Post 129…Wokeness Insanity (my opinion)

Sunday, December 11, 2022

The definition of “woke” changes depending on whom you are asking. Well, I can’t speak for you but I can tell you that I am so sick of hearing the “woke” word, and the people spewing it. 

Not all “wokeness” is a bad thing, but the way that America is going about it…not only do I hate it but think America has gone quite mad in the process.

In ancient civilizations, the strong dominated the weak. Cruelty, rape, torture, and slaughter were ordinary means of enforcing their power. They didn’t care about the people, they only cared about the power and control over the people at any cost. 

I am not talking about what the Bible says for a moment, but neither the so-called gods they worshipped would do anything to stop the treatment of people.  Why:  Because there was always someone stronger who gave the commands to do evil to people and those that went against the establishment would get the fate of the ones they were against. The strong got stronger and the weak got weaker. 

The leaders of the counties (government) had the strength to enforce whatever they wanted to and what they didn’t like.  Didn’t matter to them if it were right or wrong…they just did the evil and didn’t care whom they hurt to keep it up. They were strong and the people were considered weak so they would get away with whatever evil they did to these people.  It’s still that way in places like India, Africa, Asia, and China. Hitler and all of Nazi Germany operated on that same basis. These cultures were not based on the truth of God’s Word. They did whatever they wanted and, in the process, killed millions upon millions of innocent people.  They didn’t care.

As the truth of the Bible spread, over time…man came to realize that everyone is made in the image of God and had inherent worth and dignity. No matter their race, ethnicity, gender, or income, where they were born, and whom they were born to, all have equal worth in the sight of God.  The tyranny of the poor and weak was condemned by God Almighty, and neither power nor wealth made oppression right. It has always been wrong in the sight of God and always will be wrong.  However, the devil is a liar, a thief, a deceiver, and a murderer.  He wants to destroy each of us no matter the cost.

Christianity also stressed the spiritual and moral equality of all people. However, we all suffer from the same problem, sin. We all need the same solution, salvation through Jesus. Salvation is needed, but not all will accept the free gift of God to us giving this marvelous gift of eternal life.

Christians, as it should be, go against what the “woke people” are doing and have all along.  They want to do what God wants and expects them to do.  I found this and wanted to share this: In ancient Rome, unwanted children were left outside to die of exposure, but Christians would take them in. In Europe during the Middle Ages, when plagues would kill thousands, people fled from the cities. Only Christians stayed and took care of the sick. Hospitals, schools, churches, education, and a better level of society came to third-world countries when missionaries brought them in. In most of the world, where Christian values are not accepted, slavery is still the norm. There are 40-50 million people in slavery today. It is Christian countries that have removed It.

Wokeness might see an issue and even if “that” issue was a legit issue, they go about it wrong thinking they can fix it when they go against God’s ways, and because they find no godly solution in fixing the problem. The woke people promote wokeness as the one you must conform to their plan or you, especially as a Christian or Jew, are the ones that are the problem instead of themselves being the problem. The left, especially, wants you to be forced into believing their lies.  If you don’t conform to their way then you, in their view, must face their wrath, their hatred, and they want to destroy you and all you have or believe in.

The  “woke” people and which includes the Political crazies out there who think they are right and everyone who disagrees with them is wrong and a problem. They think that their way must be obeyed no matter what it cost everyone else. They are always trying to tell us what is best for us because they say they know better and that includes our children as well. Not!  We know what is best for our own children. 

To these crazies out there (especially on the left, and their cohorts who support them and give them money to make this a communist country…they will do whatever to take people down who don’t agree with them. To them, there is a specific way to speak and act and any variation is for them to be canceled. (cancel their business, job, show, church, and they destroy our children with lies and the garbage they want to brainwash them with…and so on).  They are out to destroy anyone who goes against their lies, and deceptions, and they play vicious to destroy you if you are one who doesn’t go along with their insanity.  They make up lies that will ruin your reputation, they get people to lie about you so no one will believe you, and they came after you in force even by means of riots and way worse violence. They change the justice system that allows criminals to go free and makes them seem like the victim and not the victim. People can do crime after crime and get a slap on the hand, but if you are one of the ones who doesn’t want this going on in America then you will get their evil justice, but not the criminals.  They defund our wonderful police, cut back and make insane issues with our military, and leave people to die instead of going in to get them,and our poor kids are being bombarded with lies about sex and gender, and told all of it is their right.  Right of being a child and don’t listen to your parents.  If you want to be different sex…they go around the parents, and if the parents don’t agree with the lies being fed to their children…they think that parents should have no right in what happens to their children.

