Post 130…True Meaning of Christmas: God’s Point of View

Monday, December 12, 2022    A Christmas Message for you!


    Many will ask in the coming ages…even my Son will ask before He is through…if all of this is really necessary and if there wasn’t some other way. For surely, they think all things are possible for me. Surely all I need to do is say a word, and the problem of sin will just vanish like a dream.

    Well, with a word I brought the world into existence.  At my command darkness turned to light, and the order came out of chaos. I make the barren woman fruitful and gave children to the childless.  I spoke from a bush that burned but was not consumed.  I turned rivers into blood and divided the sea so that my people could cross on dry ground.  By my Spirit, the virgin conceived, and the Son of God became the Son of man.  But you must understand that my nature is truth, justice, mercy, and love, and I will not, and cannot violate who I am.

    Now, being perfectly just, I could not allow a single sin to go unpunished, nor could I forgive solitary sins until my justice was fully satisfied: that is until every sin…past, present, and future was punished.  But at the same time, I am also perfectly merciful, and I cannot turn my back on Adam’s lost race.  To do so would be to betray the merciful aspect of my eternal character.  Because of who I am, I was compelled to find a plan that satisfies both absolute justice and perfect mercy.  and therein lies the dilemma of the ages.  How can I be both just and merciful?  How can I forgive Adam’s sinful race without betraying the just demands of my holy nature?  On the other hand, how can I judge their sins without denying my love and my mercy?

    The plan of the cross is the only answer for in the cross both my mercy and my justice will be fully vindicated.  How can this be?  Well, allow me to explain the plan to you. 

    Before the foundations of the earth, it was appointed for my Son to come into the earth being born a baby by a virgin.  Now, this will be a sign to mankind, but further, it provides a unique arrangement allowing His total manhood on the earth, for born of a woman, He receives His body, His soul, and Spirit from Adam’s race.  Thus, He is totally man with all the appetites and all the temptations of the flesh.  But I will be His Father and by My Spirit, I will impregnate His mother.  But now every baby that is ever born has the blood type of his further, and their recall that the life of all flesh is in its blood.  Thus, he will receive from me my Zoe, that is the form of life that I am.  And that life will be capable of overcoming every temptation that will come His way, and He will choose every moment to live in perfect righteousness.

    Now, of course, his birth this night is only the beginning, but He shall live perfectly and sinlessly, and upon reaching His manhood He will begin His ministry, sowing my nature…my goodness, and my loving kindness…to “my” people.  In fact, He will be persecuted even as He demonstrates my goodness and my loving kindness to “my” people.  In fact, He will be persecuted precisely because He is demonstrating my goodness and my love, for a sinful man who cannot stand to see true goodness in the face of His own sinfulness. Now, there will be those, both Jews and Gentiles, with hearts tender to me and My word, and they will be drawn to Him and will repent.  Ultimately, however, His love will be beyond the comprehension of all, and many will reject Him.  He will be beaten to a hair’s breadth of death, and abused by His guards, and the people until He is all but crucified, but while all of this persecution at the hands of man is almost beyond comprehension it is only at this point that the true bitterness begins, both for Him and for Me.

    So, what does it mean to sacrifice for sin?  Righteousness requires that sin be punished by death and by subsequent banishment to hell.  But sine sin entered the garden, I have allowed that the sin of ma be covered by the atoning death of innocent animals.  This was an act of mercy, for clearly true justice would have required the death of the one who sinned.  And clearly, there is no true equivalence between the death of an animal and the death of a sinful man.  But I was able to allow this by looking forward to the day when the true redeemer would go to earth, My Son is that true redeemer sent to earth to live sinlessly and then to die as the perfect sacrifice for all men, redeeming them from sin.  But therefore, He must be punished for the sin of all men, and this is what is so hard.  For all of m righteous wrath must now be direct to my beloved son, I must turn my back on Him and send Him to hell as if He were all of the sins that have ever existed, and ever will exist, in the heart of mankind.

    Never before have the two of us been separated for even an instant.  Even during His life on earth, He will be in me, and I in Him.  But now, as He hangs in agony on the cross, I must thrust Him away in absolute rejection and condemnation for a short while.  And all of man’s weaknesses must be laid upon Him, and all their sins, all their pains, all of their sorrows, all of their fears, doubts, failures, diseases, problems, their lack of understanding for He must bear all of this for them in order to free them from these things.  And then, He must suffer every torment of hell in their place for a short time as well. It had to be done for you!

