Post 12…February 2023…Holiness

James 1:27 NLT  says:  27 Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

Are you living in Holiness?  Why do you think that or not think that? 

  • Today, striving for holiness means having a relationship with God defined by obedience to His will and being shaped to have His character; “For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness” (1 Thessalonians 4:7). Being holy makes the believer set apart from the evils of the world and useful for His kingdom.

Is that you or what you want for your life?  Our Lord Jesus came down and lived here and the entire time He was here He is the only one who has never sinned.  He never lied and He sure never deceived anyone. 

The Lord, through the Holy Spirit, helps correct our life and wants us to get back on track.  By that, I mean, He wants us to be right with God and do as God says to do.  However, we have been given a free will and can choose to love or reject the Lord, and do right or choose to do wrong.

When Jesus died upon this earth He entered heaven with 100% of His moral character pure and clean.  Jesus is always to be our example in how we live.

As I look around society in this day and age I don’t see a lot of good character and sure not much of holiness.  Many people chose to reject Jesus and live as the world does.  When they hear the word now it is but foolishness to them.  They don’t get it…nor do they think they need to.  They want to go on with their life the way they are because they like doing the things they do…and that most definitely includes sinning. 

Unholiness is the cause for the failure but they can’t see it because they are blinded to the truth.  They really have no clue. 

To us, who are Christians, we chose to follow the Lord and He drew us to Him.  That is so amazing!!!   We could have chosen like the world does and walk away and reject Him…but we chose to follow Him, and in doing so to commit the rest of our life on earth to Him and doing His will over doing our own will. We found out that we had to abandon habitual sin in our life and go on a lifetime journey of growing in the Lord, doing right, and being victorious in our crossing over.

We need to be honest here….what does God see when He looks at you?  Are you His or do you belong to this world and it’s ways?  Are you growing in His ways or existing in the world and liking the ways there of? 

Holiness means what to you? 

Let each of us begin to be holy in our life.  Do those things that will make us more holy.  Satan is out to destroy our homes, our marriages, our life, our children, our job, our health, our friendships, and everything else. 

Because God sees our heart, knows us inside out, and loves us…He wants us to do right, choose right, and because of that we should want even more to please Him in every area of our life. 

Think for a little while here what do you put into your life that you know God would not be pleased with.  Why are you doing that?  We all have and many times we didn’t even think it was an issue.  Be honest here!!!

Let’s look at some examples: What do you look at on your computer? TV? Read? Watch? Listen to? Where do you go? Who do you hang out with?  What sites do you find yourself going to on social media and even watching the garbage that is out there and thinking that is okay. How do you talk?  Does your talk honor God or dishonor Him?  Do you go alog with all the cursing going on.  Have you tried to watch just about anything on TV that was not filled with the f-bomb, gays, transgenders, abortions, hate, evil and so on?  Do you think that is okay or does your spirit inside of you let you know that it is wrong and you should not be doing it?

We need to guard our life and those we love and stand on the word of God no matter what we see out there. 

Today, (for real) is Super Bowl Sunday.  In my heart I wish that the millions and millions of people who cheer for that and all the things they do…I wish they would cheer for the kingdom of God way more, but most do not do that. 

Well, where do you start to do right.  Right now.  You make a choice to really following Jesus and what He wants and letting go of the garbage in your life.  In each thing you must make a choice ask yourself if it would honor God or not.  If not…don’t go there, and don’t do it.

Guard you actions.  Think!  Learn! Pray! And work towards being a real Christian.  Anyone can go to church and call themselves a Christian, but are they? 

I have known good people in my lifetime, but if I am honest here, I have only a few that I would consider being a pretty holy person.  One I will tell you about and her name was Mrs Iona Cloud.  She loved me when I was a child, took me to church, always was nice, always acted like a lady, talked right, acted right, and loved Jesus.  She showed me Jesus and I fully thank her for being there and doing that.  I didn’t follow God then but I did remember the things she taught and told me and I so thank her for that. 

We never know someone’s heard.  We can see how they live by their actions when no one is looking though.  I like many people and many are pretty good people, but I don’t see their heart like Jesus does.  As for Mrs Iona Cloud, I saw here daily for many, many years…and I can tell you she was always loving and kind. I really have no doubt this wonderful lady will be in heaven.  I want someone to think of me in a good way and that I made some kind of difference in their life.

So……………here we are again….Do you want your life to be what God would call a holy life?  Do you want to be better and follow the Lord no matter what you face in this life?  I sure do.  I am a student here.  God is my teacher and I need to learn so many things still while upon this earth.  I had many times I was just existing…but I don’t want to just exist any longer.  I want to make it to heaven.  I want others to make it to heaven.  I want to do right and please my Father in heaven, and if there are consequences for my actions can I really be mad?  No! 

I choose to confess my sins, repent of them, and do whatever God wants me to so I can change for the better and for the kingdom.  I hope you do as well.

So now…I pray that god will bless you, draw you, teach you, heal you, provide for you needs, and show you the way.  God bless you!!!