Post 28    Justice, Righteousness, and God’s perfect Justice

As I begin this day I want you to know that my soul is burdened by what I see around the world, but also what is going on in America. 

America…I love the country I was born in.  However, in the last several years I have found America to be spiritually, morally, and socially rotten to the core.  Now, don’t get me wrong for there are a great many good and wonderful godly people out there who do all they can to do right.

The Hypocrisy in our country and by “most” of the leadership even on whatever side one is on is an abomination.  Again, don’t get me wrong for there are a great many good and honest people in leadership and I presume on every side.  Hypocrisy is in government so big time it is difficult to wrap ones head around the evil out there.  It is in, not only our government, but especially in our schools on all levels where children, teens, and colleges are being programmed to hate and believe the lies they are being fed.  If one doesn’t go along with the lies…then the person who says anything or doesn’t go along is ostracized and bullied. It is in businesses; it is in even many of the churches who tickle people’s ears to keep them in church…but it is wrong at every level. 

Ungodliness, and immorality fills our society at a level that is insane.  Every day it is worse than the prior day was and who is going to stop all this garbage?  Who will stand for right no matter what people say?  Society is decaying at an alarming rate, and peoples saneness doesn’t seem so sane anymore.  Colleges, especially, are teaching not only hate…but evil doings to others.  I look at these protests and can’t even begin to imagine the lies they are being fed and lies they believe.  It is like drinking the Kool-Aid and waiting for the end to come thinking it is okay to do what they are doing.

As I look around at even just the society close by I see how evil everything has become, how greedy, uncaring, and so full of immorality that what they want and choose to believe and do…they truly think there is no God and no consequences for their actions.  How very sad that is.

The law is corrupt, the justice is no more…especially for anyone who doesn’t go along with the lies they have been fed.  No justice for victims of crime, police have their hands tied, DA’s don’t do their job, and evil is rampant all over America and the left nuts (not all left people go along with what the majority are doing).  Oppression, hatred, persecution, picking on Jews and Christians seems to make the left happy, but they will all stand before a perfect judge one day and give an account for the things they are doing. Even if people want/choose to believe there are no consequences for their sins they will still come because God Almighty says so.  I believe God over all the people out there no matter what they believe. 

The only way you will get to heaven no matter what people tell you is that Jesus must be your Lord and Savior.  He must be number one in your life.  You must confess your sins and repent/change your ways or no matter who thinks your good, or you think your good….it is the only way to heaven.  Since you don’t know the day or hour of your death…and because even 5 minutes from now is not promised to you…you just might want to ask Jesus into your life…and make things right with Him.  He is the only one who can let you enter into heaven.

God is very merciful for sure…but God is very just and brings perfect justice.  We all have sinned, but we can go to God and confess our sins, and we can change.  My brain never understands why anyone would ever want to go through life without God.

So many are blind to the truth of God’s word.  They have been programmed to believe God doesn’t exist, and that God’s somehow okay now with the sins they do.  He is not okay with sinning no matter who you are or what you have been told.  Look around and if you really want the truth you will see how many people are being indoctrinated into the lies of the devil.  God gave us a brain and expects us to use it. 

So many are oppressed and depressed that they feel like they are drowning and going down for the last time, but most of those don’t want to run to God and ask Him to help them change.  They really don’t want to know the truth.

If America doesn’t stop and listen to God then America will fall.  We have been given many warnings, and the thing is which warning is the last God will give before judgment comes?????????????  Hear the word of God, read the word of God, listen to the word of God….and ask God to show you the truth.  Do the truth!!!

Please don’t forget God or walk away from Him.  No matter how difficult things in our life can get God is still there with us and for us.  Sometimes we go through things and it takes those things to actually get us back to walking with God.

Also, don’t ever think you are better than anyone else.  You are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t think your race is better or more important either for it is not.  We are all the same and God created all of us.  If we can’t get along here on earth, why would you even think God would want you in heaven?????????

We must not oppress people, bully people, think they have to believe as we do.  The thing is they get to choose their own destiny.  Our job is to tell them the truth about Jesus…tell them the truth of what God’s word says.  If they choose not to go down the right path…they made the choice.  Oh, we want them to choose Jesus for sure…but if they don’t and we told them the truth…their destiny is in their own hands.  As the saying goes…one give the word/plants the seed, one waters, but it is God who gives the increase.  Turn from sinning to doing right while you still can.