    But now, stop for a moment and reason with me.  Which part of man is it that is good and does not need redemption?  Is not the entire man corrupt?  There is no good thing in anything in any one of them.  So, then it is not the entire man that must be laid on my Son? Yes, my Son must, in fact, bear the burden of every human life that has ever lived or ever will live.  And this is the burden that He must take into hell.  This is the burden that the lightning rod of my wrath.  Every torment of hell must be laid on Him, for He is the sin of all ages, past, present, and future until my return. 

    Now allow me to assure you that as much as you can torment the human body, as much as you can abuse the human soul, this is nothing compared to the spiritual and soulical horror that hell is.

(The unspiritual (original, soulical) man does not receive the gifts of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned)

    The human mind simply can not imagine what was prepared for the essence of sin, which is the devil and his angels.  But now my son has become the essence of human sin.  He is now what hell was created for and every torment of hell must be laid on Him for a short while.

    Oh son my love, how hard this is.  I shudder to think what you will endure and, oh how I have agonized over this moment.  Yet there is no other way, and so, in order to finish the plan, I simply have to look past this horrible moment in the knowledge that in the end, His submission and His love will be the defeat of the devil, and my Son shall rise again in resurrected life.  And furthermore, as he died for all mankind, He will rise for all mankind.  So His will be the resurrection of all mankind everywhere who will ever believe in Him and in what He has done for them.  Now, I shall have not one son, but many sons and we shall spend eternity together, enjoying one another in a way that up until now only my son, my Spirit, and I have been able to do.  This is what the creation was all about.  Sin caused a detour, but my purposes will come, and this is my purpose.

    So indeed let us celebrate Christmas.  The bitterness of sacrifice will come; indeed the end of a thing is better than the beginning, but this is the beginning of the end for the dominion of the devil and his sin in this earth.  Yes, let all heaven celebrate; let the angels sing and rejoice that the Savior of the world is born tonight.  And all mankind everywhere will one day commemorate this day with great joy.  Remember the gift that I have given them.  In that gift, true righteousness and true loving-kindness will reign in truth forevermore.  Celebrate my Soon Jesus…so be it. Amen.  God!    

Our personal greeting to each and every one of you. 

We want to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas. Time is ticking and the soon return of our Lord will come for His bride the church.  I pray that you will have peace in your life no matter what things you go through in this world.  God does not cause fear so if you are feeling fearful know that did not come from God. 

The season seems to be more and more hectic each year.  The stores start Christmas earlier and earlier each year.  There were Christmas trees and all the stuff in some stores in July.  Crazy!  Because of this people seem to feel compelled to shop and shop earlier and earlier, and to buy things that they know they can’t afford, yet they appreciate less and less each year.  Parents and others go into not only debt they will be paying on for months and months in some cases, but by the time you pay things off the person you gave it to doesn’t even care or remember that you had to sacrifice to give them that gift/s.  Every year more and more people are depressed, even angry over life. The season is not happy for everyone.  Many don’t have anyone to share it with.  Some people dread this season where everyone looks happy but few really are happy.  Christmas can be such a joyous occasion filled with love, peace, and joy, or to some, it is only filled with dread. 

    The thing is Christmas is not about the gift you give or the gift you get.  Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  What He did for each one of us should bring us such joy we want to share that joy with others. 

    I like gifts just like the next person does.  Who really doesn’t want a gift from someone they care about?  The funny thing is we work very hard to be able to give gifts to those we love, and these days so many are so ungrateful for the things they got…or what they thought would make them happy and they didn’t get. 

    I love my family and Christmas is a joy for my soul.  I love sharing this time of year with those I love. 

    Many go the extra mile here and have a good heart at Christmas doing for others and that is amazing isn’t it?  They feed the homeless, visit the sick, give others something they need and so on. But do they only love on others during this season or other times throughout the year?   Many truly take the time for others and that is such a blessing. 

This year, 2022 is almost over and a new year will begin.  I pray for you and your needs and pray that God will greatly bless you.  I pray also that each and every one of us will share Jesus with someone.  If you don’t know how then just send them this lesson.  There are so many who still have not heard this story.  Merry Christmas everyone.  God bless you.

The Rosas Family