Post 22…Attitude of Gratitude  9.22.2023


I hope that this post helps many people.  All of us have something to be thankful and grateful for.  I know I do.  Life is tough anymore and stuff happens, but each day no matter how bad it has been there is something I can thank God for. 

I woke up this morning and went about what I do each day when I get up.  I stopped in my tracks because it hit me like a ton of bricks…am I truly thankful this morning…and every other morning of my life?  Oh, how we take so many things for granted. 

We have, in life, so many things to be thankful for even in the worst of times of our life.  I really do appreciate all God has given me, but I am thankful also for all the lessons I have learned in my life…yes, even the most trying of times.  Yet, when we are going through the difficult times of life, we seldom see things to thank God for…yet they are still there and we need to understand that God is there even in the midst of our pain and sorrow.

My soul has been so heavy and feeling so crushed by all the garbage going on in America, and around the world, and all the destruction I see as I look at the world each day. 

Some days in one’s life they don’t think/believe that they really have anything left to be thankful for.  Times are hard, prices of everything are outrageous, everyone hates something and someone, and every one the last few years has been offended by just about everyone and everything. 

I got up this morning and as I was going about what I do each day I stopped………..stopped right there to thank God for the many blessings I had even in that few minutes.  I know other people who could not do what I just did when I got up.  I got out of bed by myself, did the bathroom things, brushed my hair, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and so on.  I did them all by myself.  That is a blessing of God because not everyone gets to do that.  I got to read my Bible, have a cup of coffee, fix my dog’s food, pick up the house, start the laundry,  and so on.  I had a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in, and if we just take even a few moments each day we all can find many things to thank God for.

Do you even realize what benefits there are if you just thank God for your blessings?  Sometimes we just don’t see them, but there are so many of them there all the time, and most of us take so many of them for granted. I no longer want to take life or things for granted.  God has blessed me with Him and anything else is like chocolate frosting on a cake.  God is the finisher of everything in my life and I dearly love Him and all He has done for me.

Do you know that when you give thanks even in the tough times of your life…your soul will be happy?  It is like somewhere in our brain when we show gratitude to God it changes something in our brain…even if it is short-lived…until we do it again.  When we are thankful, we can be more positive and find more ways to get through the day…even in the most horrible times one might find themselves.  Being thankful is like having a super energy drink for your very soul. 

Question:  When you tell someone you are thankful for something they did for you…Did you really mean it?  If you do something for someone, do you expect them to repay you, or did you do something because it was the right thing to do, and you wanted to be able to help them? 

Let’s talk for a moment about your spouse if you are married.  Do you appreciate them?  Do you tell them?  Do you value them?  Does their opinion matter to you?  Do you help each other or do you complain? If we are grateful with our spouse our marriage will be way better off. 

This next part can greatly help you see just how many things you are really grateful for. 

How about making a list of things you really are thankful for.  At first, if your life is hard it can be a short list because you don’t really know all the things in your life now, all the things in your past that even in the tough times…had value and were still blessings.  At first you might struggle in making a list of things, but keep going.  Get a book/journal/app etc…and every time you think of something you are thankful for…write it down.  You will be surprised at the things in your life you can thank God for.  No matter how small something is in your life if you appreciate it and are thankful…write it down, and thank God for it. 

Maybe begin your journal with categories at first: Use your own categories.  You, at first, might only have one or two categories, but the more you thank God the more categories will show up.



Financial things



Health things


Little things


Other things no category

Personal things:



Special things


Temptations and victory over them

Trials and tests overcome


What and who you do appreciate


This is a start.  Maybe you can only, at first, pick one or two things, but each day you get up…think about something you can add to one of the lists.  Pretty soon, you will be greatly surprised at how many things you possibly took for granted, or things you never really thought were blessings but are. 

I found lists others have put together and added to them, but you need to be the one who makes things personal for you.  Not everything down here is what you might be thankful for (at least not at first).  You be you…you can’t be me or anyone else.  We don’t live the same lives, go through the same days, have the same trials, tests, temptations, family, friends, jobs, same marriage…we are different and different is okay.  We cannot be the same nor can we have the same feelings about what we are grateful for. 

So look through these below and begin your grateful journal.  You can date them or not…that is up to you.  You can put names or don’t.  It is your journal not mine, and not anyone else’s.  Make it personal to you.  You can take the list below and make each thing your own, or start your own as they come up.  This is not about what someone else feels…this journal is to be about what you personally feel. 

So, get out whatever means you want to use to begin your grateful journal and begin today with even one thing.  As you go through today is there something else you can add to your journal?  If you are alive and breathing then there are many things for which each of us can be grateful for.  Also, you can make each category as short or long as you want to…add to it…whatever it takes, but make it your own.


Personal things to be grateful for

  1. Family.Whether they’re your blood relatives, mixed family homes, adopted homes,  or the friends you consider family, they’re worth expressing gratitude for. Remind your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, or cousins how appreciative you are of them. People do a lot of things for us in our life yet how often do we tell them they matter to us.  Most times we just take it for granted…but don’t do that.  Life can change on a dime people and we all need to be let others know we care while we can tell them.  I dearly love all my family.  Some are easy to write about while others a bit more difficult. We are all different.  Different doesn’t mean we don’t care.  Some are just easier to get along with…so, when one of the difficult ones…we have something to be grateful about take the time to write it down, pray over them, love them…and thank God for them.
  2. Home.The place you can always go when there’s nowhere else to go. It’s a comforting feeling to have our own apartment or house. Not everyone gets that luxury, so this should be near the top of your things to be grateful for. We don’t have to be wealthy and have a mansion…we just need to be thankful for whatever we do have. A home is a place we should feel safe.  If we do feel safe at home…then you are blessed. 
  3. Relationship.Having that one person who shares the same feelings you do is a beautiful thing. How many days of your relationship do you just go by and don’t think about what you are truly thankful for in your relationship? It is time to tell those we love that we love them.  There are always ups and downs in every relationship.  There are things people must work through.  People are people and people don’t always agree, but we can try to see the other’s point of view.  Neither person is always right, and neither person is always wrong.  It takes commitment and work. 
  4. Friends.These are the people that pick you up on the bad days and celebrate with you on the good days. But friendship is so much more than that. Sometimes people have come and gone in our life, even people we dearly loved.  Time, space, we still care for them.  For whatever reason they are no longer in your life…just be thankful you had the time you did with that friend.  Pray they are happy and give thanks for them. True friends don’t come along every day.
  5. Your wellness.We all have problems with our bodies. But be glad for all the parts that are still working well with your body and mind. That’s one of the best things to be grateful for. I have had my share of ailments, so has my spouse, kids etc. Life can be hard and stuff happens.  People get sick and it can be a horrible time to go through.  Yet, even in the worst of times you can remember something good and be thankful for it.  Sometimes a look, a prayer, someone holding ones hand, someone just being there in your time of need…it is a blessing.  We really can find something to thank God for even in the darkest of times…if we look and pray about it. 
  6. Pets.Having a dog was one of the greatest joys of my life. If you have a dog, a cat, or some other pet, feel good that you can spend time with them anytime you want. This one is special for many reasons. They are loyal, they are loving, they need us, but we also need them.  I’ve had dogs before that I know I took for granted, but I have the most special little guy in our life now.  Every day is an adventure with him.  He gives me/us great pleasure in that he loves me/us without question, and he came into our life when we truly desperately needed him.  I do thank God for him.  He brings peace even in the chaos that comes with living in this crazy world we are now living in. 


