Post 72 Why Do People Lie?

When do you stop to think about why people lie do you wonder what causes them to lie? There are many reasons that people lie.  We will just discuss a few of them here. However, there are a few that are common motives for doing so.  Doesn’t matter if you are young or old, or rich or poor. I’d venture most lie to protect themselves. Maybe they don’t want to be embarrassed at something, or maybe they have gotten to a point in their life where it is easier to lie than, to tell the truth.

Avoiding Punishment

          Let us start with this one.  No one wants to be punished for something, especially if will cost you money, or embarrassment over something you did or did not do.  I’d venture to say that this is one of the top reasons people lie.  They don’t want to lose their freedom, money, a relationship, their work, their reputation, or many other things.  These people, want to protect what they have or know so they choose to lie so that they won’t face punishment of some kind, or loss. In this case, they lie because somehow they feel a threat by what they know and they don’t want to get caught and face to face the truth on the subject.  After one lies somehow it becomes easier to lie again if it worked the last time.  What one does when they lie is to break a rule either of God’s truth or to conceal something they do not want to deal with. They lie to cover something such as why you are late to work, why something did not get done you should have done, to avoid someone or something, or cover a sin you are doing, and a whole lot of other things as well. The lie you tell might just make your day easier because you would not have to explain your action.  

Another lie people tell is to think they are protecting someone. That lie, in their mind, they think will protect their loved one, friend, or another from being punished.  Example: Your child, spouse, or friend does something wrong and you make up an excuse/lie for them.  You don’t have to agree with what they did or didn’t do, but somehow you think lying to them you are protecting them.  (God sees all of this) When you lie for someone on the witness stand what you did was a sin.  Each person needs to face the consequences of their actions.  Your motive in this might seem right but in reality, what you are doing is wrong.  Take a crime you witnessed possibly…you lie not for someone else’s safety but possibly for your own.  You don’t want to tell someone if that someone could harm you or your loved ones. Many lie in this so they are not known to be snitching.  Many lie regarding this because they or the other person will lose something valuable such as their reputation. People don’t like tattling on loved ones or friends.

          I wonder how many people lie for self-preservation, or the thought it might be?  Example: It is late at night, and you are home alone and someone knocks on your door.  Do you open it? No!!!!!!!!   You might even tell them the person they want is asleep or something.  You know it is a lie, but possibly you fear harm if they thought you were there alone. 

          What about the lie that you tell that you allow people to think you are someone you aren’t, or that you did something you didn’t because somehow, in your mind, you think they will think more of you if they believe that lie?

          Some lie because they don’t want people to get to know them, or possibly they don’t want someone to know something they are doing so they lie to keep someone from knowing the truth.  Possibly to protect yourself here so someone would not know what you are doing.

          Some people just lie.  To some, they want to see how far they can get away with something.  They want to be in control (or so they think) of the situation and don’t want to explain anything.  Some just enjoy lying, while some others lie to get themselves out of a situation. Yet, some others lie to make an excuse such as telling someone you are talking to on the phone that you have to go for “whatever” reason instead of just telling them the truth that you need to hang up the phone. 

          What about the deceptive lie?  Oh, you look great today!  That outfit makes you look thin?  I like what you did_______when you don’t. 

          Take the liar that tries to con you into something or out of something.  My pet peeve is car salespeople.  I hate dealing with them period.  They lie! Even if they were, to tell the truth, I don’t think I would believe them.  I have walked out on them because some of their lies irked me. This might be their job, but I hate being lied to so just tell me the truth regarding the automobile.  If I like the vehicle and all…then we can deal, but don’t try to convince me of lies.  I’m sure I am not the only one here that feels this way.  However, I do understand they have a job to do.

