Post 8…February 2023…You are not Alone



Why are there so many people who feel so lost in their lives? Isn’t it time to deal with those feelings?

Are you drifting in your life and don’t know what to do?  Many people are in this situation/place.  People, let’s say, take a job that just isn’t right for them. They get up each day and go to work…yet they never feel satisfied with that job and because they don’t change their attitude (let’s say for a moment)…every day they go they feel miserable. When we don’t deal with what we are doing it is like we are just drifting and have no answers for why we feel so alone in the position we are in.   

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Most of us have been in positions we don’t like, or that makes us feel like we just don’t matter and what we are doing doesn’t matter either.  The job might pay well, even be a meaningful job…but it is not always the job we hoped to be doing.  Maybe we went to school to be one thing but because of life, because of our situation…we didn’t feel we had much of a choice to wait it out for the job we really wanted to have.  We just seem to drift down the road.  Some have hard knock jobs as well. The truth is, most of us drifted to some extent into whatever it is we’re doing. To many people who are in jobs they don’t like, don’t want to be in…they can be triggered to feeling lost and alone…even when they are not.

Do you feel passionate about your job?  Most people don’t want to get up each day and go to a job they just don’t feel people care, or that it really matters.  It is a great thing when one actually does like/enjoy the job they have and feel content in doing that job, but more and more people go to jobs they don’t care about because they have to pay the bills to care for their family.  The thing is that you can still feel loved and needed even in these jobs.  Take your down time and make it count.  Do things in that time that take away the stresses of your life.  What do you like to do?  Who do you like to spend time with?  Music? Art? Movies? Volunteering, exercising, making something, studying, going out to eat, hiking, and so on.  Just take some of your down time and start doing things that makes you feel better about yourself and life.

So you don’t feel your life has a purpose! It surely does and what needs to happen is you need to talk to God and find out what your purpose is.  Study the word of God, pray, be open to listening to God and the doors He opens or the doors He shuts so that you can’t to that way.  Trust God, through the work of the Holy Spirit, that you are important to God and God wants you to be victorious…but not always in the same you seem to think that should come.

Oh those social media sites.  Most of us are guilty.  I was thinking the other day really how much time we spend on them.  I’m old enough (really old enough)  to have lived with a party line phone, no computer and had to study in libraries to research, newspapers, talking to people…actually talking to people and not texting people.  Meeting people in person and not having to go through apps, and the games people are addicted to, actually sitting outside and talking to neighbors, playing games with friends outside, and being able to be a kid, a teen, and go to school without being programed to hate people for the color of their skin, or hate them if they didn’t agree with me.  Yeah, the time I was young, and the time I raised my family were much better than today where insanity is at every turn and the destruction of our country is in full force.

I also didn’t expect others to give me, or my family, freebies.  In fact, it took me many, many years to get my education because I paid for one class at a time.  I didn’t expect others to give me handouts. 

 And one more thing on social media…don’t let it control your life.  Take, at least, a few hours each day that you don’t even pick it up and look at it.  Besides that your freedom of speech…is being destroyed.  What are they so afraid of that they can’t listen to your opinion…but they sure want you to listen to theirs. 

Overload::::::  I’ve been here many times over and finally want that to stop for my own sanity and the sanity of all those I love as well.  When we are all stressed out at overload what good are we to others?  On thinking of overload in my life alone…wow!  How many times did I wish I had one more hour, one more day, just to finish something and didn’t have it.  We also have way to much on our plates in these days and times.  So many demands of our time with so little time to get things done “right”.  When we are living on overload we can get pretty grumpy can’t we?  Our brain just can’t handle more than we can input into it. 

Oh those distractions that come my way each day.  Distractions are not, most of the time, big things.  They can be small things that just take us away from what we need to do.  It is like when I study the word of God…I can bet that something will come my way and I will get distracted.  The devil hates us to study the word of God and live the word of God.  Well, my phone is a major distraction a lot of time.  All those notices, beeps, notifications, buzzes, and the spam I would like to end for all time in every way.  If I want something I will contact them…not them calling me over and over.  Oh, I block this and that…but they just call from another number.  GRRRRRR! I just want my personal time with God to be quiet time with God.  When we can’t keep the distractions to a minimum, at least, we can also feel unloved, unneeded, and lost. 

We need to take care of ourself.  We need to eat right, live healthy, and pray a lot.  Life is tough on the best of days. Over time, deficits in speed of thought and memory can become major contributors to feeling lost, particularly if we look back on a time when those abilities were so much sharper than they are now. We need to really take care of ourself because if we don’t…who will?

What about the garbage the world is being fed as truth?  Disgusting.  We live in a world where lying is rampant.  You can’t turn on any news station, any social media, watch any politician, school, game….that doesn’t lie and they want us to believe that garbage they are trying to feed us.  They want you to believe that men have babies, abortions are your right, woke crap is good for our life, same sex, transgenders, racism lies, open borders, and the list is endless of the lies that are out there and they feed us, and if we say…no!….they try to make us into the enemy.  I will not accept the lies they are feeding us.  God gave me a brain, a Bible, and the truth…and I will not bend to make the nuts feel less offended.  (By the way…they are the ones that are offensive) People fall for the garbage they are told because they make it sound like it is truth and people don’t do the research themselves.  A lie told long enough and often enough will sound like the truth to the one receiving it. 

