Post 96…Do you Know God?

Think about this for a moment.  People ask you the question if you know God…what do you answer them?  However, what one person means is not what another person might mean.  It might mean something entirely different to each person. 

If someone were to ask you if you know your spouse, or your best friend…most would say that they do, but do they?  We may know a great deal about someone yet not know them.  At least not in the same way we should know God.  We do not, and never can know, every thought someone has, why they did or didn’t do something, what they thought about something.  Why is that?  Because we are all different. 

Ok, now let’s say that we, as Christians, say we know Jesus.  After all, we invited Jesus into our life didn’t we, we are trying to do His will, yet how many times have we failed to do His will?  I know that when I met Jesus… it was then that I wanted to know Him more.  How I went to church, I read the word, and I tried to apply His word to my life.  Again, how many times do any of us miss the mark?  We try to do right and then wham…something comes up and we blow it again (I am not just talking about temptations either here).  However, we are not deliberately choosing to sin now.  And if you tell me that you don’t sin anymore…you just sinned.  We all sin at times by thought, word, or deed.

Jesus is real to me.  More so than He ever has been in my life.  I want to please Him.  I want a relationship with Him.  I want my walk with Him to mean more each day.  I want to be more and more like He wants me to be.  I want to go down the road He chooses for me even when I don’t fully understand it.  Why?  Because my Lord and Savior would like me to listen.  Jesus is more real to me each day, but even that I want more and more of Him in my life.

However, I don’t know God as deeply as I want to, and sometimes I don’t even know why I don’t.  He is God and as much as I desire to know everything about Him, this side of heaven we only know the things He allows us to know while here in these bodies this side of glory.

I do know that you, nor anyone else, can judge my heart, my mind, or my soul.  That is left up to God.  You don’t see in me what God sees in me.  I am very grateful for that one.  No matter how hard I try to please people in this body while I am alive…I still mess up and I sure don’t please everyone.

When we meet Jesus and ask Him to come into our life…He does just that.  He wants to be “in” our life.  He wants us to depend on Him over depending on anyone and everyone else.  We can learn to hear the voice of God in what we read/bible, where we go, whom we hang out with, how we talk, how we treat people, and how we apply God’s word to our life. When we take the time to draw near to Him then He draws near to us.  Oh, I want and need that in my life each day.

How much time we spend with Jesus can be the most amazing time of our day.  We get to meet with the creator of the universe.  How great that is.  However, I have found that the time I spend with Him…I need to make the extra time as well to hear what He has to say and not just me blabbing or giving Him a give me the list!  He wants to talk as well.  He does that in several ways.  He talks through His Word, in dreams/visions, and through others (but through others must line up with God’s word).  God doesn’t tell us to do things, anything, that goes against His word, and He doesn’t change to make you think you can sin and it is okay.  God doesn’t change because others are offended, or think they can change His word.  No one can change God’s word but God. 

I could go on and on here, but I won’t today.  I know God the best I can at this moment, but I don’t know Him enough or deeply enough yet.  Maybe on this side of heaven I only get to know just so much.  But I will work on knowing Him more.  Why?  Because I love Him, He died in my place, He loves me even through the best and worst of times of my life.  I can go to Him 24/7 and know that He hears me.  Again, He might not answer the way I want all the time, but I know whatever He answers is the right answer for me at that time. 

So when people ask you if you know Jesus what are you going to say?  I know Him too, but not enough.  I want to know Him so much better than with every breath I take…I feel Him in my being giving me that air in my lungs every day.  Yes, I want to truly please Him, and yet I know as much as I want this I will, from time to time, mess up again in some way by thought, word, or deed.  However, now I know whom to run to, confess what I did or didn’t do, and repent/change direction so that I can be right with Him.  I never again want to feel He is not near me for that is a horrible feeling to have.  So, yes, I know Him, I know of Him, and I want and choose to know Him more.  There is so much more to know about Jesus than I do.  Every word in the Bible is there for a reason, and not everything we read do we understand fully.  I also like to take a word…and research what that word meant back then when it was written in whatever language it was written.  It is like the word love…there are several words in the Bible that say love, but they have way different meanings.  I love Jesus…and I want each of the words for love to apply to what I feel for Jesus.  He is so much more than a friend kind of love.  He is a soul kind of love and He died for me way before I was even born….that is love!