Bottom of Form

  1. Sight.I know there are a lot of people in this world who are blind. Even if you are, there are still other things you can be glad for. I have been going through some serious eye issues. I have had surgery on my eyes and right now even I am having great issues, but I do thank God that I can see what I do, and that there is hope for my sight.  Those of you who aren’t blind, even if you have to wear glasses or contacts, you can be grateful that you can see. Glasses were such an amazing invention.  Even if everything you see in the world isn’t as pleasant sometimes, still be grateful for the pleasant things you can see, like the nice green colors of nature outside. I love to look/see the beauty that God created.  His creation is amazing.  It is people who destroy it, but God made beauty and I love to see the beauty God has made. 
  2. Hearing.Similar to sight, many people in this world are deaf. They’ll never be able to enjoy the sounds of music or hear the voice of someone they care about. Be grateful that you can listen to music, and hear the sound of someone’s voice.  My husband and I have hearing problems…not like some people do, but we do have issues with hearing. I/we are blessed with what we do hear.
  3. Touch. A soft touch from someone we care about can be a very comforting feeling. When we are down in life, even a touch of someone’s hand can bless us beyond measure.
  4. Smell.As small as this may seem, I’ve heard of people who’ve lost their sense of smell, and it completely changed their life. Have gratitude for still having your sense of smell. I can smell but my husband can’t. He had COVID-19 and his smell never came back.  He can no longer say something cooking smells good, but he can no longer smell things that are of danger either.  That can be a problem…but even as bad as he had COVID-19 and all the issues he had since, like a stroke, cancer, and Parkinson’s and all it takes…we are thankful we have each other.  Smelling is something, if you have, you need to be thankful for.  We take it for granted but for many it was taken away from them. 
  5. Taste.When one loses their sense of taste, they lose their ability to enjoy all the flavors of food. We can be grateful for still being able to enjoy the taste of fruits, vegetables, and all of the foods we enjoy in the world. This is a great one to thank God for being able to taste the things you eat. Much more enjoyable when one can smell the things they are eating. 
  6. Safety.Some people, unfortunately, have to live in neighborhoods and areas with crime issues. Every day, in this crazy world people have crime all around them, they live with it every day. They fear going outside and for their family’s safety.  Some places have become so bad that people don’t know what to do any longer.  Our government is not protecting them, and in many places the police have their hands tied.  Even if they arrest someone the new system in some places lets the bad guys go.    If you live in a safe community, that’s something you can be really thankful for.  We must stand for the hurting people and we must do what we can to bring justice in this world.  If not us…then who?
  7. Personality.You are who you are. There may be things about yourself you don’t like, but there are also things that you can appreciate. Whether it’s your intelligence or your kindness, find those things about yourself that make you thankful. We can all do, say, think, and even act badly at times, but we can change that, and we can look to see what we need to fix with God and when you do then be thankful for that thing.
  8. Childhood.Obviously, not all of us had the best childhoods. Maybe you had a great childhood…be thankful.  If you didn’t have a good childhood for whatever reasons there might have been, there had to be something in your childhood still that you can find and be thankful for.  However, your childhood was, find one or two memories that make you feel grateful.
  9. Knowledge.We have more access to knowledge than ever before. We can be thankful to be able to learn things that improve our understanding of the world and make us better people. Knowledge is a great thing. But what do we really do with what we have learned?  I know many smart people book-wise, but I know some that have had great educations and are (sorry) dumb as a rock.  I am very grateful for the smart people who take what they know and have learned to make this world in some way better.  As I look around America alone at the moment I am not thankful for what the education system is doing to our young people.  I know there are some who want to godly educate our children to be better people, but I know I would no longer pay for an education in these colleges where they brain wash our families to hate others.  Yet, I am so very thankful God allowed me to actually get a godly education where I can take His word and share it with others.  They don’t have to accept any part of it, but I hope someone does.  God can use anyone to further His kingdom….even me!!!  So I just plug along and pray that God will give me something to share with other and that someone will research what I say and find out God is good all the time, and God loves them.  Knowledge is good, but the knowledge of God is great.
  10. Future.If the future is looking bleak, you might be thinking, why be grateful for it? The reason we can be grateful for it is that there’s always a possibility it can get better. I’ve lived long enough to see it in my own life and other people’s lives. We don’t really know why some young people who are good, while others who are evil and spread hate live long lives. It is not our choice who lives and dies at specific times.  We hate it when we lose a loved one.  It is hard and painful.  I lost my firstborn son when he was 20 and had a young wife and a baby boy.  It devastated me beyond words.  We cry why God why!!!  God brings us through many things and situations in our lifetime.  Some good some not good, but He walks with us through it.  That I am thankful for.  One day, maybe God will tell us why someone we loved had to go early.  Maybe something worse would have happened, or maybe the ones left would have to learn something.  Whatever the reason I trust my God and am thankful for the 20 years I got to love my son, and one day I pray to see him again.
  11. Experiencing romantic love.Unfortunately, there are people who live long lives without having that experience of romantic love. We may not know how we got lucky to enjoy it, but we can be grateful we have. Not everyone has this blessing, and some don’t want it for whatever reason. If you have been one who got to have a love life with your spouse…be thankful.  It truly is a blessing from God. 
  12. Bed.Do you have a bed to sleep in at night? Be thankful. 
  13. Waking up.– To wake up and have another day in this world with those we love…that is a big thankful.
  14. Making it to the end of the day.– Life changes on a dime they say. No one knows if they will make it to the end of a day.  If you do…thank God for that.  Many people get up each day on this earth and don’t get to make it to the end of the day.
  15. Productivity.– Did you even accomplish one thing today you felt you should have? Be thankful.  Life can be messy and times hard and so when we accomplish anything…thank God for that.
  16. Growth and perspective.Oh, how we want to grow up when we are young, and when we get there…not so much sometimes. With each stage of life we go through, it is a learning experience.  I am grateful for every stage I have gone through and those I am now going through. No matter what age, we can be thankful for growth and perspective that helps us to be calmer about the world we live in.
  17. Travels. In this day and age of all the insanity in the world going somewhere is truly a blessing. If we can’t go at this time or in the near future…we can still be thankful for the memories we have had in our life, the places we have gone, and the things we have seen.
  18. Creativity.Whether you can sing, write, draw, or dance, our creative passions give us an escape in life we can be thankful for. Whatever it is you like to do, have a hobby doing or whatever…be thankful you can do whatever “it” might be.
  19. Kindness.It may seem like there are meaner people in this world today, but there are still people that are kind. Be grateful for the kindness you receive and the acts of kindness that still happen every day. Everyday we live is also a choice for us to also be kind to someone and be thankful we can. When someone else can’t be kind to you…pray for them.  Be thankful for those who are kind, and pray for those who are not.
  20. Open-mindedness.It can be a frustrating thing in society when people aren’t more open to different ideas and viewpoints. Oh, what a crazy world we are living in. People all around are offended at everything it seems.  We can listen to people’s opinions, but we do not have to go along with anything ungodly and wrong no matter how much people try to inject evil into our life.  Be thankful you can listen, but then do what God would want you to do and be thankful you know God and can choose to do things His way.
  21. Freedom.Some people live under dictatorships that limit their choices. It’s a wonderful thing to live in a place where you have some freedom to live and act the way you want. I am thankful I can still worship God, love others, and can go places if that is what I choose to do. 
  22. Education.Our schools helped us to know what we need to know to make it in this world. Right now, in America and elsewhere, the education system feels/is more like a dictatorship where they tell you what you can think, do, and feel. I grew up with a mind to choose right and wrong, think for myself, learn all sides of something and make up my mind what was right or wrong in God’s view.  I grew up where we could pray in school, and you felt safe there.  I am grateful for the time I was born so that I had those privileges. 

