Post 116…How Serious are You?

November 23, 2022

Okay, a different kind of lesson today.  Just putting down some thoughts here.

We all should know that the Lord gives, and the Lord can also take away.  We came into this world naked and we will leave this world basically the same.  You can’t take one physical thing with you.

At what point in the trials of our life do we begin to question God’s goodness?  His care for us?  Well, first of all, a seed must die in order to bring new life.  What?  Keep reading.

Jesus said that we must die in order to truly live as we were created to live.

Yet………………………how many do we know (possibly ourselves) that need to die to an entitlement mentality? The….Everything we think we deserve!!! The greed mentality, the thinking we are somehow better, more important than anyone else mentality.  The I have money in the bank and I can do whatever I want…but should you? The rich, the famous, the politicians, the actors, and the athletes all feel entitled somehow.  They are no better than anyone else, and they sure are not God!

What about dying to self?  The self-life, the self-will life, the self-determination life?  The thing that must happen if we want a life in Christ is to die in order to live.  Die to self and live for Him.

Jesus must absolutely be the king on our throne!  Is He on yours?

Do you trust Jesus goodness when everything in your world feels like it is falling apart, and really bad things are happening?

Do you trust God’s greatness when He is taking His time (remember He is not on our timetable) to fix things?

Do we trust God when He allows things to be taken from us so that we are restored to Him?

We can never outgive God!  Nothing we can or will ever do in our life will compare to what Jesus did on the cross for each of us.

We need to move from death/darkness in our life to the light and life of Jesus.  God has an unseen plan He will fulfill in our lives as we trust Him.  We don’t always understand what is going on or will go on, but we can always trust that God knows what He is doing. 

Jesus redeemed us when He went to the cross to give us an opportunity to be saved.  It is offered to all, but many won’t accept this precious gift.  Jesus is our Kinsman redeemer.  The thing is He already paid the price for us.

Do you know that there is a place in the Bible that says that hope deferred makes the heart sick?  Proverbs 13:12

We must die to ourselves and live to God or else we will become bitter and resentful of God. 

God has a plan for your life, for my life, even when we struggle in trusting God when we feel He must not care.  He cares!

Everyone who asks Jesus into their life as their Lord and Savior must count the cost of following Him.  God never said that following Him would be easy.  He said people would hate us and they do.  Counting the cost will lead us to ask questions of God and to search the scriptures.  No one wants to go through people hating them without knowing the cost, and the rewards of doing so.

Listen carefully:  We can’t force people to love God. 

We can’t drag people into heaven.

We can’t force people against their will because being forced is not love

Having faith in God could mean for some that they must leave everything they know and go on a God journey that they might not know or understand. 

So counting the cost could mean: leaving all, unanswered questions, and an uncertain future

We can’t see what God is doing in the background for us.  He doesn’t have to explain anything.  Sometimes He will and sometimes He won’t.  That is up to God. 

There is never a reason we have to despair if we are walking with God and trusting Him.  If you don’t feel like you have enough faith…ask God for more.

When people look at us, Christians, do they want the life we have?  Why or why not?  Are we being honest, moral, and loving others? Can they see God in us, or do they see us lash out at others and treat people wrong?

Isn’t it time we all sow seeds of the kingdom of God?  Isn’t it time we do God’s will instead of whining about all the garbage going on in this world?

God said that things on this earth (before He returns) would get worse and worse and they have.  It is our part to trust God…look up…and keep on keeping on toward heaven.  Don’t give up.  Whatever we must face here on earth is but a speck compared to the wonder of heaven when we get there.  We can do this.  We can do this.  We can do this!

So my question to you is: “How serious are you in following the Lord”? 

Now may God bless you, keep you, provide for you, answer questions for you, keep you in good health, and may the God of heaven, even in the midst of this crazy world, give you His peace.

God bless you