Post 10…April 2023…Are you really committed to Jesus

We all have opinions. We don’t always agree. You never have to agree with me because that is your right. But I will still tell you the truth about God’s word no matter who likes or doesn’t like it.

Christian witnesses at times will suffer. That doesn’t mean we will, but we very well could. Yet, that should never stop us from witnessing the truth of God’s word by sharing it with others.  The word martyr is one who dies for a cause or belief, and it comes from the Greek word for witness.  Discipleship involves commitment, no matter what that commitment might cause us.

Christian witness must involve separation from the ungodly practices of the world It must stem from a life that follows God’s standard of right and wrong, good vs evil, love vs hate, and so on over what the world tells you that you must do and believe.  Are you truly a believer?  Are you committed to Jesus?  Do your actions fit what God wants from you…or do you compromise and go along with the culture and world’s ways?  You have a choice in this even if your choice might bring pain into your life.

You have a responsibility in accepting or rejecting eternal life with God.  I can’t choose for anyone or everyone who would be saved and walk with the Lord.  I can pray for you all and do.  We have a choice.  This is a decision that has to do with your eternal life…so please take it seriously right now.  Don’t put off your decision because none of us is promised even one minute from now.  I was not always, in my life, walking with the Lord.  I am so very grateful that God didn’t take me prior to my decision to follow Him.  Best decision of my life. 

I might not know everything no matter how much I study to know more about God, but I will continue to learn, grow, and share what God gives me to share.  No matter how learned one is in life, how much they study in life…we will never know all we could about God and life.  I’m just happy that God gives me more and more to teach and witness about…because you are so very important to Him.  I don’t expect anyone to take my word for anything I say or write…it is your responsibility to find and search God’s word to find out if what I tell you is the truth.  It doesn’t offend me if you don’t agree with me.  I do my best to tell you the truth of God’s word.  It is not judging you…it is telling you what the truth is and then it is up to you if you follow the truth or don’t.  No one can force you to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  However, nothing in life is more important than Jesus being your Lord and Savior.

To be saved Jesus must be your Lord, and you must turn from vain things to the living God!  Lord, give us strength in our soul and encourage us to continue in the faith.  This life might have many tribulations, tests, and trials…but in you Lord we can overcome it all.  Bless us Lord so we can walk in all your ways no matter what we face upon this earth.  Don’t put on others yokes they can’t do.  Tell them the truth.  It is not difficult to do right even when others hate it.  Our soul answers to God not to mankind.  Don’t compromise God’s ways to get your own or go along with the culture or the insanity that is out there.  The devil loves you to go against God and His ways…don’t do that. 

Know this: God did not, nor does He now, always protect His servants from harm.  Spreading God’s message has always involved difficulty and opposition, and that fact is no less valid today in our time as well.  Doing God’s will and doing it Gods way can always have a cost to us.  Paul, in the Bible, once said, “I bear on y body the marks of Jesus.”  Maybe some of us will also have to bear the marks of Jesus on our bodies as well.  God didn’t promise us a rose garden when we follow Him.  In fact, God said that in this world we would/must suffer many tribulations along the way.  Living in a world that is hostile towards God’s message constantly in spiritual warfare against sin and satan…we very well might suffer here, but we can be assured that when we get to heaven we will have a glorious time with our Lord and other saints.

There is so much evil in this world and it will only get worse…the Bible says that.  The present evil world and false believers will always oppose the truth of Christ’s message until He returns to overthrow the evil world system.  Meanwhile, the hope of Jesus’ true followers is laid up in heaven.  We will see Jesus and we will stand victoriously. 

We all need to search our hearts and see if what we believe lines up with God.  We need to build our character to line up with the morals God has given us even if others hate us for that.  Examine your character, and your spiritual gifts, and always honor God.  God knows our hearts so don’t ever think you can fool Him…you can’t.  God can always see your faith, your morals, your justice, your love!!!

Lord, clean our heart, mend our life, and transform us to your will and way.  Admit to God your faults for He knows them anyway…but He wants to hear it from you.  Admit and confess…and repent which means you change direction. 

I dearly love all of my family, I pray for them, I adore them as we should…but God will always be first.  He gave me what no other could…salvation and a relationship with Him.  I can love my family, even more, knowing this.  God blessed me with all my family and even if they were not to love me…I’d still be blessed in knowing I love them and God blessed me with them all.  Family can be difficult in this world.  Family does not always agree on just about everything, but we can pray and give any situation over to God and know that He has it and we can get up each day and go on.  We can’t make people love us or want us in their life, but we can still pray for them, their safety, and that one day, in God’s timing all will be okay. 

Okay…I can only tell you what God has given me, what I have learned, and that I am committed to following Jesus.  I stumble and fall as everyone else does, but I get back up and go again.  God gives me the strength I never had before and I want to please Him.  Oh, we wish we could please everyone but we can’t.  My greatest day was meeting my Jesus and Him accepting me.  Why would I ever want to mess that up?  I don’t!  Are you committed to Jesus?  I pray so!