Post 141…Is God Enough for You?


Tuesday December 20, 2022

Well, yeah! Right?  Is God enough for you? Do you sometimes believe He absolutely is enough, and then wham…stuff happens, and you get that little doubt floating around in your brain?  The thing is “stuff” happens all of our life but God never changes.  God never promised us a rose garden, or you would look at the roses and know even they have thorns.  Thorns poke, sting, and hurt.  So does life.

I wonder how many people out there turn off from God if life is not going as they want it to go.  In the last several years this country has gone so downhill that one can wonder what the heck just happened.  We don’t see love, peace, kindness, morals, or anything much good anymore.  People are out there to con us into believing their lies and for most of society…it seems to have worked.  The government is so crooked and evil, along with the fake news…that one wonders if even one story they hear is ever the truth or not.  However, I can open my Bible, pray, and find the peace that I just don’t find looking around this world right now.  I truly don’t see many people I would call honest and moral.  The devil is out there doing his thing and he is very good at deception.

Then I ask myself…do I really trust God Almighty: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?  Absolutely.  Why wouldn’t I?  Life doesn’t have to go my way to know that God is working behind the scenes and getting things in order.  For what?  To take His bride…the church home.  I stay focused on that and not how evil things are around me. 

People let us down no matter how close to us they are.  Why?  Because they are human and we don’t always do, say, think, and act correctly.  We might try…but how many times in our own life have lives have we messed up and wished we could go back and change things?  I know I wish I could.  But as impossible as that one is…I can change and do better.

What about those that are around us every day.  Who are they really?  And who are these little people that we call our children?  We give and give and give more and seems there are a lot of ungrateful children running around.  Well, not running for most is on a game, texting, phone, laying around, and seldom helping.  (I did not say all kids are like this so don’t try to say I did).  I am saying there are a lot of lazy kids who feel entitled to whatever they want and they do nothing to earn their way in life.  School seems to be a farce…rude kids, kids (in Florida) who are attacking their teachers, drugs, alcohol, sex, and the gender garbage going around…that “woke” group, the gay group, the transgender group, the whatever group it is today.  I know God says what they do is wrong, but they are so deceived they have no real clue what is happening to them and what will happen to them if they stay on that trail. (ok, guess for the haters they will whine about now).  That is okay I can take it.  You don’t have to agree with my opinion any more than I will agree with yours if you stand for anything that God says is wrong and I am not going to go there for there are over 630 sins listed in the Bible.  I’ll just say that I choose to go down the path of God than the path of destruction and the devil.  You will make a choice as well even if you don’t want to call it a choice. 

People want to feel instant gratification nowadays.   Everything and everyone want instant whatever.  They get fed lie after lie on TV, movies, media, and all the social networks and they just believe the lies.  They want to destroy good people who don’t go along with their insanity.  Why? 

What truly makes you happy?  Does your spouse make you truly happy every moment of every day?  Do your children make you happy every moment of every day?  Does your job, money, fame, or stuff?  I can love a lot of different people but have found if God is not my first love and I can’t trust Him…then who am I and what am I?  I need God in my life every day.  Even if others let me down over and over again, I look to Jesus and He still gives me peace.  I have also learned I can love all those in my life way better if God is first in my life. I sure would not want to go through life even 5 more minutes without Jesus. 

That instant gratification is thrown at us every minute of every day.  Somehow if we don’t go along with it something must be wrong with us.  I don’t believe I need instant gratification to live in this world.  I do my best, try to be like God wants, and if/when God blesses me…I’d rather be thankful than think somehow, I deserve something more than someone else does.  But that is me! For, I see no reason to not believe that God is enough for you and me. He is more than enough and has showed me that all the time.

I know that in my life I was my worst enemy and hindrance.  I am pretty sure some of you have been also.  Life happens and we don’t always do what we should do.  In fact, some of us have made unrealistic goals for ourselves in life instead of just moving forward as we learn more and doors open.  Some want to get to the top so fast that they miss all the steps they need to do to be good at what they do. 

People want to be loved, needed, and thought well of.  How many go about their lives comparing themselves to siblings and just about everyone else?  Some seem that they are a failure if they don’t compare and that is not true.  So, what if we fail a thousand times at something?  Get up and keep going and one of these days you will make it. 

I also know I don’t want to ever conform to what this world is doing….ever!!!  What the world calls good the God of creation calls it sin and evil.  I think I’ll just stay stuck to God on this one.  I never want to lose sight of Jesus and what He wants for me.  The world is out of control and going to get way worse.  I want to be on the right side of this and that is being on God’s side.  My God is enough even on any day I don’t feel Him near.  When I don’t feel His presence, it is much easier to just go to God and ask God if there is something I personally need to deal with.  It won’t be God changing or needs to change…it will me and you that must change. 

The day I accepted Jesus into my life my destiny for all eternity changed.  Praise God for that one.  I moved from what someone could have called unbelief to total belief in God.  All I know is I don’t want to make my journey through life without God, and I sure don’t want to follow the devil’s way and fall for all his deceptions. 

One of the greatest things I can think of is the fact that those who follow the Lord Jesus will inherit heaven and spend eternity in the presence of God.  What could ever be better than that one?  Does God shine bright in your heart and life?  Who do you go to for counsel when you need it?  Do you listen or turn around and go your own way when He gives you an answer?  Just know this God is God and mankind is not.  Doesn’t matter what mankind says…but it does matter what God says.  I pray that God will fill your life with His Spirit daily.  We need God’s power in our life to make it through each day.  So the question is again: “  Is God enough for you?”  To me there is no answer but absolutely!

Now, may the God of creation truly bless you, draw you to Him, feed your soul, guide your life, provide for your needs, and give you His peace no matter the storms you go through.

God Bless You!!!!