Post 3 Prayer

We need a heart to heart talk with God.  We need to discuss our life with God.  How we have been, how we are now, and how God wants us to be

Ask for a pure clean heart

Ask for forgiveness

Confess of your sins

Tell God everything for He knows it all anyway…He just wants to hear your heart from you

Tell God your honest feelings about your circumstances no matter how good or bad things are in your life

Now Give Him Some Praise


Sometimes it does the heart good to simply praise God.  (all the time it does)

His goodness
His holiness
What he’s done in your life and others’
His Word
His love for you

Prayers of Thanksgiving


Your children

Your family relationships

Your marriage
 Your friendships
The community you live in

 Your work
 Your freedom
 Things that make you smile or laugh and even cry
 Your trials: Trials bring growth and change


Make your Requests known and be specific

Ask God to bless your family, your marriage, you children, your extended family

Ask God to close doors in your life that should not be open

Ask God to give you His peace, His joy, and to guide your steps each day

Ask God to increase your knowledge in Him

Ask God to make a way for you

Ask God to open doors in your life that should not be close

Ask God to remove your worries and anxiety

Be specific in your prayers…nothing is too hard or small for God.  We serve a mighty God

God to increase your faith


Praying for other things

Pray for corruption, the lies, the deceptions, the distractions, and the fake news to stop

Pray for Godly unity in your country

Pray for honest media to tell the truth

Pray for our education system that the teachers would tell the truth at all times and not hurt our children by their lies

Pray for people to come to know Jesus

Pray for revival in your church, your home, your city, state, and country

Pray for revival with you, in your home, in your church, and in America

Pray for the impoverished and suffering
Pray for the persecuted
Pray that the  church (global and local) totally to follow Jesus, His ways, and not to compromise

Pray for worldwide and local missions
Pray for real justice. God’s total justice

Pray for your churches to never compromise God’s word in any way, and that it would only teach the truth of God’s word no matter who gets offended. They they would all stand for God’s truth.                    

Pray for your government local, state, and country

Pray for your leaders and their governing that they would bless and not cause division

Pray that all this chaos, rebellion, looting, and destroying cities and other people’s things will cease

Pray that all this hatred will end in America and people come to know you

Pray that all those that believe and teach others to hate God, distort the truth of His word would stop and justice would be swift

Pray that all those that teach religions that are against God Almighty would find God’s justice

Pray that covid and all other diseases would end and go back to the hell from which they came

Pray that God’s will be done in all circumstances

Pray that justice will be swiftly brought on all who are causing division in this country

Pray that morality would come upon all our leaders, teachers, court rooms, and all would go by God’s definition of morality

Pray that sex trafficking would end and our children will be set free in body, soul, and mind

Pray that the killing of innocent babies through abortion would cease permanently, and that all those that believe in it or have done it…will repent and get right with God

Pray that the leaders in America that lie, steal, cheat, cause division, disrupt, teach false stories, the corruption, the fraud, the hatred, the immorality, the murders they have done, the sexual sins they have been doing, the trafficking of our youth, and all the rest would all be brought to justice.  That all the leaders who are in any way involved in the corruption would come to swift justice.

Pray that the truth will be taught in our schools and not whitewashing of kids minds

Pray that truth would come forth



Prayers for People in Your Life


Mentors in your life

People who have been there for you

People who introduced you to Jesus

People who prayed for you

Your spouse and your marriage relationship
Your kids (salvation, their faith, their trials, their education, their relationships, jobs, better jobs, health, joy, and peace in their life)
Your parents
Friends who are believers, near and far
Friends who are not believers
Special people in your life


Add anything else that needs to be prayed for and take it to God

Pray diligently