We do not always know we are being lied to.  We might suspect, but we don’t always know.  Some people are good at lying.  I think here of some pastors that add to God’s message or take away from it to make it fit a lie that they want to get across.  Like a false teacher that wants to tickle the ears, compromise the truth, or make themselves feel if they go along with a lie people will like them more.  After all, it makes them happy and they feel they fit in.  The thing on this one lie is that God doesn’t change, and He never changes His word.  If God called something a sin you best be telling the absolute truth from the pulpit.  Maybe they are in charge of a huge congregation and might fear losing the “money” they get.  No matter what the reason is they were put in that position, to tell the truth, and many are not doing that. 

Do you want to know the truth?  All of the time?  Are you sure?  Some people would rather be lied to than find out something that might hurt them, offend them, or that might make a change in their life. 

Here are several reasons people lie:


Avoidance of something 

Being Vindictive


Control over someone or a situation

Cover something up





Desire to lie to convince others of the lie  






Hide something







Maximize the lie

Minimize the situation 




Superiority feeling   

Suppress something 


          Just curious here.  How many of these or someone you know used so that they do not have to hurt someone’s feelings, or to explain something?

Here are some of the everyday lies people use. 

Been busy with work

Both the dresses look good on you

Collage was fun

Gimme a Minute

Good to see you

Have fun

He dumped me

He’s my best friend

I am …. Years old

I can do that too

I didn’t get hurt

I didn’t get your mail, wait, I didn’t check my spam

I do not skip meals

I don’t watch TV

I don’t work out regularly

I get along very well with my Mother In Law

I got caught in Traffic

I had a great weekend

I had a hard time

I had fun

I have a boyfriend

I have a girlfriend

I have a headache

I have guests coming over

I love hanging out with your friends

I love it!

I Love My Job

I Love You

I loved all my teachers

I missed you

I never buy clothes at a sale

I never took part in ______________

I picked this at a sale

I quit smoking

I think I’ve seen you somewhere

I forgot about it

I tried calling you but got a busy tone

I used to… not anymore

I was an average student

I was at a Meeting

I was joking

I was the captain of my school team

I wasn’t checking her/him out!

I weigh… lbs

I will call you later

I will miss you

I will take a bullet for you

I wish your parents were here

I would love to spend the rest of my life with you

I’ll be there

I’ll have just one Drink

I’m a businessman

I’m Busy

I’m Cool

I’m doing Fine

I’m getting late, I‘ve got to go

I’m going home

I’m hard working

I’m in a relationship

I’m Listening

I’m tired, but not tonight

I’ve been working out

I’ve had this dress forever

I’ve left, I’m On My Way

It was a mutual decision

It wasn’t me

It wasn’t my fault

It won’t happen again

It’s easy

It’s nice

Just kidding

Looking Good

My cell phone died

My Father had a Heart Attack

My Mother is not well

Next time, surely

Not very expensive

See You Later

She/he dumped me

She/he’s just a friend from college

She/he’s my best friend

She’s not very good looking

Size Doesn’t Matter

Teachers loved me

That dress makes you look thin

That’s a nice color

That’s a nice dress you’re wearing

The food was very tasty

The party was fun

The signal on my phone was weak

They are just a friend

We are office buddies

We’ll Reach in five minutes

We’re just friends

Yeah, makes sense

Yes, when you mean no!

You look good in any outfit

You look very young

You’re looking much younger

You’re the Best

You’ve lost weight

You can add thousands of things to this list.  People lie!  People lie a lot.  I’d venture to say that many of the things on this list you, or someone you care about, have lied about these lies.

It is time to take inventory of the lies in your life, the lies others have told you, and to stop lying even if the truth is what they need to hear.  We don’t ever need to pretend to be something we aren’t.  Just as much as we hate to be lied to others also hate for us to lie to them as well.  If only people would tell the truth.  Lies might make one feel okay for a time, but lies destroy your relationship with God.  People everyday lie like news people, the government everything, friends, neighbors, bosses, co-workers, and our own family.  Just know this as you go throughout your day: If it is you that is lying why are you lying about__________?  If it is another and you know it is a lie why do you think they felt compelled to tell that lie?  God hates it when we lie.  Again, if only people told the truth so we can make correct decisions for our own life.  What freedom would there be knowing what you heard was the truth?