Post 5…January 2023…God’s Alarm Clock

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Our clock is sure ticking, isn’t it?  One of these days our clock, on earth, will end.  Will it be a glorious day or a day we dread for all eternity?  We don’t see this clock, but God does.  He has set the alarm for a specific day and time and all of us need to get our act together with God prior to our departure from this earth.  For one second later is one second too late to fix things with God. 

We don’t know everything (that is a given), but we should know that we are living in the last days.  God gave us signs to show it that it is the last day, but many will surely ignore this and go on with life like nothing is wrong or that they have all the time in the world.  Wrong!  That alarm is set and time is ticking. 

Then there are those that do have a yearning to make things right with God, but even some of those that yearn to fix things won’t step out and do it.  How foolish they are yet they have no real clue how close they are.  When God says your time is up…your time is up! At that point wherever you are or are not with God is where your final destination comes into play.  There are no appeals, no going back, no do-overs, and no get-out-of-hell cards if that is the side you chose to be on.

Many even say they want to come to God at a later date when they think they are ready, but time is short, and every day people die who thought they had more time to live.  If your life ended today where is your relationship with God right now?  Do you need to do something to change your destiny? 

Think about this:  Today, even five minutes from now might be the time that was set for your end here on earth.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.  What do you need to do to fix things with God right now while you have an opportunity to do so?

It is up to us to pray for people…family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and yes, even our enemies so that they can make it to heaven too.  An enemy saved is no enemy any longer!  Your prayer might be the only one that there is.  Don’t neglect to pray for the salvation of others.  Don’t think you can ignore this and someone else will do…you don’t know that!  You be the prayer warrior for all those you know. We are to be God’s hands and mouth on this earth.  Not our opinion, not the culture whenever or whatever that might be.  We are to study God’s word so we know the truth and can share it with others. 

I pray with all of my heart that you listen to this message and heed it.  Never put off telling others that you love them and care what happens to them, or that God loves them and doesn’t want them to miss heaven.  You tell them.  Not only could it be their last day on earth, but what if it is yours and you didn’t take the time to tell others so that they could know and love Jesus as well?

Even when someone chooses not to listen to you now…don’t give up.  Lift them up to God daily and don’t stop.  Ask God to save them, protect them, and draw them to Him.  God is listening.  However, you keep praying…diligently.  The person might not ask God into their life right now, but God is not done with them, and at some point, that person you are praying for just might ask God into their life.

Know this:  God has no favorites.  Doesn’t matter how cute one thinks they are, how rich, how famous, or how talented one might be….we are all the same to God.  God doesn’t want even one person lost, but millions will be because they just won’t love the Lord.  If we can keep even one person, by our words and prayers, from going to hell…isn’t all our prayers worth it?

Let us be about our Father’s business….it is the family business!!!

God’s blessings are free…don’t ignore them.  Embrace them because God’s blessings are amazing!

God whispers to us in our pleasures but shouts to us in our pain.  God can use our pain to guide us, teach us, lead us, and fix things in us that need His attention and our attention.  Trust Him!

Now, may the God of all creation bless you, draw you, keep you, protect you, heal you, and give you His peace.  May you find comfort daily in your walk with Jesus. 

God bless you,