Post 16…August 2023   What Gardening Can Teach us

Wow, I studied this and it had never really dawned on me like it did when I really studied this subject.  It’s like that you know.  We read and read, go over things, but sometimes we miss something great in the word of God if we would just slow down and ask God to show us something. 

In the beginning, God created.  We have all read that part, and if we are Christians we believe God created it all.  God said that He created man in His own image.  God put Adam and Eve in “a garden”.  The very first job mankind had was to be a gardener.  Adam was placed in Eden to till and keep the garden.  He was a gardener.  Adam, the man, was created in the image of God, and man was given the job of being a gardener.  Remember man was created in the image of God. This says something very important.  Also, just a speck of sarcasm here to anyone who ever thinks being a gardener is a lousy job thank God for the gardener)

God is a Gardener! 

Creation is His garden.  He keeps it, tends it, waters it, helps it grow, sows seeds in it, and plants His word into in us so that we can go out and bear the fruit of His garden.  He gives life to His garden and will prune His garden, at times, so His garden can grow even more.  We are the garden and the fruit of His labor.

God came into His creation that creation might bring forth life.  We are to bear fruit for the kingdom of God. 

Now think on this also.  Might sound trivial but its not.  Nothing in the word of God is trivial.  Jesus died and was buried and on the 3rd day He rose up.  He appeared first outside the tomb, in what form did He appear?  What was He mistaken for?  A Gardener!!!  And what kind of tomb was it that bore the first fruit?  A garden tomb! 

God created a garden.  God put man into His garden to care for it.  We, just like Adam and Eve were to take care of God’s garden…we are to care for God’s garden as well.

We are to till the soil, sow the seeds, water the word, and bring new life to the kingdom of God.  There might be thorns and thistles in the garden, but we can still do our job.  We won’t reach everyone but we can reach someone.  There are many weeds, rocks, and crud that get into a garden…we need to clean the garden up (us) so that when we show someone else the garden they will see the beauty of being in the garden of God Almighty as well.

You see movies and hear people put down a gardener like their job is less than some other job.  That is so wrong.  The gardener was the first job that God put into place.  It was a very honored and important job.  It still is.  I don’t know about you but I love to see a lovely real garden that someone cared for.  They can be beautiful and amazing.  For a real garden, mine doesn’t do well at all.  But for God’s kingdom, I can bear fruit and tell others of God’s love and that He wants them in heaven with Him.  God doesn’t want anyone to miss heaven…but millions or more will miss it because they won’t accept the garden of His love.  God’s garden is amazing and we are to show others it as well.  One more person for the kingdom of heaven is one less person for the depth of hell. 

Shouldn’t we all be telling others about the Garden as well?