Post 17…August 2023   Our End is Drawing Near

Every moment of every day, of every week, of every year…we are getting closer to taking our last breath upon this earth…and then what?

Our time with those we so love will one day come to and end.  We have such mixed emotions on this don’t we.  We love them, want to stay here with them, help them, pick them up when they fall, and just be there for them.  But one day we will have to leave this place we call home/earth. One day we will go forth from this life into the next.

Birth, life, and death are a way of life.  The instant we are created in our mother’s womb…our life is going towards our end date on this earth.  We are born and then our journey on this earth begins.  Some live short lives, which we don’t always understand, but some live what we know as long lives on earth…even some who are pretty darn evil and we might wonder why?  It is not up to us to know the why. God has a plan for each of us and our life.  Maybe that person we think is evil…will one day ask God into their own life.  We just don’t and can’t know why God does what God does, or allows what God allows.

I know in my life I was once on the wrong road to life and who knows, maybe someone felt I should not have been given a chance with God…but God held onto me, transformed me…is still working on me…and I am so grateful He didn’t walk away from me.

When we are young, we want to be older so we can do whatever, in our lifetime of culture and stuff, that we, at that time think is important.  Yet, one day none of that stuff we thought was earth-shattering to us will matter. 

We can make good choices or bad choices in or life.  Most people have made more than a few bad choices and our choices, good or bad in life affect others even when we don’t understand that they do. 

We grow up, at least age-wise, and we leave home at some point.  Some people will do good with their life while others will not do so well. 

Many will want their own families and that beings another circle of life.  Birth, life, and death.  What we do with that matters.

Life produces life.  From the parent comes the child and then from the child will come another parent one day.  We, as parents want to give to our children, protect them, keep them safe, provide for their needs (we should not give to their greeds).  They are our children and we want the best for them.  That is how God is also.  He wants the best for us even if He has to stop us from doing something, bring consequences for bad actions, and say no to us many times.  His no is not to punish us…somethings are just not right for us, and many times are not in His plan for our life. 

As kids…kids want and want things even if those things are not safe or good for them.  We are not to give into all their wants.  Sometimes we just have to say no and don’t give in.  Kids are relentless in whining for things.  Some things our kids ask for are a detriment and not a blessing. 

What about the childs attitude?  Do kids, are kids, thankful for the things their parents do or say?  Are you always thankful for what God allows in your own life?

Do you really understand the sacrifice Jesus made for you on the cross?  Does that matter to you?  Do you do what God says to do because you love Him and are so thankful for all He has done for you?  Well, are kids always thankful and caring about what you sacrifice to give them what they have?  There are rich people and there are poor people.  We all try to do right by our kids.  We don’t always do such a good job no matter what we have in life.  We make choices for our kids that maybe, just maybe, we should have gone a different direction.

One gives while one receives.  Most like to be on the receiving end of the equation.  Yet, with God we need to be on the giving and thanking side of life.  We give out of love but we put that giving in the right place…into God’s kingdom, in doing God’s work, in helping others, in loving others…not to feed their sins, but to get them to go to Jesus and give up sinning.

God is our best example always of giving! 

God calls us and expects us to do right and to do His will for our life.  We all have a part to play in life  We can’t make anyone accept Jesus and want heaven, but we can tell them and give them a choice.  Some might accept Jesus as their Lord, but many will walk away.  We can’t fix that, but we can tell them of Jesus and His love.  We can’t accept Jesus for anyone but ourselves.  Each person must choose for themselves.  I wish I could go around and accept Jesus for every human on this earth…but I can’t and neither can you. 

We plant a seed, we water with the word…but God will tug on their heart and if they are ready they will accept the Lord.  If not…and we did our part to tell them…it then becomes their choice if they will accept or reject our Lord.

Whatever God blessed us with in life…it is time to give blessings to others along our walk in this world.  We can’t help everyone…but we can help someone along the way.  If we don’t have money we can do a good deed if that is possible, but if not………….you can always pray. 

God didn’t just help us along our life…He gave us also the greatest gift in the universe…His Son Jesus.  Jesus went to the cross and took our sins, our pains, our sorrows, our hurts, our tears…and He gave us a chance and a place to choose whom we shall follow.

In my life, God has greatly blessed me and kept me alive, and given me a chance to do what was/is right.  He didn’t give up on me.  I don’t deserve His love and mercy but He gave it to me.  He says that He sees us like we will be and not like we were.  That amazes me.  I don’t want to ever be whom I was prior.  He gave me the chance and choice to change.  I chose Him.  Oh, we still have issues at times, but God is at work on us to get us on the right path. 

There is one thing that I wish I would have done way more and that was to tell my kids more and more about Jesus.  Jesus is amazing and I wish they all completely, already, gave their full heart and soul to Him over everyone and everything on earth. 

Life is hard…it has its struggles and its ups and downs.  I wish I could protect my kids (grown now) in this life but I have to give them over to God and pray for them, tell them of God’s great love for them, but I can’t protect them from the world and what will happen in their own life.

I truly can’t go a day without Jesus leading my life now.  Why would I ever want to anyway?  He loves me with a love that He died in my place to give me eternal life.  I want that for my family, my friends, and everyone else as well.  There is always enough of Jesus to go around. 

I look at this world and it has become a scary evil place.  It is worse and going to get even more worse.  I need my Jesus to get through this life.  I want that for all those I love and even for those I don’t know.  I don’t want anyone to go to hell.  I know that I am a lousy writer.  Sorry about that, but God still uses me to say something.  God is talking to you even through this lesson.  Someone here that reads this needs to get something out of it.  Just know one thing we all have made mistakes and we all have sinned.  Jesus went to the cross so you could be forgiven and get saved.  Doesn’t matter if others accept you because if you give your life to Jesus…Jesus will accept you.  You can’t con God.  God knows if you are serious or not.  Why would you not want Jesus in your life?  Why would you not want to go to heaven?  This world is not giving you eternal life with God no matter how good you might think you are.  That is not the qualification for heaven.  If you don’t have Jesus as your Lord you will not make it into the promised land. 

God is, right now, giving you a chance to ask Him into your life (if you have not done so yet), and He is giving you a chance to upon your last breath upon this earth…to go into His presence.  Don’t take that lightly, and don’t put off this choice.  Why?  Because even five minutes is not promised to any of us.  Take this moment and just tell God you are a sinner in need of Him as your Savior.  Right now…wherever you are.  Please don’t be one of the ones who reject Him and miss heaven.  Call out to Jesus right now!