Special things to be grateful for

  1. Long weekends.I look back with fond memories of the weekends. Many people don’t or didn’t have this in their life.  I loved a long weekend or a special day off to spend with my family, go places, camp, and enjoy life.  I am thankful for those things and those times. 
  2. Alone time.We can be constantly surrounded by people sometimes. It’s nice to be able to get time alone to relax or reflect. I love my alone time. Mine is in the morning early.  It is a time to set my day with God, do things I need to get done, and pray.  This is one of the best things of my day and I am so grateful for this time each day.
  3. Conversation.It’s nice to get into a conversation when someone makes you think deeper about things. It is nice to just have someone you can talk to. That is a blessing to be thankful for.
  4. Anger.This emotion can help direct our attention and other people’s attention to what bothers us. But even if angry about something…don’t lash out. Talk nice, act nice, and be thankful that you can discuss things nicely and be able to understand each person’s point of view, and be able to work things out. 
  5. Sadness.While sadness isn’t fun, it can help us to think more about what can really make us happy in life. Being happy in life is not having money and stuff. It isn’t even about having others.  Your very soul craves God and when He is the most important thing in your life…then the sadness of one’s soul goes away and joy comes in…even in the worst of times.
  6. Life challenges.Oh, those challenges we face in life. They are not easy at times.  Yet our challenges can certainly help us to grow. They make us stronger and better able to live our lives. If everything went well all the time you would miss out on the blessings regarding learning to get strong in your life no matter what you see or feel.  Feelings change all the time.  We can always be thankful for the challenges of life we go through to get us through them and learn a lesson from them.
  7. Seasons.It’s beautiful to see the colorful leaves come down in Autumn. It’s also nice to see green leaves growing in the Spring. There are many wonderful visuals we get from the different seasons. I live in a state that doesn’t really have the seasons you see like in some places, but I sure can feel them in other ways. I am thankful for spring and fall in my state, but the others are just as important…and I am thankful for those as well.  Each season brings things to us at exactly the right time.
  8. Inspirational people.I love to be inspired and am thankful for those who inspire me in some way. Many people go through the life that inspires us.  We all know someone who has or does.  Some people in this world have an amazing ability to say things that are inspiring. There are also those in this world who overcome impossible challenges that inspire us all. There have been a few who truly inspired me over the years and I am thankful for each of them that did so.
  9. Graduations. Oh, those graduations. What a blessing to see someone you love and care for accomplish something so precious.  They worked so hard to accomplish it and to see them, or just know they did if you could not be there…that is a blessing to be thankful for.   Whether it’s your own or someone else’s, it’s quite a celebration to see someone finally reach the end of one of their educational journeys. Not everyone feels this one, but if it were them they would.  I am thankful for what I accomplished, and I certainly are thankful for those in my life that accomplished something as well.
  10. Weddings.Many people have private weddings that are intimate and that is a blessing, and it is also a blessing when one has a huge wedding as well. A wedding is for the ones getting married…and the one who is happiest when someone marries a godly man or woman is God.  It’s amazing to see two people celebrate their love with their friends and family. It’s a moment we can all be thankful to witness.
  11. Funerals.While not the happiest event to go to, funerals help remind us that life is short. We’re also able to celebrate the lives of those that are gone. This one is most difficult for most of us. We lose someone dear to us.  Someone we love and/or spent our life with.  The loss of that person can, and is, painful…but when we know God personally…we know that even if separated for a season, we will see them again.  We hate our loved ones to leave us, but when we know Jesus….and when they knew Jesus…

Health things to be grateful for

  1. Medicine. We’re lucky in this time that many ailments can be healed by the medicine we have. I am not a big fan of meds in this day and age…not because they can help, but because there are many greedy companies that take advantage of people and give them things that can do even more damage. I am all for meds that truly help someone get through the pain of whatever they needed it for and for those times I am very grateful. I dislike those that you take for a time and find out that there is a lawsuit against the company and many complications from those meds.  For the good people who care and make good meds I am grateful.
  2. Hands and armsI got up today and went about my day and all of a sudden was very grateful that I could do things for which most days I guess I took for granted. There were times when using these was difficult for certain reasons/surgery, or whatever, but I think about all those who are hurting and can’t do things.  It is so very blessed to be able to grab things, carry things, write things, and reach for things with our hands and arms. That’s a lot to appreciate.  I am grateful.
  3. Back.I have a bad back and some days are difficult. I have family members with horrible backs and have gone through surgeries and pain that broke my heart.  Some people live with terrible back pain that limits their mobility. I am glad when my back doesn’t hurt and am thankful, but I am also glad when those I care about don’t hurt.  Back pain is difficult to deal with.  When we feel good it is so easy to be thankful…but most times we just go about taking that for granted.  Thank you Lord for all those days my back doesn’t hurt and those I care about that their backs don’t hurt either. 
  4. Walking.I got up today as everyday I do…and I am so thankful for being able to get around and move…it is more of a blessing than we realize. There are people who have to use canes, crutches, and wheelchairs to move around. Some will never, on this earth, be able to move for many reason. Every day I am grateful for being able to walk on my own two feet with relatively little pain.  
  5. Lungs.Well, I do have issues with this in my life, but I am very grateful for the air I can breath for there are so many who can’t.  If one doesn’t have any lung issues or have to use any machines for breathing in oxygen, that’s something to be really grateful for. Even if you have issues…if you can breath with help…we still need to be thankful.  Without air in our lungs we die.  I am grateful that I wake up each day. 
  6. Finger movement.I have arthritis among other issues, but each day I get up I am grateful and thankful that I can use my hands to whatever degree it might be for that day.
  7. Teeth.Be grateful if you’ve not lost any of your teeth and they’re not in any pain. But thank God also if you have been blessed with getting your teeth fixed and the pain of anything in it to go away.
  8. Neck movement.Many of us get neck pain from time to time, I do…and I am grateful that I can still move my neck from one side to the other. I am thankful when I do not have pain in this area, and when I can turn my head without pain.
  9. Memory.As we get older, our memories may not be as good as they are now. Be grateful you can still remember the things that you want in your day. Many of people’s loved ones (mine included) are dealing with memories they have no control over. Pray for them, and pray that they will also have more good days than bad ones in their memory.  Many struggle with this and it is heartbreaking.
  10. Heart. There are people currently waiting for heart transplants in the hospital right now. We can be grateful that we have a working heart that still beats normally. There are those who have heart ailments that do not include transplants and many of them suffer greatly with the ailment they have. In one moment your life can change forever, so be thankful for your heart that beats to keep you alive.
  11. Bladder. Leaky bladders are an inconvenience that we can be grateful we don’t have to deal with. Even if you do have this issue there are a great many blessings in modern times to help you deal with this.
  12. Stomach.As someone who’s had stomach challenges, it’s something to be happy about when your stomach isn’t in pain. There are many different reasons and ailments to do with your stomach. Some easier to fix than others, but we can all be thankful that in this modern age they come up with more and more to be able to help those in pain in this area.  There are those times when stomach problems arise that take your time, your energy, and even in those times we can thank the Lord for those times we also don’t have any pain.
  13. Bones.Many people suffer in this area and there are many reason for it. Do what you can to protect your bones from harm and be thankful for the good days, the bones that are good, and how blessed you really are.
  14. Health insurance.I know not everyone reading this has health insurance. For those of you that do, be grateful your insurance helps to reduce your medical bills. Many people have lost so much in their life because of the bills and they feel overwhelmed. Even when we have health insurance it doesn’t cover everything for most of us and we still have to come up with money…most do not have.  I truly am thankful that I am blessed with insurance for in this year alone my husbands bills are way over 100,000.  Insurance, in my opinion takes great greed in all of our lives.  However, God has blessed us and for that I am grateful.  It is surely no fun in having to worry all the time if one can go to the doctor and won’t be able to pay the bills.  Pray for these people, help them if you can, but thank God not only if you are healthy, but also if you can go to a doctor for the help you need.
  15. Meditation.There are many simple activities in life that can help improve our overall health. Meditation is different for different people. To me…it is spending time with God, and being in His presence.  For that, I am grateful beyond words. God gives us a peace to my soul that nothing else can give.
  16. Exercise.It may not be the most fun thing to do for some of you, but be grateful if you’re physically able to exercise and help keep yourself healthy.
  17. Therapy.Mental health is just as important as physical health. We can be thankful that there are mental health professionals available to help us cope with the stress of the times. Life is hard and many have gone through things, seen things, done things that they have trouble dealing with (military, police etc are a couple). But there are those who have been abused and been victims of crime that need help and someone to be able to talk to someone about what is hurting them.  Be thankful that there are places and people you can go to and get help.
  18. Sickness.Yes, we can even be grateful for sickness. Going through it in a way makes us more appreciative when our health is good. Although this can be very difficult…ask God to get you through this and know that He is there with you even in the most difficult of times for you and for those you care about as well.