 The woke people always make me wonder why they want to leave their children.  Do they really want to leave them in an insane world where everything they do in life will go against God, the Creator?  Why would any loving parent ever want communism for their child?  Why would any loving parent want this gender crap for their child?  Yes, I say why?  I would never want my child to go through this woke transformation crap.  I love all my children and I want them free, with freedom of speech, to make their way in life through honesty, work, integrity, and love of God…not this insanity that is being forced onto people.  Yes, this is my opinion so if you are going to hate me for my opinion…I’ll take it. My God is awesome, loving, and forgiving, and He has told me right from wrong, what is good and what is evil.  I choose His way because I know it is the right way no matter the consequences while on this earth.  You do know the devil is behind all this woke insanity, don’t you? 

What about the people who cave to the woke insanity?  Like the businesses, the schools, your employers, your friends, and so on.  Many companies and organizations becoming woke today and cave to the demands because they don’t want to go against this wokeness. If they try to go against all this insanity they come after your business, your money, and your integrity, and make your life a living hell.

We have all seen companies’ logos change to rainbows during gay pride month. The rainbow will never belong to the gays.  It belongs to God Almighty period.   LGBTQ+-affirming toys and children’s books are created.  A transgender hour at the library (but a case just happened where a Christian book at a library was banned from them having a children’s hour to tell the kids about God) and in the classroom, people telling our children about gender change, sex orientation, anal sex, homo sex, hatred for anyone and everyone who says not to teach this crap, and they tell them abortion is a good thing when it is down-right murder.  That baby is not their body.  That baby is a person and deserves to live.  They wouldn’t get pregnant in the first place if they didn’t sleep around. When parents complain at school board meetings and the like…these woke insane people want them put on a list and harassed. Insanity!

To the woke community, everyone is either an oppressor or oppressed. To the woke community you are on one side or the other. Because Christians believe in God, right and wrong, good and evil…they think we are the oppressors. Just like in our government there is no working together anymore, and this will get worse and worse.  There is absolutely no fairness, love, loyalty, or justice within the woke community and that comes from the top of our government.  They don’t want to fix things they want to destroy our way of life and they want more and more power. The woke government have control (really they do to a point yet and it will get worse) to demand what you can say on TV, in movies, read, write, think, and do.  Can you watch any news that is the truth?  I turned on several stations of news lately to see what they were saying.  Lie after lie and they have like a buzz word each day and everyone says the exact same thing.  What to they send out a memo each day as to what they can and can’t talk about and whom to trash (especially Trump), but do they trash Biden and Hunger, and their crimes? The woke people don’t care if what they say or do hurts others if they stay in power and get us all to self-destruct to their will and ways. Cheating is their way of life and they will cheat no matter who they take down in the process (Yes, this is my opinion)   

There is no opportunity for working together in agreement to bring good change with our government. Their only answer is to destroy and eliminate what they don’t approve of. To them, the oppressors are guilty and the oppressed are innocent. The true victims are condemned while the violent ones are set free to do whatever they want to do.  They love to remove the oppressors and lift up the oppressed in their view. They are truthfully tearing down America and brainwashing our children from birth to out of college.  Even in college they are totally brainwashed to believe the lies fed to them and if you have an actual brain and don’t go along with them…you become the problem for them and somehow they will destroy you even through your education and way of life.

John Tillman sums it up well: “Our culture has become anti-mercy, going past skepticism and walking into the wilderness of hatred and retributive violence. In recent years, when people have offered public forgiveness to individuals that everyone agreed did not deserve it, our world wouldn’t tolerate it. We are opposed to forgiveness. We go beyond refusing to forgive—we label forgiveness and mercy, not just foolish, but evil.

