Post 138…Study of Heaven Part 5

Monday, December 19, 2022

    Do you believe in heaven and hell?  Why or why not? What do you think about it?  Who goes to each or doesn’t and why?  Do you think everyone gets to go there?  What would be your idea of whom to keep out of heaven?  Who, in your mind deserves to go to hell?  Do you think you can change your residence after you die?

    Do you contemplate where you will be?  Do you understand God’s plan for who gets into heaven or who doesn’t?  Do you know that just because you think you are a good person, do good deeds, or someone you love does…well, that doesn’t get you into heaven.  The Bible says that Jesus must be your Lord and Savior.  If He is then you get into heaven, and if He’s not…you won’t.  Pretty simple!

    The Bible is not a fairy tale.  It is truly beyond anything you can think.  Yes, you can choose to believe it or reject it, but it is still true. Many people love to read a good book with a happy ending,don’t they?  I sure do.  But life is not, for all, going to have a happy ending.  However, right now, if you/they are breathing you can have a happy ending to your story of life.  Most don’t want to read a story with a gory ending or one where people lost everything.  They want to read a story that when the book ends they can feel good about the ending of that book.

    I also like to read a book that makes sense, and that what I read was not a waste of time. After all, I gave a part of my time on this earth reading that book, but that is me.  Maybe you don’t mind filling up your time with books that just are not good. 

    Why is it that so many people don’t really want to discuss heaven or hell?  I do get it about hell somewhat, but why not heaven?  You are going somewhere when you die so why not learn all you can about the place you are going to spend eternity in?  Oh, that might be because some really don’t believe in a heaven or hell, or think that God just allows everyone in.  Why would He do that?  Do you like what is going on here on earth?  I don’t.  I don’t want a bunch of crazy insane people in heaven.  Heaven is to be a glorious place and that would make it no different than being here on earth.

    I really don’t hear many pastors teach on this subject because after all…who wants to hear that subject, and what if it offends them.  What if it does?  Maybe, just maybe, they will change their life while they can.

    Is it easier to talk about all the crime and injustice on this earth than it is to discuss where you might be one day?  Why is that with you? Do you fear talking about heaven?  Why?  God has given us a glimpse into heaven, and I sure don’t find anything scary there to fear. I see God Almighty who loves us and has taken time to prepare a glorious place for us.      Okay, let’s take a quick and visit a travel agency and ask if they have some brochures about heaven, the cost, the timeline, what it is like, what you can do there, what you can’t do there, and the cost…what do you think you would find in those brochures?     

    Well, first of all, the cost is you have to be saved.  Jesus must be your Lord and Savior.  He already paid the price of your ticket there and it cost Him everything.  You don’t have to pay a penny for your ticket.  What will you do?  Well, whatever it is will be glorious.  No pain, no suffering, no grief, no tears, no one talking behind your back and trying to hurt you, no violence, no crime.  Yeah, I would think that would entice you to want to be there, yet I know by God’s word that many will fall away, and many will never accept such a precious gift.  I love gifts…so, yes, Lord Jesus I accept your gift of eternal heaven with you.  You are most definitely my Lord and Savior. What will be your choice?  Choose wisely!         

If we can’t imagine heaven or want to imagine it even…it won’t mean as much to us. Just because you can’t yet see heaven doesn’t mean it is not there.  There are many things in life we don’t see but they are still there. I know very little about heaven, but I want to know more and more.  I would love to be taken into heaven even for a moment and see the glory there.  However, God gave John the job of showing us a glimpse into heaven. As much (and I have already said this) I dearly, dearly love my family.  I don’t want to leave them, but the other part of me longs to see Jesus too.  The older one gets, the more struggles one has in doing so, the pains here and there…they get old, don’t they?  You just want to wake up each day without something hurting. You want to get up each day and the world be loving and kind but it is more and more violent. 

Another thing is our children.  I see a big difference in raising my kids (from two different times in school) and what they were taught in school and what they were not.  I don’t like for one minute what kids are being taught today.  Yes, I do like the old days of reading, writing, arithmetic, gym class, studying in the library, actually talking and not texting to people, hanging out with my friends, going to a “clean” movie, getting a soda after, going to real dances, ice skating with someone very special, no vulgar talk, no racism, no violence, no hatred, parents you respected.  I loved that we could pray in school, and that my friends and I got to go to each other’s home and bake cookies, giggle, play games (not violent games) and that life was so much easier.  We didn’t have to watch things with gays/transgenders in everything, and every other word on TV and in movies was not an f-bomb. I remember the clothes we had to wear to school, and I sure wish kids did that now. What kids are wearing now days are not godly at all. The news was not all hatred and evil with who killed or wanted to destroy someone else.  Yes, life was easier.  But, God said in this end time people would do exactly what they are doing.  I hate it, but I understand it will happen.  So, why would anyone not want to have Jesus return soon for His bride/the church, or the time we get to take that last breath and be in His presence? 

    I love good worship and I truly can’t even imagine what worship will be like in heaven.  Ahh!  I do hope that God gives me a great voice there because I can’t sing here.  I was in the glee club in school (many moons ago) and I think I was the only one in the class that was told “not” to sing.  Yes, it bothered me.  The class was mandatory but not so much fun when your teacher says…please just mouth the words.  GRRRRR  I did love the cooking class.  Nowadays, when I look at the kids in school I see a lot of kids who really don’t do much good in school.  They have their cell phones, they are not “all” respectful, they bully other kids, they think they must have the latest of everything and the more violent a game or show is…they love it.  They don’t seem to be able to say one sentence without cursing.  If I hate what is going on what do you think God thinks about this “modern” group of kids?  So much disrespect out there.  Many don’t listen to their parents, elders, or teachers.  They slump down in their chairs in class on their phones, and many don’t ever do the work they should.  As for learning…I sure see a bunch of whiny kids who feel they don’t need school or to learn something useful for their life.  They are content to do nothing, be nothing, learn nothing, and many expect the world to take care of them.  Sad, very sad!

So, do you want to live like the world does now or do you want to prepare for heaven?  This earth is being destroyed and not by climate change, but by sin and hatred. You, however, need to make a choice.  I can’t make it for you and neither can anyone else.  The decision for Jesus and heaven is up to you.  You don’t have to accept Jesus, nor do you have to go to heaven.  No one wants someone in heaven anyway who doesn’t want Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  We don’t want earth in heaven with all its problems, we want love in heaven. Well, it is up to you.  I will have more on heaven soon and hope you return to read it and share it if you like. Today is a brand new day, but we not promised tomorrow.  You think about this if you are not “yet” saved and make a good choice here.

Now, may the God of creation bless you, draw you to Him, provide for your needs, heal your body, save your loved ones, and give you His peace.

God bless you!!!