Financial gratitude

  1. Having money.While we may not have much in our wallet or our bank account, we can always be grateful we have some money to buy some things. There are a lot of people that don’t have any at all. We all know that you need money to eat, put a roof over your head, buy food, clothes and get around. It is not easy in this day and age especially when we see what the government (my opinion) is doing to all of us.  I don’t have to be rich, and I don’t want the things you or anyone has no matter how rich or famous one might be.  I am thankful for the things I do have, and rich or poor I know God is still here with me/us.  He will get me/us through even the most difficult of times. 
  2. Earning money.You’ve probably seen how many people have had their jobs lost recently. If you’re still able to earn money for yourself, that’s a lot to be glad for. Also…I see an awful lot of lazy people who can work and won’t. They want freebies at the cost of those who actually do work.  God doesn’t want us to be lazy.  Some can’t work and this is not now nor ever will be about them…but if you are capable of working to support yourself or a family…go to work and be thankful you can.  Many wish they could and can’t. 
  3. Little (or no) debt.It’d, of course, be nice not to have debt at all, but some people have thousands of dollars in debt. If you’re one of the few who has low debt, it’s worth being grateful for. If you do have a lot of debt that you took out…be wise and pay your own debts. Others should not have to pay your debts for you.  Learn how to manage money and talk to creditors about maybe smaller payments you can pay until you get debt-free, and stop making more debts.  Life is hard and times are tough for sure, but we can make it through this.  Do your best to stay within your means and you don’t have to keep up with the Jone’s as they say.  Your kids, nor you, need all the things others have. 
  4. Paid bills.Sometimes people reach a point where they can’t pay their bills for the month, and their whole world is about to fall apart. It’s a blessing you can count on if you can still pay your bills. At least make partial payments to those you owe money too. Let them know you take your debts seriously.  Be thankful every time you can truly pay for something. 
  5. Money to donate.It’s a wonderful thing to be able to donate your money to a worthy cause. You might not be able to give a lot to something, but even something small God sees it when you give it with a good heart and a good motive. Be thankful.  It is not the amount you give…it is the heart that gives it that matters. 
  6. Savings.Whether you’re saving for a home or for retirement, it’s great to have finances in your bank to use for something special someday. It is great to be able to pay for something, like an emergency that comes up..such as things breaking at home, your car, health, or whatever that needs money you did not plan on. Even if you can only put 5-10 dollars into an account…start there.  Be thankful.
  7. Investments.Knowing your money is growing over time can provide some good peace of mind. Yet, in this day and age many of us have seen what we worked for all our working life…start to disappear…we can still be thankful for what we still have in life. Money doesn’t get us into heaven.  We need to trust God in all our finances. 

Environmental gratitude

  1. Earth.No other nearby planet in our solar system could allow us to live comfortably quite as Earth does. Yet, we must stop believing all the lies that the government tries to tell us.  God is in charge and God said all these things on earth would happen before He returned.  I trust God way more than I trust our government or any government.  But yes, we can do all we can to protect the things God has blessed us with on this earth.  There is so much to be thankful for and I choose to thank God for all of them. 
  2. Clean water.Water is such a necessary item for our body and this earth. Clean water is what we want and need in our life.  Many in the world do not have this.  If you do thank God.  If you don’t and someone is hurting and you are able in some way to help them…please help them.  No one wants to drink dirty water.
  3. Clean air.China is one of the most heavily polluted areas in the world, with many people who end up developing respiratory issues. If you live in an area where the air around you is clean, it’s another thing to be happy about. There are so many places on this earth now that have dirty air and people have a hard time breathing. Many have horrible respiratory ailments and would give anything to be able to breathe easily.  If you do/can thank God.  It is an awful feeling not being able to breathe (asthma and so on like it). 
  4. Trees.Studies have proven being in nature is good for our overall well-being. Be grateful if you have lots of trees around where you live. Even if you can only go and visit an area with trees enjoy their blessings of them. They give air to your being.  If you don’t live in an area with trees…still thank God for the trees upon this earth because even if they are not close to you…they are still working for you.
  5. Sunshine.In some places, it rains most of the time. Even if you live in a place like that, you can be very grateful for the few times the sun actually comes out. Many of us live in places that have a major amount of sun…in the summer many of us don’t want to go out in it for not only is it HOT, it feels miserable. I am always amazed that some people thrive in that, but not me.  I like/love the months of the year when the sun is out and the pain from the heat is not blaring down.  I thank God for the sun and the benefits of it for us and the planet. 

Random gratitude

  1. Exciting sports game.It can be an exciting sports game or some other kind of live event. While there haven’t been many of them lately, I can look back at some of the ones I enjoyed most.