A culture that is invested in and glorifies hatred, retribution, payback, and vengeance cannot allow an act of mercy to stand as a simple act of mercy. It must be critiqued and spun. Media and pundits immediately will attempt to twist it, politicize it and discount it. “Our world is desperate to explain away Christian forgiveness as something else. It must be enabling evil. It must be the result of racism. It must be a naive and foolish gesture. It must be anything other than Christian forgiveness. Never that.”

The woke might even see a real problem, but just because they see a real problem they never really offer a real solution.  Their wokeness just replaces one hatred with another. They claim we hate them, so that justifies their deeper hatred of us. (We can hate ideas that are destroying our way of life, our jobs, our finances, our children, our health and so on without hating the people) The Bible says we are not to just destroy wrong, but to replace it with right. How can we do that if they are constantly calling us the enemy?  We try to use forgiveness, mercy and working together for unity as our goal, not destruction. We want to fix our country and we want freedom and peace in our country.  Their side only seems to want to destroy anyone or anything doing good or anyone who won’t go along with their lies, deceptions, and hatred. 

Proverbs 24:29 “Do not say, ‘I’ll do to him as he has done to me; I’ll pay that man back for what he did.’”  Matthew 18:21-35 “Then Peter came and said to Him, ‘Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.’”  When we follow God’s truth, we take the path of forgiveness. We also try to fix our way of life and we want to do it with justice, and fairness, and to do what is right in the sight of God.  But we know that the woke people even if they were to claim to be a Christian…would not destroy our country by doing all this and going against God and what God says is right.

There is so much confusion over weakness in America. Both sides can say they are concerned about an issue, but how they deal with the issue will show you who is “woke” and who is not. There are layers to every issue.  How we respond to woke issues does matter.     

So, what is wokeness not?  Wanting racial harmony does not make you woke, but how you go after a solution can make you woke. Wanting peace is a good thing, but going after it with violence, burning and stealing in cities and businesses…and destroying others’ livelihood is wrong.  Wanting a good police force is a good thing, but defunding them (and 99.9% are wonderful police) is wrong.  Tying their hands so they can’t bring people to justice is wrong.  Having prosecutors and DA’s is a good thing but having crooked ones who let people out to do it again is wrong.  Having prisons to put bad people in is a good thing, but letting criminals out is wrong.  They will go and hurt others again and we all see that every day. People want change but do it right.  Work together to do right to fix issues.  Stop making everything about racism, hate, gays, transgenders, etc.  And by the way you can add to a body, remove from a body, but you DNA is still whatever God made you to be, and men can not have babies.  The woman can take hormones and grown a beard etc, but you are a woman, who wants to think you are a man…having a baby.  How confusing for the child that would be born.  (my opinion)

–Adopting children from a different region or with a different skin color does not make you woke, nor does an “interracial” marriage make you woke.  God is not against that. 

–Grieving the needless death of human beings made in the image of God, bearing God-given dignity and purpose, does not make you woke. Abortion is murder in the eyes of God and mourning them and trying to fix this is not wokeness.  Destroying their life by trying to say you have that right to destroy a life…that is woke.

–Doing everything you can, and know to do, to build bonds with people different from you in various ways does not make you woke. We don’t have to agree with evil and never should.  We can, however, try to fix as much as we can without compromising anything God would not be pleased with.

–Enjoying global culture, and culture that differs from your own background, does not make you woke. People who come to get to America because they want to be free come here, more than not, but want to bring their junk with them. They want to bring their problems to us.  Why not fix their own country?  They don’t mind destroying ours to look like theirs did. 

–Knowing that Jesus Christ was a Middle-Eastern Jew, and not a white American with flowing locks, does not make you woke. Does it really matter what color Jesus was?  Why doesn’t it matter who Jesus is and was?  Jesus came to earth as a man to die in our place for our sins.  You don’t have to believe that but it is still true. 

