.

God bless you!