Yet for me the most amazing events were not sports but were events that I went to  that praised the Lord.  He should always get more excitement than a sports event…always. 

  1. Inspiring speeches We can be grateful for all the people who had the courage and confidence to give inspiring speeches. There have been many who have done this. I personally am thankful more for those in my Bible who stood up and gave speeches to help me and others to get right with God.

72.Work is finished. It’s always a great feeling when you finish your work for the day and go home or go do something you want to do. Be grateful when you reach that point in your day.

  1. Favorite food.Whatever is one of your favorite foods that you can eat…be thankful. I know I love good vegetables, salad, and a great steak. Whatever yours is…if you get the chance to have some thank God for the lovely food.
  2. Making someone laugh.When you make someone laugh, you make them feel good for a moment in their day. When we make people feel good, we make ourselves feel good too. Be glad when you can do that. Maybe it is them making you laugh at something…whichever way it is be grateful that you or them can have a moment to feel better.
  3. The quiet of the nighttime or morning time.Some neighborhoods aren’t as quiet as others, but when your neighborhood is quiet, stop for a moment and appreciate the peace of the silence. I don’t have that issue, but I sure do enjoy my morning time in peace with God. No distractions (usually), but if I do have or get some of those distractions…I will do whatever I can to get back into God mode and let the world go for a time each morning.  Some people will never be a morning person and I am not the nighttime person.  I love my morning with God and am truly grateful that when I get up I can spend some quality time with God. 

Spiritual gratitude  

  1. Faith.It’s an inspiring force in our lives for those who are faith-minded. If you are, have gratitude for faith’s influence and inspiration in your life. Best time of my own day is the time I take to make things right with God and sit in His presence.
  2. Spiritual community.Connecting with a group of people who believe the same things as you can be comforting and make you happy.Be thankful for when you enjoy these times with your faith group.
  3. Spiritual growth.Living a life of faith is a journey. Be glad for how far you’ve grown in your spirituality. You won’t grow in God if you never take the time to be with Him. He has always been there for us and once you find Him and spend quality time with Him you won’t want anything to take that away from you.
  4. Prayer.I personally find prayer comforting. Even in the times I don’t yet have an answer, or get the answer I think I should have…I know God listens, is working on the issues, and that His answer to me even if it doesn’t come as I thought it should…it will always be the right answer.  God says, yes, God says no, and God says not at this time.  We all want things now or yesterday, but we don’t want to wait.  Sometimes we just must wait.  Somethings and sometimes God has something better coming our way.
  5. Bible.The words of our Bible text can also be comforting. For me it is. I can read the same texts over and over and someone get even more from it.  God doesn’t let us get all the answers all the time…sometimes we must wait to understand something. The Bible is as comforting as you let it be.  I am thankful for mine and the time and things God shows me.
  6. Music.It’s beautiful to hear people singing together in worship. I love good music, but it is the praise of God that comforts my soul.
  7. God.For those who believe in God, you already know how important God is to you. If you have God in your life then you have the most important thing right there in front of you.  Be thankful.

Food gratitude

  1. Fruits.Fruits are not only really tasty, but they provide a lot of benefits to our overall body function.
  2. Vegetables.Vegetables give us many of the things we need to live well.
  3. Nuts.One of the best snacks to eat.
  4. Grains.Rice is one of the most popular grains in the world, but there are many great grains out there and God created them all.
  5. Ice cream.This dessert is a wonderful treat we can appreciate on special occasions. I’d say, “Who doesn’t like ice cream” but I know there are people who don’t.
  6. Your favorite dessert.Whatever your favorite desert is…thank God that you can have it…if only maybe once in a while.
  7. Your favorite meal. Be glad you can enjoy your favorite meal when you can. Some people don’t get to…but if you can/do, then thank God that you can/do.
  8. Spices.I appreciate all the glorious species God put on this earth to help make food taste better.
  9. Finding a new favorite food.It’s a rare thing to discover a new food you like. Be happy when you do.
  10. Having enough to eat.Hunger is a major problem around the world. It’s a blessing to be able to eat until we’re full. The world has so many hungry people in it that go to bed each day hungry.  Again, if you can help someone…do it.  If you are blessed to be able to go to bed and not be hungry…then thank God mightily for that. 

Relationship gratitude

  1. Being able to trust someone.You may have had a tough time trusting people throughout your life. Be glad if you now have someone you can completely trust. People are human and people let us down…but know this also…no matter how nice of a person you truly believe you are…all of us have let someone down. We just need to do our best to do right.  Be honest, trustworthy, and be that friend that you want others to be to you. 
  2. Waking up to the person you love.It can be one of the best feelings to wake up next to the person you love.
  3. Your partner is doing something nice for you.It’s still a pleasant surprise to me whenever my partner does something nice for me.
  4. Date night.You can cherish the moments you get to go out with your partner and have a good time. Not everyone is able to do this for many reasons. If you get to spend time somewhere with someone you care about…thank God for that.
  5. Gifts from your partner.Be grateful when your partner goes out of their way to spend money on something for you or does something for you (no matter how small or big it might be).
  6. Encouragement.Our partner in life can give us some of the best encouragement we need to do things in life. We all desire encouragement and love in our life.  Let us be thankful for even the smallest of things.
  7. Support.It’s nice to just always have that one person who’s there to support you throughout life.

In life we have people come and go.  It is part of life and we get that, but there are people who have gone through our life that truly blessed us.  I know of a few like that.  I am so thankful for those who did or were there.  We don’t always get to have certain people or things stay in our life, but we sure can appreciate those who were there.  For me…I just pray that they are or were happy in their life and got, or get, to spend their life with loved ones.  I truly am thankful for what time I got with them, and pray every moment of their life was good to them.

  1. Kisses.Kissing is one of the most special touches to cherish in a relationship
  2. Hugs.Holding someone in your arms is a beautiful moment to appreciate. Hugs are amazing!
  3. Holding hands.A special moment of connection that can make us glad.
  4. Showers or bubble baths together.Within a marriage, these private moments of intimacy are worth appreciating.
  5. Making love.Be glad for all the times you get to be this close to your partner. Love, in God’s eyes, is only to be with your spouse within the confines of what God calls a marriage. It is to be between a man and a woman who are married.  When it is then God blesses that marriage. 

Work gratitude

  1. Kind coworkers.Working somewhere where everybody is nice is quite a luxury. I found in all my years of working that there is always someone who is miserable and wants everyone else to be just as miserable as they are. Some think that they are perfect and everyone else is not…but I was thankful I had a job and praying for the person is better than fighting a battle with them.  Maybe we were to reach them for the Lord in some way.  I don’t wish anyone in a work place to take their job, but that if they are not right for the job…then pray that God puts them some place they will be right for.  If God puts you in a position be thankful, learn, and do right, but also learn that being kind gets more done than being angry.
  2. Kind boss.Bosses can be tough sometimes. It’s good to find one that’s kind to you.
  3. Your job.It pays the bills, and maybe you do actually enjoy where you work. Better to give that job quality work than slack off.  You get way more out of it. 
  4. Working from home.It’s quite a luxury to appreciate being able to work from home. Not everyone can do this. Some crave being around others while they work.  As for me…I do better work when I am in a cubby by myself than out in the open where I have to listen to gossip and backstabbing.  In fact, I do really well at home doing my work.  I am, or was, thankful when I could do this. 
  5. Positive work feedback.Getting a good word from your boss can motivate you to work even harder and believe in yourself. Story here: I once had a boss who wrote me up for being too tidy.  Not for not doing my job, but that my office was just too clean.  I had everything in my office labeled and anyone who needed something if I was not there…could find what they needed. Someone could have come in and did my job if I was not there and not wonder where something was.  This bothers me to this day.  However, no one could find anything in her office except for her…just saying, but, yes, it does bother me for her to have said that.  Just weird to me I guess. 
  6. Promotions.To be able to move the ladder in your career is something worth celebrating. However, don’t go up that ladder at the expense of another or wish someone else to fail. God can raise you up but don’t wish others bad to get there. Rather pray that someone else finds an even greater job for them.