–Praying for greater diversity in your church through the saving of fellow sinners does not make you woke. Diversity is a good thing, but don’t change God’s morals and integrity, nor change what God calls sin to appease the people.  God will hold us responsible for lying, for thinking He is okay with sin somehow now when God is never okay with what He has called sin.  Sin is sin and will remain sin. No matter who tells you that God is now okay with sin and that God will accept sin now…is lying to you. 

I want justice in this world.  I want to see God high and lifted up and worshipped for who He is. What I see looking around America right now is not a lot of justice going on…especially if you are not one of “woke” crowd.  Laws are now made to be for two sets of people…if you are woke you seem to get a free pass, but if you are Christian or Jews…you get ungodly justice.  

How people talk to one another can be a problem.  People want to have people talk good about them.  But we know this is not happening.  However, just because someone wants to be called a tree, a dog, or identifies as whatever…does not mean that I have to  go along with their insanity.  We have male and female and I will honor you in that always.  I will not call you one of these insane hundreds of names out there to appease you.  I appease God!  He only made male and female. I am honored to call you that. I would totally be dishonoring God to call you whatever “it” is you think you want to be called. 

I will go by God’s word to decide what is right and what is wrong.  I can love people and hate what they are trying to do.  God through scripture is my guide book. God takes priority over anyone or anything even if that were to mean there were consequences for believing as I do. 

America was a great and powerful nation.  People might have hated us but they still respected us as a nation.  Now, they don’t. Many countries are laughing at us and love we have lost it.

Okay, let’s get serious now.  Racism.  If you are white then according to the “woke” nuts…you are a racist.  That is a lie from the pit of hell itself.  Yes, many people are racist but that is every race has their racism.  But to the woke you and your children are told that you are the racist, you are privileged, and everything is your fault.  Again, that is a lie from the pit of hell. I was sitting here the other day and looking a few things up.  Do you know it is okay to have groups, places, movies, schools, and the like that are fully black and woke, but you can’t call a movie a
white movie, a white business, a white school and so on for then you are a bigger racist, but blacks and others can do that to you and that somehow is not racism.  Give me a break people. I do not now, or ever will declare that I am a racist because I am white.  God made me this way.  I was and am not privileged. Everything I have I and my husband earned.  My education was paid for one class at a time until I was old.  I didn’t expect anyone to pay my way through school.  I raised 6 kids and worked.  I was not on welfare (and don’t get me wrong…some people need it but not everyone who is getting it) Some need to get up and go to work and earn their way in life and stop blaming others.  I don’t want to give you the money that I worked hard so I could pay my bills. I also don’t want anything you have.  You keep whatever you have. I don’t believe I should pay for your education, your drugs, your alcohol, your cigarettes, or anything else you think we should pay for you.  I believe in helping the police because they are good people doing their job and they deserve our help and support.  I believe that our military and vets from all services deserve our help and respect.  I believe and thank all of our first responders and especially our fire fighters who have saved so many.  Thank you. 

I don’t believe having open borders is a good thing not even a tiny bit.  They are destroying our country. They are brining drugs, cartels, evil, unvetted maniacs into our country and there will be another 9/11 one of these days because of it.  Yet, this administration doesn’t want to deal with the border, go to the border, or stop all this insanity.  This administration will give themselves security, but they don’t want you to have any or any means to defend yourself or those you love.  Total insanity!

And by the way…yes, I am white, my husband is Hispanic, one of my sons is black, I have islanders in my family and just about everything else.  I love them all. I don’t care if they, or any new members of my family, were purple with polka dots.  They are loved and they are equal, and they are wanted.  How dare even one person call me racist?  You don’t know me. Your opinion doesn’t change me. God made me whom He wanted me to be and I am proud of who I am, and I am proud of every member no matter what race my family is.

I totally 100% believe in the constitution of the United States.  I believe I can bear arms to protect my family and so can you.  I believe in free speech, and I don’t go out of my way to hurt anyone by my opinions.  If you are offended though…that is on you. You have your opinions and I have mine and we don’t have to agree.  However, I will keep my own opinions.        

Do you realize how many people out there want “whites” to declare they are wrong, they are racist, they are evil, and so on.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is still the lie from hell and I won’t go along with the insanity of those that are demanding this from people.

