Post 24…June 2023….Jesus our Passover Lamb

    The word used for the Passover lamb is the word Tamim.  Complete, entire, blameless, without spot, unblemished, undefiled, whole, innocent, (and the final one had to be perfect). 

    Only a certain lamb and from a certain place could be the Passover lamb.  They did not go out anywhere to get their lamb for the Passover, the lamb came from Bethlehem where certain shepherds took care of these lambs.  The shepherds watched over the lambs all the time to make sure they were taken care of and had no blemishes.  These lambs were Tamim lambs.

    Well, one Lamb so much greater which also had to be from Bethlehem was the only perfect Lamb that could be the perfect and final sacrifice.  No one else could ever be this but Jesus the Messiah.

    Every person ever born was/is imperfect and no one else could ever be the sacrifice of all sacrifices except Jesus.  Jesus had to be unblemished so that the blemishes of our past could be removed.  He had to be spotless so that the stains of our life could be cleaned and made white as snow.  He had to be innocent and undefiled to take away all the defilements of our life.  Because Jesus was, and is, perfect He was the only one who could save us, cleans us, and turn our life around so we would have a chance of getting into heaven.

    Because of what Jesus the Messiah did on the cross as the final sacrifice for us and our sins…we were given the chance to accept or reject His marvelous sacrifice for our life.  We can live now as unblemished and blameless before our God.  That doesn’t mean we never mess up, but Jesus paid the ultimate price so we can get our life right with God.  We make that choice to accept or reject Him and all He has done for us.

    The thing is each of us has to apply the blood of the Lamb on the doorposts of our life/heart, and when we do…really do…then we become spotless in God’s eyes.  We become what God wanted for us. 

    There is nothing in the Bible there by accident.  Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   God gives us choice after choice to get right with Him.  We can choose to do as our Lord says, the way He said it, and how He said it…and one day have eternal life, or we can reject the most precious gift ever given…the sacrifice of His life to set us free.  We make that choice.  No one can do it for us.  God honors our choice. 

    I am so very grateful for what Jesus the Messiah has done for me every day of my life, and it all began for me even before I was conceived in my mother’s womb.  He drew me time after time to Him…but like most…I was a standoff I guess you would call it.  Yet, there He was…always giving, always loving, always caring.  One day I woke up and found the only place of any importance for my soul was in Him and the love He had for me. How could I not love Him and choose Him? 

    I don’t care how smart you and I think we are…on God’s scale we are not even toddlers.  I want to know the truth not what people try to tell me is the truth.  God is truth and His word is truth.  He doesn’t change to make us feel better about our sins either.  Sin is sin and all sin is unconfessed and dealt with will hold consequences.  We are the one that makes the choice for ourselves.  No one even the closest of loved ones can choose for us.   

    One day I was given a choice.  I chose to follow Jesus.  Best decision of my life and for my eternity.  He is Awesome and no one and nothing compares to Him.  God uses us to tell others about Him in whatever way He wants them to hear.  I know I don’t write well and am sure an English teacher has a field day with what I say, but that’s okay.  God has a way of getting any message He wants to reach someone with…to get to them.  I just have to be obedient to give the message even if they choose not to hear it.  You see…my job is not to drag you to God, but tell you about Him….plant a seed, water the plant…but it is always up to God to bring in the harvest of a soul when that soul is ready.  I wish, I pray, I desire all to be saved and to love the Lord…but we all know there are people who live a life of evil and won’t, nor do they want to change.  However, they have been given a chance and choice to change.  We don’t understand the ways of God, nor do we know how many chances one will get in this life to make things right.  Life is short and we are not promised even one more minute.  We have been given many chances to change our destiny.  We can’t choose to live in sin and think we will go to heaven.  We need to fix our relationship with God now for one second after death nothing can change.

    My Lord Jesus…the Messiah is wonderful and as for me I choose to follow Him, surrender to Him, and ask Him to always be in my heart and life.  I can’t even imagine one moment now without Him and His love. He was the perfect sacrifice and I thank Him.  Others might leave me, hate me, wish me bad in life, but there is my Lord each morning…saying wake up daughter, we have someone to tell.  You were just given that chance today so you could make a decision.  I pray that today, if you don’t know Jesus personally yet, will be that day.  You don’t have to live in sin.  You don’t have to follow the crowd.  No matter what the government or people tell you…you study God’s word.  If God called something sin…then no matter what others say or laws they think they can change to accommodate sin….don’t do it.  Your very choice on this day could change your eternal destiny.  Also…God never promised us a rose garden with no problems.  We live in a fallen world and the majority of people won’t cross into heaven no matter what they think.  Jesus is the answer!  Jesus is the way!  Jesus is our life!  

    So I want to encourage you today to stop whatever you are doing.  Pray and ask Jesus to come into your life (if He hasn’t already), and let us all begin to do His will, His way, in His timing.  We are to be doing for the kingdom of God.  If not us: who?  If not now: when?  Doesn’t truly matter who in this world hates us and wishes us bad…God loves us and wishes us eternal life with Him.  We get to choose if we will ask Him into our life or we can choose to reject Him.  As I said He will honor that decision, but know this you can never, ever say you were not given a choice.  Today is the choice day for many.  Tomorrow on earth is not promised.  Today matters.  What is your choice?