Inventions to be glad for

  1. Cars.They give us the freedom to go long distances, see places, and get what we need. Even though the cost of everything is insane…if one has a vehicle to get places…praise the Lord for that blessing.
  2. Planes.Planes are able to take us all over the world.
  3. Televisions.We see our favorite shows and learn about the world around us. I remember our first tv…this little tv…was like 12 or 13 inches…had like 3 channels, was in black and white, and all our friends and family would come over and watch it.  Now there are thousands of stations, in color, and most of the things are not fit for a Christian to watch…but there are still things you can watch and for those be thankful.  However, any news you watch…beware that most likely 90% is just not true. 
  4. Cell phones.They keep us connected with people while we’re on the move. I am very thankful for this modern convenience, yet it can’t control our lives.  There is a time for it and a time to put it down and get back to time with family and friends.
  5. Internet.There’s a world of information available to us because of the internet. I do remember when I was in school way back when. We didn’t have computers, phones we could carry around, and time for meals was spent at the table with family and not in a room on our gadgets.  When we did school work and needed to do a report…we went to the library and actually had to research things, write things, and actually learn things.  I am thankful that I grew up in that time for I do not like what I see in schools today and what is happening with our children.
  6. Computers.Computers have made the world a lot smaller. I didn’t say better. Computers can be a major blessing for getting things done, but computers can be evil as well with what you look up on it, what you spend your time researching, and the time they take away from family time.  However…they can be a very big blessing in getting this done as well.
  7. Bikes.A great exercise activity.
  8. Microwaves.It’s great that food doesn’t have to take longer to heat up. I remember our first one. Amazing it was.  We all use these all the time and they are still great for heating things fast.  I am grateful for the time it gave me that I didn’t have to spend heating in other ways.
  9. Stoves.We’re able to cook a variety of meal ideas with stoves. They make life a lot more convenient than billions of people have not had the pleasure in their life of having. We take it for granted, but a lot of other people now and past…around the world were not so blessed with this. 
  10. Ovens.We can enjoy baking and cooking so many things with ovens. All I can say is I always enjoy and am thankful for my oven, my toaster oven, my air fryer.  They make things much faster.  I wish everyone could enjoy these things and be blessed by them.
  11. Couches.One of the most comfortable furniture pieces in existence. I am greatly thankful!!!
  12. Beds.The invention of the bed keeps us from no longer needing to sleep on the ground. A good bed is a blessing and many do not have the luxury of this. Be thankful if you are blessed with a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in.
  13. Refrigerators.We can enjoy our food for many days. We all love our refrigerators that keep our food safe and cold. We no longer (old here) have to put actual ice in each day to keep things cold. 
  14. Freezer.We can keep our food stored away for months, thankfully, because of the freezer.
  15. Washer.Thanks to the washer, clothes take less time to clean than they did in the past.
  16. Dryer. I’m glad dryers keep us from having to hang our clothes all day to get them dry. Dryers fluff our clothes and don’t come out all stiff like they did on clothes lines…yet sheets and things like that on a clothes line were great.
  17. Shoes.Thankfully, shoes keep us from hurting our feet.
  18. Toilets.Toilets have made going to the bathroom a lot more sanitary. To many old-timers who had out houses (and some people still do in certain places) toilets are a great and thankful thing.
  19. Warm showers. (hot showers yahoo)We can be glad that warm showers can give us a comfortable way to clean ourselves. Guess I will not understand why some people don’t want to take a shower when they are such a blessing to feel clean.
  20. Faucets.Water in an instant is a special thing. Some people have to walk many miles to get fresh water. We have been so blessed and thankful to have good clean water when we turn our faucests on.
  21. Credit cards.An easier way to buy things. But not for everyone for sure. Some people should never have one and abuse them terribly…but to those who pay them off each month and use them wisely…they really can be a great blessing.
  22. Cameras.We can capture all of our memories on tape. I remember how many old cameras with the film in them. You didn’t always get good pictures or get them set up right away and lost some really good pictures.  Now, we have even cell phones that have great cameras in them.  Pictures remind us of loved one, places we have gone and things we have done.  That is a blessing.
  23. Light bulbs.Be glad you don’t have to light a lantern every night. I am so thankful for lights.
  24. Paper. Thanks to paper, we have something to write down all kinds of messages and notes. Paper and even paper clips, pencils, pens, markers…all wonderful inventions that I personally use all the time and am grateful for.
  25. Wi-Fi.Being able to access the internet in wi-fi hotspots saves us all a lot of time.

Occupations to appreciate

  1. Teachers
  2. Firefighters
  3. Doctors
  4. Nurses
  5. Garbage workers
  6. Inventors
  7. Cooks
  8. Scientists
  9. Pilots
  10. Police, military, first responders
  11. Counselors
  12. Ministers
  13. Entertainers
  14. Web designers
  15. Artists
  16. Editors
  17. Anesthesiologists
  18. Mechanics
  19. Cleaning servants
  20. Servers
  21. Crime scene cleaners
  22. Farmers
  23. Officers
  24. Political leaders
  25. Truck drivers
  26. Builders
  27. HVAC workers
  28. Writers
  29. Camera workers
  30. Sound workers
  31. Lawyers
  32. Tech people
  33. Factory workers
  34. Activists
  35. Comedians
  36. EMTs
  37. Roofers
  38. Retail workers
  39. Grocery clerks
  40. Singers
  41. Songwriters
  42. Veterinarians
  43. Accountants
  44. Athletes
  45. Engineers
  46. Customer service workers
  47. Road workers
  48. Military personnel

Animals to appreciate

  1. Bees.Be happy that bees keep our food crops pollinated, which helps the crops to grow the food we eat.
  2. Beavers.The building that beavers do helps to prevent flooding.
  3. Squirrels.The nut stashes that squirrels forget sometimes help new trees grow.
  4. Elephants.Elephants can dig water holes, allowing other animals to drink water.
  5. Birds.Birds are critical to the soil fertilization and pest control of our planet.
  6. Dogs.Described as man’s best friend, we can be glad that dogs are faithful companions. Oh the joy of having a little one that makes your day seem okay. They are loyal, loving, need us, and give us great joy. 
  7. Cats.All cat lovers definitely appreciate these creatures.