I also get a kick (well, not a kick) that people will declare that all whites had slaves and were bad.  That is a lie.  Do they even know their history.  The north fought to free the slaves and thousands and thousands died to give them their freedom…but you all want to blame us for slavery.  Do you realize how many countries still in this world have slaves?  Do you also realize most people didn’t want to have slavery and felt is was horrible…but let’s blame all white people for slavery.  You also want to tear down anything of anyone who had slaves/historic things.  It is history.  Tearing down things doesn’t take away the history.  In stead of telling your children the good things, and the things that got changed you would rather hate on all the whites and call us names for something we had nothing to do with…and neither did you.  People died to stop slavery but just blame everyone!  

How many whites are told they must go along with whatever a black group or other group says because to go against what they believe makes you the enemy and racist?  No, it doesn’t.  if a group is honest and going by God’s view…they are okay, if not and they are going by the devil’s way…forget it.  I won’t accept it.  

Christians are told to see “capitalism” as oppressive, unfair, and unjust, with the socialism of various kinds as the preferable system. They sure don’t know what socialism and communism are.  They would never want that for their child or future generations of theirs.  They just believe the lies they are fed.  Hitler said that if you lie long enough and keep telling the people the lie they will believe it.  That was probably the only truth the man ever said and he was one of the evilest humans who ever lived. Growing up I always wondered how he could get so many people to go along with is evil and kill all those people and torture them, but I know now…the devil and his cohorts agenda.  People don’t think any more….they just go along with what they are fed even if what they are fed is a lie.   

And by the way….no reparations.  You were not a slave and I was not a slave owner.  I don’t owe you anything and you don’t owe me anything.  Things happened before our time and you can complain all you want, but you were not a slave.  Learn from history and don’t repeat it but stop expecting others to give you everything when you were not there.

What about the fact that now things have gone way overboard when it comes to hiring people?  Instead of being the best candidate for a position…now it seems that the color of your skin alone is the tool to make the decision for who works and where.  I don’t care what color you are or where you live etc.  I would want the most qualified for a position no matter who you were or the color of your skin.  I would not want to be forced to hire someone because of their color. If you are purple and are the best candidate I’d hire you, but I would never want to hire anyone just because of their color. 

Whatever race you are…amen to that.  Whatever religion you chose to be…amen to that too.  I am not your enemy nor am I against your color or your choice of whom you believe in or don’t believe in.  That is between you and God.  He can deal with that one.

Wokeness and Christianity are not equal and don’t share morals, virtues, or equality. I believe in equal right, equal justice, and freedom of speech.  I have had my social media ranted about over and over.  Why?  Because people don’t want freedom of speech.  I don’t want to hurt anyone by what I believe and say.  You don’t have to read it nor do you have to believe as I do or I as you do.  You have the right to believe whatever it is you believe…but you will not take away my right to believe as I do. 

Okay, final thoughts.  God put a brain in our head.  We are to use that precious brain, we are to learn, we are do what we can to make our world better, but we all know that is not going so well.  As I said, you don’t have to agree with even one word of what I have said ever, nor I you.  You can say whatever you want to say and so can I.  I trust God for my information and way to walk in this world.  You can choose not to.  God gave us freedom to choose or reject Him.  I make a public declaration that I love the Lord and I follow Him.  Even though I wish everyone else did as well, I know that won’t happen for we each get to choose our destiny.  Choose well, my friend.  You get one walk through this earth and then judgment.  Don’t be on the wrong side.  One second after death you have no more choice.  Now is the time to choose.  You might believe there is no God, no heaven, and maybe even no hell…but what if you are wrong?  If you end up in hell there are no appeals, no time off for good behavior, no get out of hell anything.  We make our choice while on this earth. 

I hate this woke stuff and I know the world will get worse and worse, but thank you Jesus…He has my back and even if I were to face horrible persecution here…I know where and who I will be with one day.  Do you know that?

Now, may the God of heaven bless you, give you comfort, give you His peace.  We live in a crazy world now and I pray God will carry you through to victory. God bless you.