The garbage of looks!  What?  What do I mean?  What do you want or think you need to stay up with the Jones’?  That fancy house, stuff, vehicles, toys etc?  Why does that impress you?  You don’t need stuff to be important in this world.  You sure don’t need to measure up to anyone.  What does success look like to you even? People think money, fame, toys makes you important, but that is not God’s measure stick.  All the money and fame in the world doesn’t impress God even one little bit.  However, when we think/believe we have to have all this stuff and don’t get it…we can also have the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Being happy in life is important, but how you get that happiness in your heart is important as well. But what happens when you don’t feel happy?  Do you get to the point you feel like your life just doesn’t matter? We have all been there, you know… those moments when you just break down. There is so much being thrown at us on a daily basis; school, work, friends, family, love… sometimes it’s just too much. This feeling can and will take over, and at some point it will destroy you if you don’t learn to deal with it.

So, how are you feeling right now?  Up? Down? What?  When we are up all seems great doesn’t it?  But when we are down…we just hate it.  We all want a life of positive feelings, but we sure can get a lot of negative feelings. We also know that when people give us those negitive feelings we don’t feel so good about certain things in our life.  We all need and want encouragement. 

What about the times in life that you just feel sad?  Being sad, at times, comes to all of us, but there are different kinds of sadness. When we are down and feeling sad we can very easily feel overwhelmed with life and feel alone. Well, we are never alone even if we think/believe we are.  God never leaves us and is right there walking through your life with you.  You can always believe that and trust Him to get you through life’s hardest lessons.

So what do we do when we feel alone, sad, rejected, have anxiety, and feel we can’t go on? 

Pray…………………………………pray about all things.  Prayers really do change the situation.  Not always in the content of it, but in the reality that we can and must go on. 

Take a deep breath.  However many breaths you must take  to calm your spirit do it.  Let the hate, the anger, the anxiety go and let God fill you with His peace.  Take time whenever you must to calm your spirit. 

Face the issues at hand whatever they might be.  Talk.  Not on a text but actually talk so you can explain something and how you are feeling.  Maybe the person will still reject you, but inside of your heart once you let out the pain…you can begin to mend inside. 

Nothing is new under the sun.  whatever you are going through in life…someone else has had to go through as well.  Now, although that doesn’t make you feel better…you are not alone.  There is always a reason for everything.  Sometimes we want to go on and get past something like yesterday, but sometimes we need to go through something to learn something.  Maybe someday your experience will be able to help someone else as well that must go through something even similar to yours.

Even if your life, right now, feels like it is falling apart…you have great potential to get through whatever it is.  So what if you fall or fail?  You can get up and go again.  Don’t allow anyone tell you that you can’t.  You can!!!

Learn from life and what you do.  So you fall down…just get up and keep going.  Don’t think you can keep doing something wrong and somehow it will come out good.  Ask God what you need to do and change doing it the same way so that a different outcome can come out of it. 

We all have needs and we all have desires for certain things.  There is a difference between a need, a greed, and a want.  There are times we think we need someone in our life (that is not right for us) and many people go to extremes to get them in their life.  Yet, if they are not right for you…the situation is not right for you either.  People don’t have to like you, want to be with you, or go the distance for you.  You don’t like everyone either if you are honest. There are a lot of mean people out there and do you really want them in your life? 

We need to love others…yes, but we also need to care about the sanity of ourself and those we love/family, and deal with whatever comes our way. Life is hard and gets harder by the day.  So much lying garbage and hate out there.  Our children have been fed such evil lies and they don’t know how to deal with all of them and they sure don’t know God and the truth.  It gets worse everyday.  And just because you take your child to church doesn’t mean much when many of the churches are downright lying to people and saying God is okay with sin and no matter what they do is somehow okay.  Lies, deception, same sex marriage, abortions and so on is never okay no matter who tells you that it is.  Try picking up a Bible and finding the truth so that you know when someone is lying to you.   

You were created for a reason…yes!   You are loved by God but God will allow you to make the choice to accept Him or reject Him.  There is only one way to get to heaven and that is if Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you truly follow Him and do His will…and His way.  If you choose to reject Jesus He will allow it for He gave you free will.  However, at the end of your life here on this earth you won’t like the outcome!!!

So to conclude this lesson:  Stay focused on Jesus.  Do as he says, live for Him, trust Him, desire Him more each and every day, pray and pray more.  You were born unique.  No one can be you but you.  Life can get difficult and problems will arise for we live in a fallen world, but you can still find God’s peace in your life and you can still be victorious and cross into heaven.  Trust God!!!!

Now may the Lord bless you, draw you, provide for your needs, teach you, give you wisdom and knowledge, and bless you and your family. 

God bless you!