Also, we must stand up for justice even if we stand alone in our endeavor.

We can have righteous anger at what is going on in our country and elsewhere.  What is happening all around us we must not compromise God’s word…under any circumstances.  Everyone is offended at something…but if you are offended at the truth…oh well.  I’d rather offend you than God. 

My heart is broken at what is going on in America and around the world.  I’m angry that people are okay with hurting others, and I am angry they think it is okay.  They stand against God and His ways, and accept the lies of the devil (and the left) and their worship of lying no-gods.  They cancel you in any way they can if you don’t believe them and go along with them…even those that know the truth and just go along with it. 

God must be put back in our life, our home, our marriage, our schools, our jobs, our government and everywhere else.  If we don’t put God back in our society…then don’t be surprised with America is destroyed. 

One of the ways we show God we love is to do His will even in tough times and when persecution comes our way.  They can make all the laws out there and tell us all we must go along with the lies.  NO, WE DO NOT GO ALONG with laws that go against the laws of God…no matter what they might do to us.

To have a godly life we must do things God’s way.  Our walk needs to be in doing our life in a way that pleases God.  We must be honest, trustworthy, and fair.  We must be compassionate…but not compromise the word of God to please people.  The world is pretty much-telling everyone what they can say and think…but I choose to go by what God says.  If many hates me for telling the truth, living the truth, and not going along with them and their ways…oh well!  God has my soul in His hands and one day with Him…is everything.

Being a child of God means we live for Him..not for self, and not pleasing society to stay in their “know”.

Judgment and final warnings have gone out from God in many ways…yet people reject them and still go on doing things their own way.  Beware…for life as you have known it will soon end.  Everyone dies at some point…but where you are at that final breath with God will determine your eternal fate.

The fact that many of you know you have experienced God’s love and benefits and yet, for whatever reason, you turn your back on Him and walk away, and believe you can do things your own way.  Please don’t walk away from God but run to Him and give Him your heart and life.

America is in crisis mode and getting worse..  Remember all of God’s blessings and when you do…it should cause you to be exceedingly grateful.  But…………………….America won’t get better without God, and it needs God’s family to be doing things God’s way.  We, as Christians and people of faith must stand on God’s word no matter what we see in this world.

It is a great offense when we know God and know better…but we choose to influence others to give up God and do wrong.  We must beware for God doesn’t take this lightly.  He has given us all time to change, but if we don’t change…we can’t blame God or others.  We have a brain!  We must not tempt people to sin in any way.  We also must not go along with sin.

Anyone’s ungodly lifestyle must change. Listen: when judgment comes against this earth, society, and cultures…in these end times all of those who somehow think they are strong enough, smart enough, or good enough to live without God and truth will have a rude awakening.  If you believe there are no consequences for sin…you will not like what happens at judgment.

Right now you can make a choice for your destiny….but if you wait and God calls “Time”…it will be too late to change.  Do it now. 

God has let us know what He expects, how to live, how not to live, and what is important to Him.  We can do it His way or not.  That is your choice overall.  God gave the 10 commandments and they are important.  We are not under the law, but the law shows us what is right and wrong.  We will not have a relationship with God if and when we go along doing what God says not to do.

It is time people to prepare to meet your maker.  Yes, we all die.  Some on earth doesn’t make much time left, while others might have many years…but you don’t how long.  Get right with God now. 

Don’t take pleasure in doing wrong, living wrong, and thinking evil is okay.  It I not okay and you have been duped.  We need to live a life that is pleasing to God over a life to please anyone else. 

God does not accept the worship of people who are not committed to Him and when you go around saying you are a Christian but don’t live as one.  Why should he listen to even your prayers if He is not your Lord and Savior? 

Time and time again, God has allowed issues in our life to get our attention to return to Him.  Did we run to Him when we are hurting and have issues or ignore Him?  We must seek the Lord in every area of our life. 

Evil people abhor those who love God.  They go out of their way to hurt godly people.  They want others to hate us as well. 

As for me, Lord, I personally regret each and every person in my life I hurt in any way.  It was wrong and I am greatly sorry for it.  Please forgive me.  Save all my family and all my extended family, everyone who has gone through my life no matter what they feel or felt about me.  Bless them and save them.  Lord, I seek you.  I need you 24/7.  You know me and my heart.  Give me your strength to do right always.  Thank you Lord for loving me and helping me make it through life. In Jesus’ name. Amen