Wardrobe to be glad for

  1. Sweaters.They keep us warm in the winter
  2. T-shirts.One of the simplest wardrobe choices to make.
  3. Dress.For ladies, I’m sure they appreciate how pretty dresses make them look
  4. Skirts.Similar to dresses, most ladies appreciate how nice skirts can feel on them.
  5. Suits.A nicely tailored suit can also feel good to wear.
  6. Socks.Another helpful item to keep our feet warm in the winter
  7. Hats.Be glad when a hat can keep your head cool in the summer
  8. Undergarments.Both men and women can appreciate comfortable undergarments.

Other things to be glad about

  1. Having a patio.It’s nice to enjoy the great view from a porch or deck.
  2. Candles.Appreciate the pleasant scents of candles.
  3. Windows.Be glad about having a window to see nature or other beautiful things outside.
  4. Full moon.An amazing sight when they happen.
  5. Time.Appreciate that you still have time to do things in life. The older one gets the more they realize just how much of it is a blessing you have another day.
  6. GPS.Many of us would probably be getting lost without them. Especially in big cities, on vacation, or traveling.
  7. Technology.We’re more able to connect with people and get information than ever before. This can be good or bad, but we need to learn how to make it a good thing and not a bad thing. I am grateful that I can stay in touch with loved ones through this.
  8. Heating and cooling.The weather can be very harsh in some places in the world. Some live without access to heating and cooling to make their home comfortable. If you have that access, add that to your list. I am extremely grateful for an air conditioner. I didn’t have one most of my life and in the desert, and the older one gets the more you appreciate this.
  9. Your own room.Lots of people don’t have the luxury of sleeping and being in their own room. Be glad if you have an area where you can be alone and completely yourself.
  10. Shower.That moment that hot (or warm) water hits your skin, have gratitude for the comfort of a working shower. I think that this is one of the best times of my day.
  11. Clean floors.You can clean your floors and be happy to be able to comfortably walk barefoot in your home.
  12. Happy moments.Even if the happy moments are few and far between, have thankfulness for when they do come. Cherish the happy moments.
  13. Crying.Crying can make us feel good and reduce the pain we feel. Hopefully, you won’t be sad for long, but you can appreciate your tears help improve your well-being.
  14. Mistakes.No one wants to make mistakes in life, but they’re one of the few ways we learn lessons in life. Be glad that your mistakes help you to grow into the better person you’re becoming each day.
  15. Accomplishments. There are things you’ve done in life that you’re proud of. You can be thankful for those moments you achieved something. It can be a very small accomplishment or a big one. Each can be very satisfying for the work you did to get it done.
  16. Hobbies.Everybody has something in life they enjoy doing. You can do those activities you enjoy and be thankful you get to enjoy them.
  17. Favorite movies and TV shows.I like looking back at old TV shows or movies I really liked all the time. I’m grateful for the good feelings they still give me when I watch them again. However, it is very difficult in this day and age to find something that is good for the soul and is not filled with hate, anger, violence, and f-bombs. I like my soul to feel good when I watch something that I gave my time to watch.  For the good ones out there I am grateful. 
  18. Thunderstorm at night.Sometimes thunderstorms can help us peacefully fall asleep at night. If it helps you, add this to your list. I like the monsoons that come in the summer here, however, I do not want anyone hurt because of them. I am very thankful when they come and they clean up the air and bring a cleaning to the dessert.
  19. Peacefulness.It’s great to have peace within and peace around us.
  20. Social media.While social media rightly gets criticized for the harm it can cause to our mental health; we can be appreciative of the good it gives us in staying connected with people that aren’t near us. It is what we do with the blessing of it and not do things on it that we should not do, watch things we know God disapproves of. It can be a grateful blessing or a curse.  I choose the blessing.
  21. Instrument.Instruments and music are a grateful blessing. But again, not all are. It is what you do with it, what you listen to, and is it godly?
  22. Books.I love to read. I probably have read over 3000 plus books.  Books are a grateful blessing for me.   Be happy with the books that you can enjoy reading right now.
  23. Pest-free home.Believe it or not, some people live in apartments with rats, roaches, and large spiders. If you don’t, that can be added to your list.
  24. Things that are still the same.We so often get frustrated with everything that goes wrong; we forget how much continues to go right for us every single day. When things go right…thank God, and when they don’t for a season…learn and thank God anyway.
  25. Things that change.Even when things change in life, we can be glad for that too. Changes can bring about new experiences and new opportunities that can potentially make our lives better.
  26. Heartbreak.While heartbreak is never pleasant, we can appreciate it’s making us stronger than we were before.

Little things to appreciate

  1. Chairs.We really don’t think about how much of an inconvenience it can be to not have chairs in our home. We can be glad that we don’t have to sit on the floors. Also if someone has a health issue where they need a good chair..when you sit in that chair what a blessing it can be.
  2. Tables.Similarly, with chairs, not having tables can be an inconvenience as well. Be thankful you have something to set things on when you need to.
  3. Plates.We can be thankful we don’t have to hold all of our food in our hands.
  4. Utensils.We can be thankful we don’t have to eat all of our food with our hands.
  5. Naps.Appreciate the naps that you get to enjoy in the middle of the day. Sometimes we just need to rest our bodies, our brains, and reboot. That is a blessing.
  6. Sleeping in.There are many people who have to wake up early for their specific jobs. This would definitely be a blessing for me to actually sleep all night once, but it has not happened for years…however, for every moment that I can and do sleep, I am very grateful.
  7. You had food to eat. Many people have very little to eat. If you are blessed with being able to have meals in your life…thank God for that because it truly is a blessing.
  8. Making progress.Even if the progress you’re making is tiny, you can appreciate it getting you closer to where you want to be in life.
  9. Indoor plumbing.In some places, people have to go outside to use the bathroom. Being able to use the bathroom in the comfort of our home is another luxury we can be appreciative of.
  10. The past.We can be glad for our past helping us to become the best of ourselves that we are today. So what if your past was stinky and all…today is a new day and you can make your life better and be blessed and thankful in it. The past is past…today is here, and tomorrow is not promised. 
  11. Mondays.A lot of people tend to not like the start of the workweek. Nonetheless, Mondays are something we can be thankful about because it’s another chance to put in work for the future we want someday. For me, every single day is a blessing to wake up, be with God, do right, live right, and love people.
  12. Getting through Wednesdays.It’s nice to get past the middle of the week and be close to the weekend. Again…I love every day of the week.
  13. Alarms.I used to be able to wake up early easily. I’m grateful that we have alarms that help us wake up at the time we need to. I have not had to use an alarm for years…I just wake up when I should and for that alarm in my head I am grateful, but for those who don’t do that…I am grateful they have an alarm.
  14. Right choices.When you make the right choices in life, you’re able to feel proud of yourself.  I don’t personally see it as being proud of myself.  I should be making right choices and many times in my life I did not.  I now have God in my brain and I want to please Him so I want to make right choices and do right.  We should always be striving to do right and that is a blessing.

