Post 20…April 2023…What Happens When I Willfully Continue to sin

What is sin? 

Greek word: Hamartia means transgression, wrongdoing, or offense against God.  Such things as disobedience against God’s commands, instructions, or standards

Greek word: Adikia means sin as wrongdoing, wickedness, or injustice.  It can also describe as lack of love, since all wrongdoing stems from a lack of love and consideration for God and for others as well. Adikia is also a power that can enslave and deceive.

Greek word: Anomia means sin as lawlessness and defiance of God’s law

Greek word: Apistia means sin as unbelief or unfaithfulness


Add all that up and sin is pretty selfish.  It pursues its own interests and pleasures and really doesn’t think or care what God wants or why.  The person pretty much ignores what God wants unless or until it fits into what they are doing.  It seldom cares about the welfare of others.

Sin can lead to the cruelty of others and rebellion against the law.  The person doing the sinning doesn’t want to submit to God and it is enmity against God. 

Sin is a moral corruption… an inborn part of our human nature and personality that stands against the good of God and what God wants for each person.

Sin in a person can delight in doing what is not right and gets pleasure out of doing wrong/evil.

Sin enslaves a person even though the person doing the sinning feels they are free to do whatever they want to do and somehow has the right to do wrong and evil. Sin is rooted in human desire. 

Sin affects everyone and no one is immune to sin.  Only Jesus was the only one who never sinned and He was and is the only one who died for you out of love for you and so that you could change.

Only by faith in Christ and by acceptance of his sin-covering, forgiveness-providing, and life-restoring work is the power of sin broken in one’s life. 

Baptism when accompanied by true faith is a sign of the believer’s rejection of sin and full commitment to Christ. 

If we are Christians then we should be being transformed and that means change.  Our life should be changing to look more and more like Jesus. Every day on this earth can be a struggle in our soul over what to do and if we should do it.  When Jesus is in our life we will want to please Him and do even more so that we will sin less and less.  He gives us power to overcome and the strength to change.

Jesus died for all of us.  He endured the death of the cross for each of us.  He was giving us the ability to be restored and have a relationship with God.  He has given us the greatest gift He could ever give to us.  Yet, many will hate Him and reject Him.  They have that choice.  Not a good choice to reject the only one who can save you for all eternity…but many will do just that.

We are to die to sin.  Something that is dead doesn’t go on doing something.  We, have been given the power to overcome sin and live right now.  Oh, some people will never believe we can or can change, but in Jesus we surely can change.

We are to consider ourselves dead to sin, not in just principle but also in practice.  Consider the fact that if something is dead, it is not active or responsive.  Being dead to sin means that the influences and temptations that may have once caused you to give into sin no longer have control of you.  This absolutely required a willful choice not to feed on your sinful nature any longer, but to feed your spirit with the Lord who can help you be an overcomer. 

Now, you must stop doing wrong and start doing right.  Now you must feed the part of your brain who was sinning with truth of God’s word and start doing what God wants you to do.

You must stop doing the devil’s bidding and do God’s.  The devil hates you and wants to destroy you so why do you want to continue doing wrong?  Ask God to build your strength to overcome each and everything the devil tosses your way with.

To overcome the sins/evil in your life begin by praying to God, studying His word, grow in the knowledge of Him and what pleases and displeases Him.  Stop believing the lies of satan for they will destroy you.

Sin attempts to reign primarily through the desires and temptations involving the body.  Such things at homosexuality, lesbians, transgender, woke garbage, and racism.  These are not of God. In your very soul you know what you are doing here (if this is you), but you can change.  No matter what the world tells you…you were not born like this.  You need/must resist these things for in staying living in these things you will not like where you will go upon your death.  Now is the time to change and it can be done! You really can say no to the desires and lusts of your sinful nature.

After choosing Christ as your savior you must continue to choose whom you shall serve.  Why?  Because the devil is out there to destroy you and you must stay prayed up at all times to overcome the feeling you have to go on sinning. 

Don’t fall for the lies and return to sin.  Resist, resist, and resist.

Accept your freedom in Jesus against sinning.

The wages of sin is death, but Jesus came and died to set you free.  Why won’t you listen to the love He has given to you to be able to overcome?

Those who are not submitted to Christ’s leadership and authority and not opposed to sin’s power in their personal lives have no right to claim Christ as their Savior.  There are a lot of people claiming to love th Lord, but don’t want to give up the sins they are doing.

Warning to believers:  You can’t go on sinning against God and not have consequences, at some point, for your own choice of actions.  Stop giving yourself over to sinning and start doing right.

Slaves of sin equal death.  Death here means eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord…the total opposite of eternal life in the presence of God.

No matter how much you want to believe the lies being fed to you that it is now somehow okay to go on sinning and God will approve of it, how could he send you to hell?  God doesn’t send you to hell…you do.  God has rules, and regulations, but He has a love for you and gave you a road map to get to heaven.  If you choose not to read it and do as it says…your path is set.  You have to be the one to change.  God is not going to change for you, for culture, for man-made laws, etc.  You have to change        

True Christianity requires obedience to godly standards, yet it is not forced upon you.  Your desires should be to do right, to listen to God, and to do what God wants you to do.

Death for all eternity is the just consequence of sin, yet God loves you, came and died for you so that you could choose to follow Him, get your life right, and do what is godly and right.  No one has to go to hell when they die, but you will if Jesus is not your Lord and you are not committed to Him. 

You don’t earn eternal life.  It is a gift, but you have to reach out and accept that gift.  If not, then it really doesn’t go to you. 

Jesus paid your penalty and loves you beyond words…why would you even consider denying Him?

We obey God out of love and gratitude.  Jesus is so amazing. 

You are accountable for your own actions.  You have a choice to say no!  You have a choice to say yes.  Do what is right in the sight of God…not what the government tells you is okay, not what your so-called friends tell you is okay.  God created this world and our time is running out.  We are in the last days and we don’t know when Jesus will return.  Now is the time to get your life right with Him.  Don’t put this off for you are not promised even one minute from now.  Now is time to consider your destiny and whichever way you decide…God will let you make that choice.  Be wise, for one second after death is one second too late.  There are no get out of hell for good behavior, no appeals.  Right now you make the choice.  Choose wisely.

Don’t willfully choose to go against God and His ways.  It won’t end well for you. 

The government can’t save your soul.  Your friends can’t save your soul.  Only your decision for jesus and Jesus love for you can save your soul. 

You don’t ever have to be controlled by sin again.  Oh, you will fight the temptations and trials the rest of your earthly life…but you can overcome. 

Jesus is life…and as for me…I choose Jesus.  He is my everything and I might fall a bit here and there, but I know to go to Him, confess what I did, and ask Him to forgive me and help me not do that again.  Oh, how He loves me. 

Well, it is decision time for you.  What will you choose?  Whom will you choose?  Don’t put off your decision to think there is a better time for you to decide.  Again, one minute from now is not promised to you.  Make that decision right now. God loves you so much.  He wants you in heaven, but you sure can choose otherwise. The one thing you can never do though is say (if you end up in hell) is that God sent you there.  The only way there is if you reject the very one who can save you for all eternity.  I pray you to choose Jesus.