Post 11…August 2023   Once Saved Always Saved Issue

        Many of us who are older have in our lives heard many sermons and rants about once saved and always saved.  But have we really researched it by God’s word?  Some say yes, if you accepted God then you are permanently saved…but is that really the case under certain conditions?       

        The New Covenant deals thoroughly with this topic, in my opinion, but we all know everyone has an opinion so let’s just go by what the Bible says and not what we think.  (Hebrew 8:12 NLT) 12 And I will forgive their wickedness,  and I will never again remember their sins.”[a] So if this is all you read  then you might say that once saved always saved.

        Those who accept Christ’s sacrifices for themselves and entrust their life to Him will experience the full reality of God’s forgiveness through a cleansed and clear conscience, and a hope for their eternal life in the presence of God.  We, as humans are the ones that just keep remembering the sins we did, the pain we felt, and we are the ones who don’t let it go.  Christ condems (all) sin and since we know we were living in sin (or even occasional sin) we, as the human have a hard time not remembering what we did.

        The purpose of Jesus death was to put away sin, save those who would accept Him, and when we really do accept Him then our sins are put away and He doesn’t go around reminding us of our prior sins.  Jesus died and when we accept Him as our Lord then our sins are put away entirely and not just covered up as they were in the Old Covenant. Jesus death was able to cancel our sins and restore us to right standing with Him.  That is amazing, isn’t it?  Do you think how wonderful that really is?

        However, Yes….I said, however.  However, there is more here.  All who participate in the New Covenant through their life surrender (for real) to God have faith in God, His Word, His ways, and trust Him with their very soul no matter what they see or hear upon this earth.  We can’t just say we accept Him one day and walk away and do our own thing the next day.  We only stay in the blessings when we stay in the Lord.  We stay in faithfulness and obedience to Him.  The people who say they are a Christians and even go to church and proclaim that, but walk away are not walking in truth and obedience to God.  We can’t turn away from God and reject Him and still live under His blessings.

        Warning:  There are always going to be challenges to ones life.  Life is not always going to be easy for any of us.  Things happen and pain and suffering can come at any time.  But we must remain in Him, doing His will, walking in His ways.  Listen carefully:  Spiritual Salvation is CONDITIONAL and requires ongoing faith in and ongoing surrender to Christ.  You can’t say you love God one day and then think you can go on living as the world does the next day.

        The misguided teaching that offers reassurance of salvation for church members who willfully, deliberately, and continually sin and defy God’s standards are not living according to the way of God and the blessings of God when you do this. You can’t live to please God and go on living a sinful and immoral lifestyle.

        Because of the Israelite’s unbelief in God’s promises, their disobedience toward His commands, and the failure to resist sins and remain loyal to God…they were not allowed to enter the promised land.  They wandered in the desert for 40 years until the very last person who disobeyed God died…then those that had done right got to go into the promised land. 

        Christians must realize this:  In a similar way that they too may fial to enter God’s rest in heaven just like the Israelites didn’t get to enter the promised land for their unbelief and disobedience to God.  They allowed unbelief and disobedience to cloud the truth and they didn’t make it into the promised land.

        If we ignore God and don’t listen to Him then our hearts begin to grow cold and many walk away (apostasy).  When your commitment and truth of God’s word fade from you then it is a time many will walk away from God.  It becomes no longer a priority to do as God says to do.  The light in your soul dims and you are no longer connected with God as you once were. His ways are no longer your priority.  When this happens people look towards what they think is pleasure and go along with whatever the world tosses out for them to go along with and believe.

        Well, the Holy Spirit warns us that there is a limit to how long God will plead with us if we harden our hearts and choose to walk away.  God will allow us to walk away, but that was not the choice He wanted for us. 

Listen:  THERE IS A POINT OF NO RETURN!  Please don’t find out about this.  Stay in the Lord, stay connected to Him, and do what He says and stop going along with the world.

        Do not fall away from God.  Don’t walk away thinking the world is better for you than God is.  If you could superglue yourself to God I would tell you to do so.  You can stay stuck to Him by staying in His word and doing as He says.   We must all, who are truly Christian, warn others so they know the truth and don’t walk away. 

        Those that heard the truth and followed God then turned away…just like the Israelites who chose not to follow God and chose to do their own thing found out the hard way that they would never enter the promised land.  They rebelled and today people are also choosing to rebel and do awful and immoral things in their life.  There are many going along with the evil in the world and many of them now say horrible things about God and His family.  This should not be…but God said in the end times people would walk away.  Bad for them to do so, but they will choose to do this. 

        The Israelites who did not get to go into the promised land most likely thought that they would make it there even though they did what they did.  They chose evil things over God and His ways and there was a price to pay.  They would wander for 40 years and die in the desert for their own choosing of disobeying God.  Their choices in life, and our choices in life can either keep us on the right path or take us onto a path we will one day wish we never went down…but it will be too late.  For remember: There is a point of no return but we don’t know when God reaches that point with each of us individually.

        The Israelites had experienced God’s redemptive, saving, rescuing and liberating power in their life.  They saw His mighty works…yet they doubted, and would miss out on the promised land because they didn’t stay focused on Him.  Are you focused daily on God and what to do and what He wants for and from you, or are you like the Israelites when times get hard you walk away?

