Post 14…June 2023…The Holy of Holies and the Altar of Sacrifice

    The holy of holies represents God’s throne in heaven, and the brazen altar in the court represents man’s dwelling, earth. (sacrifice)

    The court was the place outside and away from the holy of holies…it is far removed from the holy of holies. It is in the court that sin was dealt with, where blood and death…and where sacrifice would be led to the altar and slain.  (sound familiar?) Think: Sin could not go into the holy of holies ever.  It had to be dealt with outside in the “court”. 

    Now, think on this:  Salvation…could not have been taken place in heaven because it is the holiest of all places and sin can not be there.  Sin could not be there because to stay in sin was death and heaven is eternal life.  The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for the sins of all people…had to take place outside of heaven.  Earth is the court!  It is where sin is being dealt with, where Jesus went to the cross to save us, and where He was the only perfect sacrifice ever. That is why the altar had to be outside of the holy of holies.  The sacrifice had to die away from the holy of holies.

    Jesus had to come into the world or He could not sacrifice Himself for us.  To be able to bear our sins it had to be outside of the holy of holies.  The cross and the altar could only take place, for this, outside of heaven, and only in the way that it was done.

    Now, since Jesus died for us, we have access to God.  He paid the price that we should have had to do.  Now, if we are His, we can one day enter into heaven for the sacrifice was given by Him for you and for me…and we are so blessed because of what He did. 

    We, live in this world until it is our time to go.  We live in the outer court…the place of sacrifice. We are to give Jesus our life and loyalty each day of our life.   We are to lay down our life, if necessary, for our Lord.  Our life must be a life that honors our God.  We are to always be thankful for what He did for all of us so that one day we can spend eternity with Him.