Post 122…Lord I am so Sorry

December 1, 2022  Thursday

I don’t know about what you think on this subject, but I know what I do, and what others have shared with me over the years.  We, as humans, just have a way of messing things up.  Things can be going along just fine, but wham…there we go again and mess something up.

I know I hate messing up and wish I never would again, but honesty is about what these lessons are about so I know sometime down the road I’ll do it again…even though I hate it and don’t want to. We mess up by thought, word, and deed.  Now to those that say thinking isn’t bad and I’d say in and of itself it isn’t, but when we act on it knowing its wrong or maybe we just shouldn’t be thinking that…it then becomes sin.  Acting on thoughts is the issue…not having the thought in the first place.

If only we had a reset button wouldn’t that be amazing?  Sure it would, but that just can’t and doesn’t happen.  When we push down the past that is a bad thing and when we do that somehow, we push things and we wind up with skeletons in our closet.  Wouldn’t it just be easier on us if we just went to God when we messed up and deal with it right then even if we must face the consequences of our actions?  We make mistakes!  Own them, deal with them, and go on.  The past can’t change, but we sure can change our future.  Being honest is the first thing to deal with.  Whatever you did take it to God and see what He would want you to do.


Some examples:


What if you dearly love one of your relatives (parent, sibling, child) but they won’t talk to you and want to blame you for “whatever”.  You don’t talk…not because you don’t want to.  One of you has something happen in your life like a horrible accident or illness, or maybe one of you should die…you go to your grave without the love of that relative and it is usually over things that would take a conversation to heal the situation, but no one does it. 


What about those families who have had abuse of any kind within the family dynamics?  The family keeps it in because they don’t want to destroy the family. Fear also keeps it tucked into your brain as well.  It can be any kind of abuse here.  Abuse shouldn’t happen, but in life, we know many people put up with this on a daily basis.  Many suffer in silence not knowing what to do or how to remove themselves safely from that situation.


What about you having a family member or friend who has some type of secret life going on.? They don’t want anyone to know about it.  Maybe their secret life could destroy a lot of people’s lives if they found out what the person was doing or hiding.  What if that secret life turned into something really bad and you knew…and they did something quite horrible.  How would you feel?  What if that secret life they lived hurt other people or worse and you knew and did and said nothing.  Wouldn’t you be sorry you held it in? 


An own example in the life of my family.  My grandfather did something stupid in Texas once. No, he didn’t physically hurt anyone. His actions though hurt my family for years and years.  Sometime I wonder what would have happened in their life had this not happened to them.  He was married and had kids.  He was put on the then chain-gang.  He escaped and traveled all over before settling and having his family meet him there.  My grandmother, mom, and uncles lived in fear for years on end. They went by different names, went to school, worked, and it came time to retire and they were petrified.  They had to prove who they were which was not easy.  My grandfather had died years before and I had a family now and got ahold of the prison and they got back to me…they never looked for him.  His case was closed years earlier but the fear in my mom and her family went on for years.  We use to, when I was a child, have all these relatives from Texas come visit and we were just told they were friends.  No one ever wanted to talk about this or get to the bottom of this even though my grandfather had been dead for years.  Closet pain is tough pain!



We as humans, do a lot of dumb things, say a lot of dumb things, and act even more dumb at times.  We do things and have things done to us that are inconceivable. And the only satisfactory response is to go before almighty God and say, “God, I am so sorry.” Do you know how much pain we can avoid in our life if we just would go to God and tell Him (He knows anyway but wants us to tell Him) what we did and ask Him to forgive us and to help us not do it again.


How many of you were rebellious as a child?  Why?  Did you feel unloved, unneeded, unwanted, or like you were somehow not seen or heard within the family. How many of you were bullied at school?   How many of you when something was going on at school was always like the last one picked? Life gets to us doesn’t it?


What about being in love with someone wonderful, but circumstances kept you apart? The things that kept you apart might not even have been your fault but the cards of someone else.  You both go on with your life and find someone else, but the heart still knows your heart was extremely sad over not being with that person even if you found someone to share your life and be happy with, and love deeply.  It is not exactly regretted…but you still might, on occasion think “what if”?  Then reality sets in and you know it was best because that person, and yourself, are happy where you are.  Don’t you want the best for those people who have been in your life?  We all should want to know and see others happy! 


A prayer:

Lord, for the many things in my own life I have done, said, or thought that I should not have done…Lord, I am truly sorry and ask you to forgive me, and  help me not do any of them ever again (and no new ones either).

For any pain I have caused others throughout my life, I am truly sorry. 


How many times Lord you watched me do dumb things, and some mean things…I’m sorry to hurt you.  I am sorry I ever forsook you.  I cry out for you to forgive me. My very soul has been in pain over the things in my life I have done that ever hurt another human being.  You, so many times, tried to help me and I didn’t listen.  I am sorry.



Lord, I am sorry for all the times I lived by the flesh and selfish desires.  I am sorry Lord.  I even, must have turned my back on some I dearly loved because I could not face the pain.  I am sorry.

Lord, I am sorry I let so many people down in my life, and for what?  Nothing.  I don’t know why.  I am sorry. Even those things I did or did not do…many of those hurt me deeply as well. 


Because we are human (well maybe sorta human) we have issues in our life and they won’t stop until we go home to you God or You come for us.


Lord, how many times were things going right and I/others would get a thought that stayed and we didn’t deal with it properly.  I am sorry when I did that.  Please forgive me. For any heartache I caused anyone Lord, I am sorry. 

Lord, forgive me for any and all the temptations I gave into in my life.  Help me to fight temptations by your word Lord, help make me stronger. How many times did giving into sin hurt you (every time) yet I and others do this and most times don’t even think about our actions…until!


How many times have i/others made a bad choice in our life and tried to hide it so we wouldn’t get found out or so that it wouldn’t hurt someone else, or we would have to face the consequences of what it was?  I’m sorry if I ever did that.  Lord, sometimes I can forgive myself, but sometimes it eats away at me and I don’t know how to fix something.  Please forgive me.


Lord, sometimes I feel like this terrible person that no one likes or could like.  Help me in this situation for it grips my soul.  Thank  you.


Lord, I could write a book here on things I am sorry for, or that people have told me over the years they are sorry for.  But I want to ask you to forgive me, and them.  Help me/them change our life, our destiny, and live for you.  So Lord, I know I am yours and I am so very thankful for that.  I surrender Lord.  I want my life right with you every moment of every day.  I don’t want to mess up anymore.  Help me please.  You offered me salvation by your blood on the cross…I accept your wonderful gift.  Fix me, mend me, make me into all you desire and not what I desire.  Protect my family, my friends, and my enemies, and anyone I ever hurt.  Save all of us.  I know it is offered to all, but keep on tugging on their heart Lord.  We all need you.  I have found out Lord that enemies can become my Christian family when they ask  you into their life.  I’d rather they do that than remain an enemy.  You see their heart and motives…I don’t.  Forgive us all Lord and guide us to you. 


Lastly here Lord forgive me for not being strong at times and letting things go that I should not have let go.  Forgive me for taking things and others for granted…that is wrong.  I am so sorry Lord for the many times I failed you.  I can’t go back Lord and fix them, but I ask you to forgive me, and fix me so that doesn’t happen again.


Lord, we need you.  Help us to live right, do right, and take care of whatever you want us to in life. 


Father, I pray this in Jesus name and thank you. Amen


I know this was different today, but think someone needed this today. 


Now may God bless you, keep you, protect you, guide you, forgive you, heal you, and give you His peace. 

God bless you.