        God has warned the church/us.  If we don’t listen to God that is on us and not Him.  Will you stay with God or choose to go along with the world, its ways, its evils, its immorality that has snuck into the church?  Many a church tells its congregation now that God is okay with sin, that He is outdated, and you can do whatever and God will let you into heaven.  NO, NO, and NO.  God has told you the way to heaven and it will never be to compromise with the world, walk away from Him, do your own thing, and keep any kind of immorality in your life. Sin is sin and you can’t choose to live in sin and think that God is somehow okay with it now.  He is not!

        Walking away which we call apostasy…will not get you into heaven.  It just won’t.  We are not to grieve the Holy Spirit. He is here to help us, but many won’t let Him.  God is not forcing Himself onto us.  He doesn’t want us to love Him from pressure but from love in our hearts for Him.  If we grieve the Holy Spirit and don’t get right with God, the Holy Spirit will eventually depart from us.

        What about backsliders?  They neglected and abandoned their faith even for a time…that can be very dangerous for sure.  You see, God does know if you will return to Him or not.  Don’t put yourself in that place.  Don’t walk away from the Savior or the Savior will walk away from you.

        To those who once walked with God and chose to walk away for whatever reason they came up with…and now willfully sin because they believe the lies they are being fed…are on the wrong path.  One can’t expect God to allow them into heaven if God isn’t first in their life, if they think it is okay to sin and somehow God is okay with it now…God is not nor will ever be okay with people sinning and going against His word and ways.

        There is a limit to God’s patience:  1 Sam 3:11-14, Matt 12:31-32, 2 Thes 2:9-11, Heb 10:26-29, 31, 1 John 5:16 are just a few to read.

        We are given so many chances in life to get right with God and many will still not change.  Even when they are told the truth they will not believe it nor find out the truth.  It is always easier in the “now” to do what we want to do rather than do what God wants us to do. 

Take God’s warnings seriously.  Time is running out for all of us at some point either by death or rapture.  We won’t get another chance to change.  Now is the time to get right with God…Right now.  There are no appeals in heaven, no time off in hell for good behavior.  You make the choice for God now or it will be made for you.

        There are some who compromise God’s word because they are being fed lies and deceptions.  They really do believe that they can live in sin and God will still let them into heaven.  It doesn’t work like that. 

        If we choose to believe the lies of culture, wokeness, violence, evil,  gayness, gender rubbish, abortions, men can have babies and so on and so forth…you will perish and God will not allow you into His kingdom.  You do realize it is “His kingdom”????????????????   God is God and we are not.  We have to play by His rules and ways.  Our culture is so evil now that people are just going along with it.  Few want to stand against it because to do so…people call them names and try to destroy them.  We are to stand against wrong even if it cost us to do so.

        Any so-called pastor that tells you sin is okay, that God is okay with your sins and tells you marriage can be with same-sex, that somehow God has told them it is okay is lying to you.  God has already said what is a sin, what is an abomination, and what is right.  These so-called wolf in sheep’s clothing in the church will stand before God one day for leading people astray.  Get out of those churches.  You read the word of God, you study the word of God…ask God to always show you the absolute truth. 

        Well, here is the end of this lesson.  It is time to choose this day who you will follow.  Will it be God and truth, or the devil and the lies?  I can’t choose for you…in fact…no one can make this choice for you no matter how much we would like to.  It has to be your choice for eternity never ends.  Do you want God and heaven and love, or do you want hell and the hate and evil there?  It truly is your choice.  I’d advise you to choose wisely for eternity lasts.  Right this moment you can make a choice that will change your destiny.  Don’t think if you put it off to a later date that it is okay.  What if you die today?  We are not promised  even one more minute.  I truly wish I could accept Jesus for everyone but I can’t.  All I can do is tell you about His love for you, what He did for you.  Many will lose heaven and walked away.  How very sad…especially to those that had walked with Him and then walked away.

        It is my belief here that if we choose apostasy walking away from God…and don’t want God in our life any longer, and if we willfully go on sinning…that we won’t make it into heaven. 

        You don’t have to agree with me…no one does.  I can only share what I found out in my studies.  It is up to you to go and pick up the word of God and search the scripture to find  the truth. 

        As for me…I choose Jesus.  I don’t have everything right but I am working on learning more and more of what God says, and I need God in my life.  I might mess up from time to time but I know to go to God through prayer, confession, and repentance and ask Him to please help me and to forgive me.  I don’t want to displease God.  I don’t want to ever walk away from Him.  Why would I want to do that when He is the one who holds eternity in His hands, and the very one who died for me.  Why would I want to ever push Him out of my life?  I wouldn’t and I won’t.  I need Him…and even to someone who reads this and is about ready to decide to walk away from Him…know this…He just did give  you another chance to change…right here and right now.  Will you ask Him into your life, change your ways to His ways, or will you choose the road to destruction?  The choice is yours right here and right now.  Again, choose wisely.  Remember, eternity never ends.  You want God and heaven or the devil and hell?  I choose God and heaven!