More things to appreciate

  1. Honesty.It’s nice when people actually tell you the truth. I don’t see many people in this day and age who tell the truth, but there are some.  I am very grateful when people are honest with me and others.  No one likes to be lied to and this government, these news places, these schools, and so on…very few are telling the truth.  I love it when I know someone is honest with me.  We don’t have to love what someone says, but we can be thankful for the truth.
  2. Being alive in this moment of time.With all the technology, it’s one of the best times to be alive. (or is it?) Yes, because we are living in the end times and what we choose to do right now to get right with God is extremely important.  We see the world falling apart, but we don’t have to.  When Jesus is on our side and we are His we have all we need to make it through this world.  I am grateful that in my life I saw a lot of good before it turned to the bad I see around us now.  To us who are older we did see a lot of good things and not all this insanity that is going on around us.  However, God is still in control and God has a clock ticking for His return.  I am glad I am alive right now and have even the possibility of being here when my Lord returns. 
  3. History.There’s so much for us to learn from history. Although society wants to think they can destroy history in America…they can’t. History is history and no matter what they tear down or try to change in books…history is history and I am thankful that I got to learn of it without all these nuts trying to take it down.
  4. New discoveries.As time moves on, we discover new things that make all of our lives easier. But not everything does or will. We have to take this one with caution.  Just because someone says something is good for us doesn’t mean it is or will be.  Be thankful for the good ones though.
  5. Aha moments.Always appreciate those moments where something makes sense to you on a deep level. There are many aha moments in my life and for everyone I am super thankful.
  6. Bringing a smile to someone’s face.Making someone smile is a great feeling. The world has gotten so bad and you see less and less of true happiness in people. Yet, when you do see it, thank God for it.
  7. Texting.Our communication is able to be quick and easy. Most people now a days use texting to get ahold of those we love and even those not so much. It can be a blessing, but not always.  I miss the days when people/family/friends actually talked to one another.  However, there are many times (especially when in someplace to talk would be rude) that texting is a good thing. 
  8. Video chatting.Who would have guessed that 20 years ago, we’d be able to video chat each other from all over the world? I do like this one. I like being able to see my family as though we were close and see each other. My family is not all close together so talking to them where I can actually see them…is a blessing. 
  9. A sense of humor.Life is very serious, so it’s nice to have a sense of humor to make light of our reality.
  10. Your talents.Everyone has some kind of talent. Appreciate your talents. We can all do something…let’s do it. If you are talented then use that talent to bless others with.
  11. Your family background.Learn about your family history and appreciate the journey of your family story. Sometimes it seems like a good thing, but for some, it is not and bring bad memories.  If it is a good thing for you…be thankful. 
  12. Being accepted.It feels good when people like you just the way you are. There will always be people who don’t like us and that is okay. We can’t make people like or love us…nor want us around, but we don’t have to treat others badly just because they show hate for us.  Pray for them.  When it’s family it is difficult, but we can love them, pray for them, and pray things change.  It if does then be thankful. 
  13. Your favorite song.You probably know how amazing it is when your favorite song starts playing.
  14. Compliments.Giving and receiving compliments are things to be glad about. Some people have no clue how to accept a compliment. Yet, we want them because we want someone to notice things in our life even some of the little things.  Be thankful when someone makes you feel good about something you did, but if they don’t tell you and you know you did right…God is pleased with you and that is enough.
  15. Pleasant interaction with strangers.It’s nice when a stranger is willing to talk and be friendly with us. I still have a bit of difficulty with this one because we live in a day and age of a lot of evil. We want to be friendly and have good interactions with others, but still, in my opinion, be cautious for not everyone who looks good, sounds good, and seems to say the right things are good people.  When you find one who is…be thankful. 


  1. Hair.It’s great to still have a full head of hair. Some think this of course, but it is still great when one doesn’t because we are all different and each is a blessing.
  2. Folders.All of our papers would probably be very disorganized without them.
  3. Computer memory.I’m glad about all the photos, videos and other files I can keep on my computer.
  4. Christmas.I love to celebrate Christmas with family. I, personally know that was not the day of Jesus’ birth but we celebrate it then.  I do think we need to celebrate Christmas for what it is and represents and not to get things.  We want to make a family happy and see happy faces when they open gifts, but the greatest gift ever was what Jesus did for me on the cross.
  5. Thanksgiving.Even if you don’t like getting together with your family, the food is great. I like Thanksgiving, but I don’t think or believe it is a turkey that makes that day. I personally like Mexican food, or steak, but will do whatever makes others happy in this area. 
  6. Fourth of July.If you’re American, it’s a great tradition to witness the fireworks show on this day. I have got past having to do that. Was fun when my kids were little, but anymore it doesn’t feel the same with all the hate and insanity going on.  I do, however, thank my Lord for being an American, living here, and being free.  That is such a blessing to my soul.  We must stand up for right, do right, love God and put God back into America.  America seems to have lost its soul and it needs to put God back into America, thank every person who has served this great country and who fought for our freedom.  For that I am truly grateful for this day and every day I live in America. 
  7. Diversity.There are so many different backgrounds of people around the world. Diversity makes the world a better place. Yes, and no. We want diversity…but if God is not the center then it is not a good thing.  Hate, racism, woke and all the crap going on out there is not a good thing.  Being diverse and living for God is. 
  8. Failure.Failures give us lessons that help us to eventually succeed. We fail and by failing we learn. No one loves to fail and go through things in life…but every time we fail we get back up and we do right this time.  So what if we fail?  I have learned many wonderful things by failing at something. 
  9. Thoughts.Our thoughts can help shape our reality positively.
  10. Lost opportunities.When opportunities are lost, it’s always possible it could be a blessing in disguise. However, God gives us many opportunities that we need to go on to do. God opens and closes doors and closed doors do not mean something is bad, maybe it will mean God has something better for us…if we wait upon Him to show us.
  11. Wise words.Be glad for the times words are profound and inspire you.
  12. Life. Despite all the good and the bad that can come with it, life is worth appreciating. No matter how bad things get in life there is always something you be thankful for. Always!
  13. Feeling relaxed.There are many moments in life when we feel stressed or anxious. That moment when you feel relaxed is one you should cherish and have gratitude for.
  14. Screws.
  15. Pencils, pens, highlighters, paperclips, scissors, glue, hole puncher, stapler, stamps, envelopes and so on
  16. Journals.
  17. Toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
  18. Soap.
  19. Lotion.
  20. Shampoo, conditioners
  21. Toilet paper.
  22. Paper towels.
  23. Nails.
  24. Shovels
  25. Hammers.
  26. Batteries.
  27. Seat belts.
  28. Bowls.
  29. Toothbrushes.
  30. Paintbrushes.
  31. Flashlight.
  32. Envelope.
  33. Pinecone.
  34. Gloves.
  35. Nightstands.
  36. Keyboards.
  37. Screens.
  38. Cologne.
  39. Perfume.
  40. Thermometers.
  41. Nail clippers.
  42. Keys.
  43. Radios.
  44. Rugs.
  45. Slippers.
  46. Stop signs.
  47. Rulers


Okay, now it is your turn.  Get a journal or your phone or whatever means you want to use and begin thanking God for things in your life.  Small or big…thank Him.  If just getting out of bed or taking a breath…thank Him. 

This list is in no way complete, and it is not your list.  You can use it for ideas, of course, but make your own list and keep it going.  Not everything here will apply to what you are feeling.  It is only here for ideas at first. 

I wish you well in your thanks journal.  I love you all and hope you find God’s peace in your life more and more each and every day.

Blessings your way!