Post 24…May 2023…Life is Temporary Be Prepared

We come into this world and that begins our journey to our death.  The moment of our first breath of life takes us one day to our final breath.  Life is temporary and everything in it is also.  Some people will have a longer life than others but one day God will take that breath of life back.

Have you really ever sat and watched a beautiful sunrise or sunset?  Up they come and down they go.  Beautiful while they are here.  God put them there for us to see and for us to be part of. 

In this life we travel…we go day by day through it in hopes that it will be a great day somehow, but we don’t always have great days (in our opinion).  Some days we struggle, we hurt, we grieve and so on…yet tomorrow hopefully will come and we have another day that we hope is a great day.

Our life is like being in the desert.  We know we need to get to “our promised land” on the other side…but will we cross that desert fast, or will we have to go through difficult times because of the choices we make?

The thing is we all need to understand everyone and everything in our life only lives here temporarily.  We truly are temporary people. We get to use what God has put on this earth, but we don’t get to take it with us when we go.  The only thing we take with us is love.  This world is not our permanent home.  We are only walking through it to get to one of two places and where we end up will depend on us.

I live in a human tent.  I pick it up and take it wherever I go.  It is my tent.  You have your tent.  You might have a tent that is better in material things, but my tent will get me to the promise land also.  I don’t need or want your tent…for that belongs to you.  Life has enough problems in it…my tent goes with me from place to place and even when it wears out and my time is up…my tent won’t go to someone else…it will cease to be on this earth.  I will get a new body and I know it will be better than one I have now. 

In my tent, I had good times, bad times, times of fun and times of grief and sorrow.  I succeeded in some things and failed in other things.  I made right choices and I made some wrong choices in my life.  I had highs and I had lows.  People came and went in my life and some leaving it was extremely traumatic.  But then…they were only here temporarily as well. 

Even though this life is but temporary…my soul has always longed for Jesus and what He has done for me, is doing for me, and what He will do for me.  Jesus is the one permanent thing in my life.  He is my Rock, my redeemer, my everything.  Oh, I get to love others and that is a blessing beyond words…but without Jesus none of that means anything.  To miss Jesus is to miss everything.

I take a spot on this world for the moment.  But time is winding down.  The older one gets the more the realize this.  Yet everyday, every moment, every second God gives me is a gift and one in which I need to be about His business.  I am on a journey to get home and on that glorious day I will get to see all those I loved so much, and I will get to wait for those that might not be there yet.  It is just a change from one temporary home to a my permanent home.  In the meantime…I want my life to matter and I want as many people as possible to get to the promised land. There is room for all of us there. 

No matter what happens on this earth and no matter how bad it might get…we can look forward to our new home in heaven and spending eternity with God, the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Praise God!  My soul will dance with joy. 

Remember…everything here is temporary.  All our problems, our temptations, our trials, our tests, our desires, and so on…these things will fade away with our last breath here on earth.  We will be home and isn’t home where we all desire to be?  I know I look forward to being home in heaven and spending eternity learning whatever God wants me to learn.

My circumstances here on earth…will fade away.  I will cross that great final step right into glory with my Lord.  Who can ask for more? 

Right now, on this earth, we are just camping in our tent.  One day when we leave this world we will go into the greatest place ever.  I can only imagine.  One day I won’t have to imagine any longer.  Travel light my friends and family for we are to stay focused on Jesus, be ready to go, and while here do the right thing, be the right person, get our life right with Him…and be prepared.  God is so good!  Who could truly want a life without Him? That boggles my mind. 

Thank you Lord for all you have done for me, for my family, and thank you that you have never let me down.